Santa Clause Monica Malibu PTA Board specialized curriculum Advisory group.

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From that point forward, gatherings with Special Education District Advisory Committee, SMMUSD ... Included school board part and colleague custom curriculum chief on the panel ...
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Santa Clause Monica Malibu PTA Council Special Education Committee Organizational meeting Community workshop June 16, 2008 Rebecca Kennerly PTA Council President 310.453.6305

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Committee History PTA Council voted to shape panel on May 20, 2008 Since then, gatherings with Special Education District Advisory Committee, SMMUSD Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Chief Academic Officer, Special Education authority, Classroom Teachers Association to get information Tonight\'s people group information gathering session and hierarchical meeting

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A little assistance from our companions Nancy Vandell and Todd Gary from San Ramon Valley Unified School District exhibited to a unique joint meeting of PTA Council, the Special Education District Advisory Committee and the Board of Education San Ramon Valley\'s PTA Council got National PTA\'s 2007 Advocacy Award, to some extent for their administration in a cooperative methodology in Special Education Ms. Vandell & Mr. Gary have consented to a guide us on our excursion!

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Achieving Success in Special Education - A Collaborative Approach - Todd B. Gary Special Needs Liaison San Ramon Valley Unified School District

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Success Through Collaboration and Negotiation Dynamics of Negotiation Succeeding Through Collaboration Empowering accomplices Finding genuine arrangements 2/15/2008 Achieving Success in Special Education - A Collaborative Approach 5

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Success Through Collaboration Requires organization Demands commonality Applies to Families and Staff

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Success: How Do We Get There? Making Progress in Special Education - A Collaborative Approach 7

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Collaboration versus Transaction Achieving Success in Special Education - A Collaborative Approach Collaboration Negotiation Compatibility Collaboration is "Win-Win" arrangement 8

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Win-Win Negotiation Achieving Success in Special Education - A Collaborative Approach Collaborative toward a shared objective Most imperative needs or goals met Respectful and steady Relationships saved Creative and profitable 9

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Dynamics of Negotiation Adversarial Negotiation 2/15/2008 Achieving Success in Special Education - A Collaborative Approach 10

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Dynamics of Negotiation Partnerships Positive Creative Productive Negotiated 2/15/2008 Achieving Success in Special Education - A Collaborative Approach 11

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Succeeding Through Collaboration Finding Real Solutions A Very Important Side-Note to Collaboration Staff maintenance Special Ed v. General Ed. Aggressive markets and staff deficiencies Without staff there are no projects When proper, make it specifically compensating: this is really a "Win-Win!" Achieving Success in Special Education - A Collaborative Approach 2/15/2008 12

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Success Through Collaboration Philosophy of Collaboration is individuals cooperating in a helpful way toward a shared objective or vision. It requires the cooperation of perspectives, assets, and administrations from various people, each speaking to an unmistakable territory of experience or aptitude. Coordinated effort requires utilization of viable relational abilities, inventive critical thinking, and commonality of admiration. At the point when individuals share together, learn together, acknowledge alternate points of view, and are focused on cooperating for arrangements that best address the issues of every included accomplice, we can genuinely succeed. Making Progress in Special Education - A Collaborative Approach 2/15/2008 13

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San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs Serving Every Child : Organizing a PTA Special Needs Committee California State PTA Convention Workshop May 5, 2007 Rachel Hurd Rob Kessler Nancy Vandell

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Workshop Objectives Communicate advantages of a Special Needs Committee Provide apparatuses and systems to create effective Special Needs Committees in other PTA regions, gatherings and units

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History Special Needs Committee shaped by one of the PTA units in our Council in 2000 Provided backing to guardians of extraordinary needs youngsters Held projects and care group gatherings Learned lessons Chairman choice basic Partnership with school staff (counting chief) basic Committee advantageous to group

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History Much enthusiasm from guardians in different schools Thirst for learning to help their kids Feelings of seclusion and stigmatism Anger at school region by some vocal guardians Pending case Compliance issues

