SAP and Microsoft.

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SAP and Microsoft. Office Incorporation. SAP's Joining with Microsoft Office Items. Travel Expenses: Microsoft Access development parts: Microsoft Exceed expectations Consolidation: Microsoft Access/Exceed expectations Human Resources: Microsoft Word Customizing: Microsoft Word
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SAP & Microsoft Office Integration

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SAP\'s Integration with Microsoft Office Products Travel Expenses: Microsoft Access development parts: Microsoft Excel Consolidation: Microsoft Access/Excel Human Resources: Microsoft Word Customizing: Microsoft Word Scheduling: Microsoft Visual Basic XXL Listviewer: Microsoft Excel R/3 Help: Microsoft Help Compiler Startup of Excel/Word out of the R/3 Application

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SAP Automation SAP Automation Presentation Server SAP Automation Application Server ODBC Database Server Desktop Standard Applications Customer-particular Applications R/3 Integration Architecture

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COM SAP Assistant BOR Component COM GUI CodeGen Transaction Component COM GUI Component RFC Class Library COM RFC Component RFC Library GUI Library R/3 Architecture - Current

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SAP Automation for insightful client interface programming User Solution SAP Automation for OCX (ActiveX) programming Excel Internet Browser Telephony application Kiosk arrangement (touch screen) ... R/3 Application Server SAP Automation for RFC programming SAP Automation: Integration of Alternative User Interfaces

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R/3 Application Purchase Order BAPI Broker R/3 Application, SAP Business Workflow Purchase Requisition BAPI CORBA Server CORBA Client (a work in progress) CORBA correspondence BAPI Material Business Object Repository Visual Basic, Excel, MS Project, ... BO OCX R/3 Database COM/DCOM Internet Explorer, Netscape, ... R/3 Internet Application HTML BAPIs and Business Objects

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SAP Automation to coordinate desktop applications in light of Microsoft COM R/3 Application Server OLE Autom. (e.g. VB) Logon OCX Table OCX Remote Function Call (LIBRFC) Applications (e.g. Exceed expectations) OLE Custom Controls View OCX C++ Functions OCX R/3 Funktion Library R/3 can go about as OLE-customer and as OLE-server SAP Automation for OCX/ActiveX

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ActiveX (OLE) Today: Integration through RFC Future: Replacement of RFCs with ActiveX Controls (R/3 4.0 Q3/Q4 1997) R/3 will specifically bolster ActiveX Interfaces: ABAPs straightforwardly call ActiveX Server Objects R/3 straightforwardly trade ActiveX Objects SAP’s Strategy: further endeavor NT Standard Functionality

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ActiveX: Insight for SAP R/3 Insight 2.0 von Arcplan GmbH:

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COM Support COM upheld Components RFC Component GUI Component Transaction Component BOR Component SAP Assistant Delivers Language impartial access Delivers article arranged programming

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Session Manager User Interface Navigating in R/3 Systems is more clear User-particular necessities List of the most as often as possible utilized exchanges Different settings for the screen design (section width, textual style, and so forth.) Transactions start up instantly Double-snap Drag and drop It is conceivable to work in more than one R/3 System Frontend: Windows 95 oder Windows NT 3.51

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Session Manager 2

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Gewinn-und Verlustrechnung 1 2 3 An Erlã¶se B 50 C Excel Spain 4% USA half Switzerland 21% France 10% Germany 15% dynamic association programmed upgrade R/3 FI-LC changes R/3 Aktives Excel: Reporting with Excel

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aktives Excel - 1

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aktives Excel - 4

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Microsoft Excel Open Information Warehouse

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Integration Word

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SAPInq End User PO, Invoice, Delivery Inquiry Receptionist Inquiry for Goods Delivery Reduce request to AP Helpdesk Moving to Web with MSMarket No preparation Easy introduce

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Journal Entry Upload Excel Based JE Front End Replaced Functionality utilized as a part of Legacy Systems On-line Validation Rolled Out WW 125,000 details for each month

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SAP Developer Program ISVs are urged to create R/3 correlative items and additional items taking into account Microsoft innovation First SAP Developers’ Conference occurred in Orlando, May 15-17. Enormous accomplishment Next SAP/Microsoft meeting for accomplices or clients who do a lot of improvement integral to R/3, or including capacities, is made arrangements for end of 1996

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