Rustic Group TRANSPORT Study Investigation of Review Discoveries.

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Rustic Group TRANSPORT Study Examination of Study Discoveries. Inverness and Nairn Transport Gathering helped by Lèirsinn Research Center Sabhal Mòr Ostaig MAY 2006. Slide Substance. Review Respondents (slide 3 to slide 5) Trips made inside of the Study Zone (slide 6 to slide 10)
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Country COMMUNITY TRANSPORT SURVEY ANALYSIS of SURVEY FINDINGS Inverness & Nairn Transport Forum helped by Lã¨irsinn Research Center Sabhal Mã²r Ostaig MAY 2006

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Slide Contents Survey Respondents (slide 3 to slide 5) Journeys made inside of the Survey Area (slide 6 to slide 10) Using Local Public Transport (slide 11 to slide 14) Opinions of Local Public Transport (slide 15 to slide 18) Experience of Key Population Groups (slide 19 to slide 22) Potential Future Use of Local Public Transport (slide 23 to slide 26) Key Points (slide 27)

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The Survey Respondents 1190 family units finished and gave back a poll, speaking to a reaction rate of 32 % from the 3740 at first dispersed. The review towns and towns have been gathered into 3 “zones”: Beauly, Kirkhill and Kiltarlity covering the Beauly, Kirkhill and Kiltarlity territory A82 Loch Ness-side Corridor covering Drumnadrochit, Invermoriston and Fort Augustus The Cannich Area covering family units in and around Cannich

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Survey Respondents: Location Beauly, Kirkhill and Kiltarlity region families spoke to simply over half (54 %) of the general reaction. Two in each five (39 %) surveys originated from family units on the A82 Loch Ness-side hallway. The remaining 7 % originated from family units in the Cannich region.

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Survey Respondents: Profile 55 % of family units contained grown-ups in full time business 41 % of families contained the individuals who had resigned 29 % of families contained youngsters (matured 16 or under) 7 % with transport confining incapacity 89 % of family units had no less than one private auto 40 % claimed two or more autos 11 % of families had no private transport 58 % lived inside of a mile of a town or town 24 % of families were over 5 minutes (300 yards) from an open street

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Accessing Local Facilities – Mode of Transport Individuals from 4 in each 5 auto owning families (80 %) utilized their auto to get to neighborhood offices 53 % strolled and 18 % showed that they cycled Only 10 % of auto owning family units utilized the transport locally For families with no auto, 69 % would stroll to nearby offices 21 % would utilize an auto as a traveler 19 % utilized their nearby transport 11 % cycled

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Journeys Made in any event Once per Week – Beauly,Kirkhill & Kiltarlity Area Residents Inverness (85 % of family units) for shopping, work, relaxation and wellbeing Beauly (65 %) for shopping, wellbeing and recreation Dingwall (17 %) for shopping Drumnadrochit (6 %) for recreation and work Cannich (2 %) for recreation and work Fort Augustus (1 %) for work Invermoriston (1 %) for work Fort William (1 %) for shopping and recreation

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Journeys Made at any rate Once per Week – A82 Loch Ness-side Residents Inverness (78 % of family units) for shopping, work, wellbeing, recreation and instruction Drumnadrochit (49 %) for shopping, wellbeing, training, work and recreation Fort Augustus (19 %) for recreation and shopping Invermoriston (13 %) for recreation and work Beauly (9 %) for shopping, recreation and work Cannich (4 %) for recreation Fort William (4 %) for shopping, relaxation and work Dingwall (2 %)

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Journeys Made at any rate Once every Week – Cannich Area Residents Inverness (78 % of family units) for shopping, work, recreation, wellbeing and instruction Cannich (51 %) shopping, relaxation, work, wellbeing and instruction Drumnadrochit (44 %) for shopping, training, wellbeing and recreation Beauly (41 %) for shopping, wellbeing, relaxation and work Dingwall (8 %) for shopping and work Fort William (1 %) for relaxation and work Fort Augustus (1 %) for relaxation and work Invermoriston (0 %)

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Journeys to INVERNESS from All Survey Areas Inverness was by a long shot the most oftentimes went to put from families over the study range. People from 82 for each penny of families made a trip to Inverness at any rate once-a-week: Shopping was the essential purpose behind going to Inverness (refered to by 86 %) 40 % flew out to the Highland Capital for work, 38 % went by for recreation reasons 21 % go to Inverness for Health care

