SAC-852F: Introduction to Windows Azure: the cloud working framework .

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SAC-852F. Introduction to Windows Azure: the cloud operating system. Mark Russinovich Technical Fellow Windows Azure. About Me. Technical Fellow, Windows Azure, Microsoft Author of Windows Sysinternals tools Coauthor of Windows Internals book series With Dave Solomon and Alex Ionescu
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SAC-852F Introduction to Windows Azure: the cloud working framework Mark Russinovich Technical Fellow Windows Azure

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About Me Technical Fellow, Windows Azure, Microsoft Author of Windows Sysinternals apparatuses Coauthor of Windows Internals book arrangement With Dave Solomon and Alex Ionescu Coauthor of Sysinternals Administrator\'s Reference With Aaron Margosis Author of Zero Day: A Novel

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Agenda Cloud Computing Fundamentals The Windows Azure Service Model Windows Azure Storage Updating Windows Azure Services High Availability and Windows Azure Services

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Cloud Computing Fundamentals

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What is a "Cloud"? Cloud: on-request, adaptable, multi-inhabitant, self-benefit process and capacity assets Server Provisioning Cloud Provisioning Demand Time Overprovisioned Underprovisioned

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Cloud Terminology Infrastructure as a Service ( IaaS ): fundamental register and capacity assets On-request servers Amazon EC2, VMWare vCloud Platform as a Service ( PaaS ): cloud application foundation On-request application-facilitating environment E.g. Google AppEngine ,, Windows Azure Software as a Service ( SaaS ): cloud applications On-request applications E.g. Office 365, GMail , Microsoft Office Web Companions

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Cloud: Efficiency Versus Control Windows Azure Efficiency Control+Cost

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IaaS Developer 2 ) Choose picture, then make and arrange VM(s) for application 1) Choose picture, then make VM for DBMS and arrange DBMS 4 ) Install application 3 ) Provision database, then make tables and include information 5 ) Configure stack balancer 6 ) Manage VMs and DBMS (e.g., conveying new OS pictures in VMs) Library VM Images Load Balancer Data Web Server Application DBMS Operating System Operating System Operating System VM

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PaaS Developer 1 ) Provision database, then make tables and include information 2 ) Deploy application Web Server Load Balancer Data Application DBMS Operating System Operating System Operating System VM

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Windows Azure Windows Azure is an OS for the server farm Handles asset administration, provisioning, and observing Manages application lifecycle Allows engineers to focus on business rationale Provides regular building obstructs for appropriated applications Reliable lining, basic organized stockpiling, SQL stockpiling Application administrations like get to control, reserving, and availability

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Windows Azure Platform Windows Azure Applications Windows Azure Middleware Services AppFabric Service Bus AppFabric Caching AppFabric Access Control Server Windows Azure Data Services SQL Azure Windows Azure Storage Windows Azure CDN "Red Dog" Front End (RDFE) Windows Azure Networking Fabric Controller Windows Azure Compute

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The Windows Azure Service Model

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Windows Azure Application Philosophy: Design for Failure Scale out for limit Scale out for repetition Asynchronous correspondence Short time outs with retries Idempotent operations Stateless with sturdy outer stockpiling

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Windows Azure Application Characteristics Windows Server Windows Azure

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Let\'s Make a Cloud Application! Showcasing needs to discover marking infringement Take as info a transferred PowerPoint document and output it for "marking infringement" (utilization of "Sky blue" without "Windows" or "SQL" prefix) Requirements: High accessibility IIS/MVC2 site Scalable infringement examining laborers

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Multi-Tier Cloud Application A cloud application is normally comprised of various segments Front end: e.g. stack adjusted stateless web servers Middle specialist level: e.g. arrange handling, encoding Backend stockpiling: e.g. SQL tables or records Multiple occurrences of each for versatility and accessibility Front-End Windows Azure Storage, SQL Azure Front-End Middle-Tier Load Balancer HTTP/HTTPS Cloud Application

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The Windows Azure Service Model A Windows Azure application is known as an "administration" Definition data Configuration data At minimum one "part" Roles resemble DLLs in the administration "prepare" Collection of code with a section point that keeps running in its own virtual machine Windows Azure figure SLA requires two occasions of every part 99.95% for network to two cases Achieved with overhaul and blame spaces

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Role Contents Definition: Role name Role sort VM estimate (e.g. little, medium, and so on.) Network endpoints Code: Web/Worker Role: Hosted DLL and different executables VM Role: VHD Configuration: Number of occurrences Number of redesign and blame spaces Cloud Service Role: Front-End Definition Type: Web VM Size: Small Endpoints: External-1 Configuration Instances: 2 Update Domains: 2 Fault Domains: 2 Role: Middle-Tier Definition Type: Worker VM Size: Large Endpoints: Internal-1 Configuration Instances: 3 Update Domains: 2 Fault Domains: 2

