Savvy Card Technology Why is a Smart Card So Smart .

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Savvy Card Innovation Why is a Brilliant Card So Keen?. CIS4360
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Keen Card Technology Why is a Smart Card So Smart? CIS4360 – Introduction Computer Security Joey Ferreira Joshua Lawrence

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History 1968 German innovator Jurgen Dethloff alongside Helmet Grotrupp documented a patent for utilizing plastic as a transporter for microchips. 1970 Dr. Kunitaka Arimura of Japan documented the first and final patent on the keen card idea 1974 Roland Moreno of France records the first patent for the IC card, later named the "savvy card." 1977 Three business makers, Bull CP8, SGS Thomson, and Schlumberger started building up the IC card item. Source:

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History 1979 Motorola grew first single chip Microcontroller for French Banking 1982 World\'s first real IC card testing 1992 Nationwide prepaid card extend began in Denmark 1999 Federal Government started a Federal representative keen card recognizable proof Source:

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What is a Smart Card? The standard meaning of an a keen card, or incorporated circuit card (ICC), is any pocket estimated card with implanted coordinated circuits. Approximately characterized , a savvy card is any card with a capacity to relate data to a specific application, for example, Magnetic Stripe Cards Optical Cards Memory Cards Microprocessor Cards

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Magnetic Stripe Cards Standard innovation for bank cards, driver\'s licenses, library cards, et cetera… …

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Uses a laser to peruse and compose the card CANPASS Contains: Photo ID Fingerprint Optical Cards

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Can store: Financial Info Personal Info Specialized Info Cannot handle Info Memory Cards

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Has an incorporated circuit chip Has the capacity to: Store data Carry out neighborhood preparing Perform Complex Calculations Microprocessor Cards

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Microprocessor Cards Contact Smart Card

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Microprocessor Cards Contactless Smart Card

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Microprocessor Cards Combi/Hybrid Cards Hybrid Card Has two chips: contact and contactless interface. The two chips are not associated. Combi Card Has a solitary chip with a contact and contactless interface. Can get to a similar chip by means of a contact or contactless interface, with an abnormal state of security.

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Microprocessor Cards Combi/Hybrid Cards

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How are Smart Cards Used? Business Applications Banking/installment Identification Ticketing Parking and toll gathering Universities utilize keen cards for ID purposes and at the library, candy machines, duplicate machines, and different administrations on grounds. Portable Telecommunications SIM cards utilized on PDAs Over 300,000,000 GSM telephones with brilliant cards Contains cell phone security, membership data, telephone number on the system, charging data, and as often as possible called numbers.

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How are Smart Cards Used? Data Technology Secure logon and confirmation of clients to PCs and systems Encryption of delicate information Other Applications Over 4 million little dish TV satellite collectors in the US utilize a savvy card as its removable security component and membership data. Paid ahead of time, reloadable phone cards Health Care, stores the historical backdrop of a patient Fast ticketing openly transport, stopping, and street tolling in numerous nations

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Advantages In contrast with it\'s forerunner, the attractive strip card, savvy cards have many preferences including: Life of a keen card is longer A solitary brilliant card can house various applications. Only one card can be utilized as your permit, international ID, Mastercard, ATM card, ID Card, and so forth. Keen cards can\'t be effortlessly repeated and are, when in doubt a great deal more secure than attractive stripe cards Data on a shrewd card can be ensured against unapproved seeing. Accordingly of this secret information, PINs and passwords can be put away on a shrewd card. This implies, traders don\'t need to go online each opportunity to validate an exchange.

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Advantages • chip is alter safe - data put away on the card can be PIN code and additionally read-compose ensured - equipped for performing encryption - each brilliant card has its own, novel serial number • fit for preparing, not simply putting away data - Smart cards can speak with registering gadgets through a shrewd card peruser - data and applications on a card can be refreshed without issueing new cards • A savvy card conveys more data than can be obliged on an attractive stripe card. It can settle on a choice, as it has generally effective preparing abilities that permit it to accomplish more than an attractive stripe card (e.g., information encryption).

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Disadvantages + NOT sealed + Can be lost/stolen + Lack of client portability – just conceivable if client has shrewd card peruser each he goes + Has to utilize a similar peruser innovation + Can be costly + Working from PC – programming based token will be better + No advantages to utilizing a token on numerous PCs to utilizing a savvy card + Still taking a shot at bugs

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Security Mechanisms

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OS Based Classification Smart cards are additionally ordered on the premise of their Operating System. There are many Smart Card Operating Systems accessible in the market, the fundamental ones being: 1. MultOS 2. JavaCard 3. Cyberflex 4. StarCOS 5. MFC Smart Card Operating Systems or SCOS as they are generally called, are set on the ROM and for the most part involve lesser than 16 KB. SCOS handle: • File Handling and Manipulation. • Memory Management • Data Transmission Protocols.

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