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Using Local Public Transport – Beauly,Kirkhill & Kiltarlity Area Residents Bus was the most continuous type of open transport utilized, with 45 % of families having utilized this method of transport, fundamentally for go to Inverness Beauly occupants will probably have a constructive conclusion of nearby open transport Almost half (47 %) of those living inside of one mile of Beauly utilized the Train to get to Inverness In the more extensive territory more than one in five (22 %) had utilized the train to get to Inverness

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Beauly Railway Station Issues Half (50 %) of respondents living in the Beauly Kirkhill and Kiltarlity Areas were in any event genuinely acquainted with the Train timetable Over a-third (37 %) of respondents living in the zone expressed that an absence of open transport kept them from utilizing Beauly railroad station, especially those living in the Kiltarlity zone The substantial dominant part were not put off utilizing the station because of saw absence of wellbeing elements. Then again, 38 people (or 6 %) said that they or individuals from their family unit were put off by not feeling safe after dim strolling to and from the station Around 30 respondents demonstrated that they, or individuals from their family unit were debilitated from utilizing the station in view of the absence of impaired offices

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Using Local Public Transport – The A82 Loch Ness-side Residents Bus was the most continuous type of open transport utilized: About one in three (32 %) of those living along the A82 passageway had utilized the transport, with most refering to Inverness as their destination About one in twenty families (5 %) here had utilized the transport to get the chance to Fort William Under half (43 %) of those reacting to this inquiry showed that they or different individuals from their family unit were kept from making utilization of the Fort William to Inverness transport administration because of the timetabling

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Using Local Public Transport – Cannich Area Residents Those living in the Cannich range were the slightest dependent on open transport, in spite of the fact that individuals from one in each four (25 %) family units had utilized the transport, primarily to go to Inverness Over half (56 %) of those families in and around Cannich demonstrated that they were mindful of the Glen Affric group transport However, just 14 respondents (18 %) showed that they or different individuals from their family had ever utilized this administration The Cannich territory inhabitants will probably consider option types of transport, for example, auto share and volunteer drivers, to meet their future needs

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Opinion of Local Public Transport – All Survey Areas Four in each 10 poll respondents showed that their family was of the supposition that nearby open transport was poor or exceptionally poor Half (51 %) of the family units with no auto demonstrated that they regularly thought that it was hard to get around Similarly, the expansive dominant part (84 %) of families with one and only auto had encountered trouble in meeting the travel needs of other relatives when that auto was utilized for work Approximately one as a part of each eight (12 %) respondents, especially those family units with youngsters and youthful grown-ups, had encountered challenges with transport to occasions, for example, games clubs and casual gatherings with companions

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Primary Reason for Not Using Public Transport Three quarters (74%) of auto owning families studied don\'t utilize open transport on the grounds that they generally utilize their private auto

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Key Reasons for Not Using Bus Although the lion\'s share of respondents were at any rate genuinely acquainted with their neighborhood transport timetable, the key purposes behind not utilizing the transport were absence of comfort and expense: 33% of overview respondents felt that the timetable was not advantageous One-quarter imagined that tolls were excessively extravagant

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Reasons for Not Using Train (Beauly Kirkhill and Kiltarlity Area Households just) Key explanations behind not utilizing the train were separation to the station and inadmissible timetabling: One in each four respondents showed that the station was too far from their family unit One in each five respondents felt that the timetable was badly arranged

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Transport Experience of Households with Children Aged 16 and Under Households with kids matured 16 and under will probably: Own an auto and utilization it, instead of utilizing open transport Use neighborhood luxuries like group focuses and game/recreation offices Walk and cycle to neighborhood offices Have an antagonistic conclusion of neighborhood open transport Be disappointed with transport calendars and admissions Be disappointed with the absence of open transport to Beauly Station Experience trouble in getting to occasions Consider utilizing open transport if a superior administration was accessible

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Transport Experience of Households with NO auto Households with no private auto will probably: Live inside of a mile of a town or a town Walk or utilize the transport to get to nearby offices Use transports, healing center transport and taxis Have an inspirational mentality to open transport Be less condemning of the expense, calendars and courses of transports Consider utilizing transports more if a more helpful administration was accessible

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Transport Experience of Households with People with Transport Restricting Disabilities Households with people who had transport confining handicaps will probably: Not have an auto Experience travel challenges when no auto accessible Use transports to get to neighborhood offices Cite separation to closest transport stop as off putting element Not utilize open transport due to the absence of crippled offices on transports and trains Be limited by the absence of offices at, and security around, Beauly station Make utilization of clinic transport and taxis

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Transport Experience of Households with Retired People Households with people who had resigned will probably: Travel less, by and large Have an uplifting disposition to open tr

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