Save our Waterways National Gathering.

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Of every normal asset, water is the most seriously undermined by contamination ... To make general mindfulness with respect to water contamination issue in the group ...
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Save our Rivers National Conference Study on Pinang River, Jelutong, Penang By Environmentalists Mohd NohAbd Rahim G.Bovaneswari Lee Yee Suen ©2006 Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran

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Introduction In Malaysia, water has been the subject of concern broadly for quite a while Of every characteristic asset, water is the most extremely debilitated by contamination A creating nation like Malaysia, having adequate water is crucial to its general financial development

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Introduction A tropical nation like Malaysia will confront clean water deficiency, something which can turn into a reality at the rate the streams are being dirtied these days.* * R iver Pollution Prevention and Water Quality Improvement in Malaysia, an exploration paper by Dr Zulkifli Abdul Rahman , DOE\'s aide chief (waterway segment)

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Rationale regularly, human activities – mechanical, horticultural and residential – cause incomprehensible amounts of common and engineered chemicals to be transmitted into the air. The subsequent damage is hard to assess, since it happens over changing time allotments and over endless territories having contrasting degrees of affectability. The present study is an endeavor to gage the effect of human intercession on water assets in Malaysia

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Objectives To assess the physical, substance and natural status of the water To play out a few tests on water tests To gather data about the phase of water contamination To recognize whether the stream is dirtied

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Objectives To obtain learning of the operators of contamination To examine the causes and impact of water contamination To assess the degree of water contamination in the surroundings To propose contamination preventive measures to the organization and the group To make general mindfulness in regards to water contamination issue in the group

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Review of Related Literature According to a study done by the Department of Environment (DOE) on 116 waterways across the country, somewhere in the range of 10 percent of these streams are intensely contaminated or dead, 63 percent are dirtied and just 27 percent are healthy.* Kuala Kedah, a rice cultivating area, was seriously hit with air and water harming from a pesticide plant. The "padi" got to be infected, together with coconuts and bananas. Poultry kicked the bucket. Villagers had wounds on their bodies subsequent to utilizing the adjacent stream for washing.** * ** Article on ENVIRONMENT-Industrial contamination in Malaysia by Kor Kok Wah, a Singaporean columnist with a distinct fascination in natural issues

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Shocking Fact More than 2 million youngsters less than five years old in the Third amazing year from drinking dirtied water Source: Water-Asia\'s Environmental Imperative, Singapore: AMIC, 1997

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Research Questions How would we be able to save our freshwater living spaces? What is our part in counteracting water contamination in our group?

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Research Methodology Select waterway Field visit to the stream Observe on the premise of chose criteria Collect water test Experiment on water test Analyze the outcomes Draw deductions Suggest proposals to defeat water contamination

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Our Research Study on Pinang River, Jelutong, Penang

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©2006 Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran Field trip subtle elements Venue: Pinang River, Jelutong, Penang Date: July 3 rd , 4 th & 5 th , 2006 Time: 8 am – 9.00 am each day

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Basis of perception Smell Flow Appearance Turbidity (or absence of water clarity) Water Properties

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Field trip Observations The shade of the waterway water has changed into chestnut. Stink and impactful around the stream Dumped with garbage & Plastic Slums along the bank Teeming with mosquitoes Used as a can by ghetto tenants and passers –by No indication of fish The trash and waste has made it verging on stagnant. An area of Pinang stream in Penang covered with plastic waste and refuse. This shot was taken from Sungai Pinang Road prompting Jelutong Road

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Experiment Dissolved oxygen, Bacterial substance, pH, and Temperature

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Analysis - Cause of contamination Low Oxygen level - oxygen levels have dropped significantly as a result of sudden green growth populace blasts Inadequate sewerage and seepage frameworks Forest collecting and agrarian and urban advancement have brought about the contamination of most waterway frameworks, influenced biological elements and disturbed regular natural ways of life

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Analysis - Effects of contamination Turbidity - Low water clarity diminishes the measure of daylight accessible for photosynthesis. Suspended particles meddles with channel nourishing and breath through gills. Concentrated mechanical wastewater and agrarian keep running off of manure and chemicals into surface water influence levels of broke up oxygen in water Treatment of crude water from surface water hotspots for human utilization and for modern use has turned out to be more perplexing and gets to be costlier in light of water contamination.

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What are approaches to beat water contamination? To successfully do its "One State, One River" project to restore one waterway in every state according to the Ninth Malaysia Plan arranged by the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID), Malaysia Adequate Sewage and Drainage frameworks Formulate stringent contamination control directions Educate the general population of this city to build up an environmental inner voice Sensitize individuals about the need of hour – to check water contamination

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What is our part in forestalling water contamination? Gotten to be educated - An educated and conferred open can turn into an impetus for ecological issues. You can have any kind of effect! Trust - Trust in the capacity of the person to make a move on ecological issues, and cooperate with different people Be open - change your states of mind, practices, and desires. Act - Join and bolster neighborhood and national gatherings that work to take care of ecological issues on institutional, national, and universal levels.

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What is our part in forestalling water contamination? Support - Urge and bolster government, common, and civil activity on natural issues. Self Check - Do not utilize items that are hurtful to the earth. Urge stores to desert inefficient bundling and to utilize biodegradable materials. Exercise your rights as a subject : R equest data, take an interest in broad daylight hearings, serve on counseling advisory groups, and address survey sheets.

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Let\'s improve this World a Place by doing our Best to Prevent and Control Water Pollution!

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