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History Council Committee framed in Fall of 2002 Used lessons gained from unit panel Established objectives and association early Emphasized coordinated effort with area Met with Superintendent to build up region level bolster Included school load up part and right hand specialized curriculum executive on the advisory group Spent huge push to address school region worries with advisory group expectations Fully upheld by Council Board

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History Held a progression of 4 Evening Programs in Spring, 2003 Help - My Child is Struggling Series Held first Special Needs Conference December, 2003 Full-day Keynote, three break-out timeslots, breakfast & lunch Encouraged PTA units to name Special Needs director

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History Within first year, Programs drew huge crowds (75 - 250 individuals) Appreciation from guardians and locale staff Voluntary participation by instructors/staff School District got to be steady and grateful Trust worked through shared organization Staff unequivocally urged to go to Provided offices and backing

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History Over recent years, our council has Continued to offer night and day-long projects Expanded unit inclusion and representation on Council board Represented PTA and guardians on school region custom curriculum controlling council and other District boards of trustees in charge of issues determination Provided support for guardians with inquiries Partnered with school region to restart Resource-guardian program with SELPA-prepared asset guardians Received acknowledgment from guardians and staff Worked on authoritative issues influencing Special Education

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Mission notwithstanding the general reasons for the PTA, the mission of the Special Needs Committee is: To give data and backing to guardians of kids with unique needs, so they can help their kids boost their potential. To act as a group with the school region to help staff in most adequately helping youngsters with extraordinary needs. To give data to all guardians and group individuals about kids with uncommon needs, so they can comprehend and bolster all youngsters. To help all kids comprehend and acknowledge challenges confronted by youngsters with extraordinary needs. To work authoritatively to secure and hold sufficient laws (and financing for them) for youngsters with unique needs. Slogan: "Cultivating joint effort between guardians, instructors, the schools, and the group to bolster kids with exceptional needs"

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Definition of Special Needs Children with Learning or handling handicaps Physical difficulties Speech & dialect challenges Social/intense subject matters Mental hindrance Autism Gifted learners

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Committee Structure Special Needs Committee inside Council PTA Leads all inclusive exercises Coordinates with other Council panels Legislative Advocacy Parent and Community Education Membership Communications Health & Safety Provides backing to Special Needs Committees/Support Groups inside Units

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Council-level Committee individuals Parents School Board Trustees School District Staff Special Programs chiefs School clinician Unit Committee Chairmen SELPA CAC Chairman (new this year)

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San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs Roles of the Special Needs Committee Parent/Teacher Education Legislative Advocacy Communication Resources Handbook for guardians & educators (arranged) Website Library materials Other PTA Lyris Email records PTA Newsletter articles PTA & District Websites PTA Unit advisory group seats Other PTA Parent/Teacher Programs PTA Special Needs Conference PTA Parenting 200X Conference Other State Federal Work through SRV Council Legislation Committee Other Specialty Subcommittees* Liaisons/Partnerships Fundraising Unit Committees SRVUSD Special Education Steering Committee (and different boards) District Gifted & Talented Education (GATE) staff Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) East Bay Learning Disabilities Assn. Worldwide Dyslexia Association Other Gifted & Talented (GATE) Severely Impaired Autism/Aspergers Other 20 of 29 PTA units Liaison to Council Special Needs Committee Report at PTA gatherings Support-bunch gatherings Other Most of subsidizing from chamber enrollment levy Minimal charge for meeting Grants

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Unit Special Needs Committee Chairman Job Description Communicate data from the Council Committee to class group by means of PTA gatherings, pamphlets, email, on release sheets, and so on. Compose care group gatherings or "espressos" intrigued guardians at your school site: Involve guardians, specialized curriculum or GATE staff, general instruction instructors, and managers Select a point (or themes) to be examined. A decent one to begin with is a "become acquainted with you" espresso including an instructions by the staff/organization on the custom curriculum program at your school. Ensure the dialog is encouraged – guidelines set in advance, examination is kept useful, and all members have chance to talk. Make notes of any recommendations or issues. Impart these to PTA president, primary, and gathering exceptional necessities director Attend Council Special Needs Committee gatherings if conceivable. If not ready to go to, keep up contact with board administrator.

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How to Estab

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