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Role Types There are right now three part sorts: Web Role: IIS7 and ASP.NET in Windows Azure-provided OS Worker Role: subjective code in Windows Azure-provided OS VM Role: transferred VHD with client provided OS VM Role: is it a VM? No, on the grounds that it is stateless Good for: Long introduce (5+ minutes) Manual introduce/config Fragile introduce/config

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Service Model Files Service definition is in ServiceDefinition.csdef Service setup is in ServiceConfiguration.cscfg CSPack program Zips benefit parallels and definition into administration bundle record ( service.cscfg )

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Windows Azure Storage

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Branding Police Inter-Role Communication We have a few sorts of correspondence between parts: PowerPoint document sent from Web Role to Worker Role Branding infringement came back from Worker Role to client Requirements: Communication must be offbeat Must bolster simultaneous infringement checks for various clients Failure of any hub must bring about at the very least a postpone Let\'s take a gander at Windows Azure stockpiling and interchanges bolster… Worker Role Web Role

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Windows Azure Storage Fundamentals Storage qualities Durable – reproduced three times Scalable (limit and throughput) Highly accessible Simple and recognizable programming interfaces REST (HTTP and HTTPS) .NET open

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Storage Objects Blobs Provide a basic interface for putting away named records alongside metadata for the document Tables Provide softly organized capacity with an arrangement of elements that contain an arrangement of properties Queues Provide solid stockpiling and conveyance of messages

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Storage Account and Blob Containers Storage account A record can have many blob holders Container A compartment is an arrangement of blobs Sharing approaches are set at the compartment level Public READ or Private Associate metadata with holder Metadata is <name, value> combines Up to 8KB for each compartment List the blobs in a holder

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Blob Storage Concepts Account Container Blob IMG001.JPG pictures MOV1.AVI IMG002.JPG sally motion pictures

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Table Data Model Table A capacity record can make many tables .NET classes and LINQ A table is an arrangement of elements (lines) A substance is an arrangement of properties (segments) Billions of elements and TBs of information Two "key" properties that together are the one of a kind ID of the element in the table PartitionKey – empowers adaptability RowKey – remarkably distinguishes the element inside the segment

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Table Storage Concepts Account Table Entity Name =… Email = … u sers Name =… Email = … s partner Photo ID =… Date =… p hoto i ndex Photo ID =… Date =…

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Windows Azure Queues Provide dependable message conveyance Simple, nonconcurrent work dispatch Programming semantics guarantee that a message can be handled at any rate once Queues are exceptionally accessible, strong and execution effective Maximum size is 64K FIFO by and large, yet not ensured Pulling a thing from the line doesn\'t erase It gets to be imperceptible for a perceivability timeout Item should be erased before timeout or else it gets to be unmistakable

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Queue Storage Concepts Account Queue Message 128x128, http://… t humbnail j obs 256x256, http://… s partner http://… p hoto p rocessing j obs http://…

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Windows Azure Data Storage Concepts Container Blobs Account Table Entities http://<account>. blob<container> Queue Messages http://<account>. table<table> http://<account>. line<queue>

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Branding Police Web Role Worker Role b Web Role {… - … - ...- … } Worker Role Working on… Violations:… {… - … - ...- … } {… - … - ...- … }-report.txt

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Updating Windows Azure Services

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Update Types There are two overhaul sorts: set up: redesigning a live administration VIP swap: for testing first set up redesign: Role examples overhauled one overhaul space at once Two modes: programmed and manual VIP swap redesign: Two openings: arranging and generation New form of administration sent to organizing opening External VIP/DIP mapping swapped with old Note: spaces hold IP address

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In-Place Update Front-End-1 Middle Tier-3 Middle Tier-1 Middle Tier-2 Front-End-2 Purpose: Ensure benefit remains up while upgrading and Windows Azure OS redesigns System considers overhaul areas while redesigning an administration 1/Update spaces = percent of administration that will be disconnected Default is 5 and max is 20 , supersede with upgradeDomainCount benefit definition property The Windows Azure SLA depends on no less than two upgrade areas and two part occasions in every part Front-End-1 Front-End-2 Middle Tier-1 Middle Tier-2 Middle Tier-3 Update Domain 1 Update Domain 2 Update Domain 3

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Production VIP – VIP1 < dnsname > Staging VIP – VIP2 < guid >. VIP Swap Detail Note about VIPs: You keep your doled out VIP for the lifetime of an organization Even for VIP swap, "creation" holds the p

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