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S containers S teering S ystem Group Number : 28 Individuals : Shraddha Shah (5860) Rishi Patel (5826) Abhinav Master (2797) Group Area : On-Grounds Framework Reason Current Situation
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S containers S teering S ystem Team Number : 28 Members : Shraddha Shah (5860) Rishi Patel (5826) Abhinav Guru (2797) Team Location : On-Campus

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System Purpose Current Scenario Is there a framework that encourages client to discover itemized data about Malls/Shops in auto? While going for shopping in an auto, the main practical alternative to get point by point data about shopping centers, shops, items is to utilize tablet and begin surfing numerous locales. Proposed System The central thought is to improve clients experience identified with looking of shopping centers & shops furthermore getting point by point data about the same while going for shopping. Our framework will give all data in nitty gritty and effectively safe configuration by utilizing just a solitary interface, in auto.

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System Requirements The framework is to be utilized as a part of autos as an assistant to the GPS framework. The framework might permit client to peruse rundown of shopping centers and shops in LA. The framework should give point by point data of the considerable number of shopping centers and the shops alongside their rating. Framework might furnish client with a rundown of FAVORITES which client frequently uses to get point by point data. The framework should permit client to rapidly discover the direction’s to the closest area of there top picks shops taking into account their present area.

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Navigation Map(1)

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Navigation Map(2)

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Navigation Map(3)

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User Profile User Psychology Attitude: Neutral Motivation: Moderate, Low Knowledge and Experience Reading level/education: Basic perusing Ability Typing/PC aptitudes : Low Education: No degree obliged System experience: Novice Task experience: Moderate Application experience: One comparable framework Native language: English Use of other systems: Little or none Computer literacy: Low

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User Profile Job and Task Characteristics Frequency of use: Low Primary Training: None System use: Discretionary Task importance: Moderate Task Structure: High Turnover High Physical Characteristics Color blindness: Doesn’t matter Handedness: Left, Right, Ambidextrous Gender: Both Age: All age bunches

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Dialog Style A blend of Menus and Direct Manipulation. Basic Touch and Go interface to make it simple to use for clients as turn over rate for the framework will be high.

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Task Analysis

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User Characterization User Workload: Little workload as framework is about easygoing perusing of shopping related data. Client Environmental Consideration: System might be put in auto utilizing which a customer can drive to the Shopping Mall(s)/Shops.

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I/O Devices Touchscreen: Touch screen is typically simple to work It is very appealing Almost everybody likes to feel it Eliminates equipment space Cost-wise compelling

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Summary Style Guide Page Design: All the screens in our framework are looking over free. They have simple perspective of the framework. Title of the framework is available on every single screen of the framework. Connection Design: Footers are available on every screen that effectively permits client to explore back & forward. Shading Design: We have kept up consistency in our framework. i.e. every one of the screens have the same appearance and foundation impacts. The Buttons that are clicked are highlighted in the screen with an alternate move over shading.

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Visual Design Icons/Symbols: Icons for Navigation catches : Use of Colors: Main Color : BLUE appearance of our framework makes our framework effectively noticeable. Foundation Color :The screen substance should be effectively comprehensible so we have kept our experience really light in shading. Textual styles: Times New Roman,Calflisch Script Pro

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Home Page Design Menus: Start Steering News Weather Forecast

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Home Page Malls/Shops/Sales: To Start directing the framework to get points of interest data about every one of these Shops: Major Sales List Weather Forecast

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Malls In Particular city On selecting area It will list all shopping centers in that area (click on shopping center to get nitty gritty data about the shopping center) Main Menu: Go back to the landing page.:

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Malls In Particular city On selecting area It will list all shopping centers in that area (click on shopping center to get itemized data about the shopping center) Main Menu: Go back to the landing page.:

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Location of Particular MALL

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Shops in a Particular MALL

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Tools Used Macromedia Dreamweaver Microsoft Visio Adobe Photoshop

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Assumptions: Primary goal is to manage the client to a particular area to shop. All Cars will have fabricated in Support for GPS and web network . Possibility is not an imperative . All frameworks can be actualized in the system portrayed with no issues.

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Future Plans

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Thank You

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