Scandinavian Society.

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Scandinavian Society Part 6 Scandinavian Society Crystals Meet open door versus break even with results The welfare part of government Way of life sober mindedness: Ought to the state be values-nonpartisan? Jante law: Are a few individuals "better" than others?
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Scandinavian Culture CHAPTER 6

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Scandinavian Culture PRISMS Equal open door versus equivalent results The welfare part of government Lifestyle realism: Should the state be values-nonpartisan? Jante law: Are a few individuals “better” than others? Unisex society: Should ladies be dealt with uniquely in contrast to men?

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Individualism Extended family Community Monochronic Poychronic Low Context High Context Social Ambiguity Social Certainty Low Power Distance High force Distance Mastery Adaptation Emotionally Neutral Emotionally Expressive Quantity of Life Quality of life

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Norwegian Fjords

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Norwegian Viking boat

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The midnight sun

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Egalitarian qualities: equivalent results, not simply parallel open door

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as opposed to Americans, most Scandinavians put stock in equivalent results instead of just equivalent open door (in light of the fact that no general public can genuinely give approach chance to everybody) A Scandinavian mogul paid a $174,000 speeding ticket on the grounds that that leveled with the same rate of his pay as a $200 fine for the basic pay worker.

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COMMON CAREER BARRIERS FACED BY AMERICAN WOMEN Loss of work environment position while having or looking after youngsters Subordinating the wife’s profession to the spouse\'s vocation, particularly when occupation exchanges are included Working in a male corporate atmosphere in light of rivalry as opposed to collaboration & despotic choice making instead of participative

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ORIGINS OF SECURITY CULTURE IN MODERN SCANDINAVIA Ethnically homogeneous populace (advancing an in number social inner voice) A without class society Geographic seclusion & the antagonistic northern atmosphere Strong female impact inside of the way of life

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The (“cradle to grave”) welfare state Free human services, school, pregnancy leave, even killing

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CHILD POVERTY COMPARISONS Scandinavian nations have the most minimal tyke destitution rates on the planet because of their welfare framework; in Denmark only 2.4% of kids live in neediness; 3.4% in Norway; 4.2% in Sweden Mexico & the U.S. have the most astounding youngster neediness rates in the created world: 27.7% for Mexico & 21.9% for the U.S.

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WHY HASN’T AMERICA PURSUED “CRADLE TO GRAVE” WELFARE? 1. Resistance to high expenses & the absence of collective consciousness—perhaps because of America’s ethnic & religious assorted qualities. 2. Higher pay Americans have a larger number of approaches to lawfully decrease their charges than the working class 3. Deals charges, which America firmly depends on for assessment income, oppress lower wage Americans (who pay the same expense as rich Americans).

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WHERE THE AMERICAN EMOTIONAL PROFILE DIFFERS MOST FROM THE SCANDINAVIAN Greater American penchant for danger taking & vulnerability American have a tendency to be more forceful & aggressive The American faction of identity (film stars, rock stars, and so on.) American societal position contrasts are construct to a great extent with respect to cash & “conspicuous consumption” (Jay Leno’s stockroom of vintage autos, luxurious weddings, houses for homes, way of life overabundances of rock stars, performers, & expert competitors, and so on.)

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American society is less libertarian (no standards for “morality”) than Scandinavians in light of the fact that the Judeo-Christian ethic still has some impact in America & there is likewise an in number strain of religious individual devotion left in America. Americans are more Darwinian (“survival of the fittest”) than Scandinavians in light of the achievement introduction of Americans & rough independence. Americans are more tolerant of class contrasts (in view of riches & way of life) than Scandinavians.

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America’s popularized society has produced a whole industry of promoters, operators, PR experts to make captivating, bigger then-life VIPs who are symbols of America riches, achievement, & notoriety. Scandinavians lean toward genuine individuals to celluloid holographs. Swedish-conceived American performer Greta Garbo (renowned in the 1930’s & 1940s) quit the motion picture business at the crest of her prominence and turned into a hermit in light of the fact that she couldn\'t stand being venerated for her excellence and VIP.

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THE ULTIMATE UNISEX CULTURE Scandinavian folks offer family unit obligations more than some other society, including youngster raising. Scandinavia drives the world in ladies chose to political office, sitting on sheets, & holding official corporate positions. This mirrors the Scandinavian custom of gender ambiguous (manly/ladylike mix) hierarchical societies.

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The working environment fairness of Scandinavian ladies is reinforced by liberal paid pregnancy leave that empowers ladies experts not to lose their rank level (the significant reason ladies experts in numerous different countries are paid less notwithstanding while doing likewise work as male partners). Far reaching use of no matter how you look at it boosts in compensation (versus legitimacy pay, which fits corporate legislative issues) additionally adds to Scandinavian more prominent working environment fairness for ladies.

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DUTCH LIFESTYLE PRAGMATISM The Dutch recognize that ethics can’t be administered, as outlined by the disappointment of Prohibition in the U.S., & don’t need to criminalize those dependent on indecencies. Authorized prostitution and explicit entertainment Government-gave medications, premature births, and willful extermination (counting infants with traumatic issues) Highest rate of cohabitating couples Euthanasia is likewise lawful in Belgium

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Job security Teamwork & agreement choice making Across-the-board pay Interpersonal truthfulness & casualness Avoidance of interpersonal rivalry & forceful business works on (mirroring the populist attitude of Scandinavians: “We’re all in a comparable situation together”)

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Downplaying manufactured status contrasts (“Jante law”: “Don’t think you’re superior to anything others”) in view of physical appeal, riches, acclaim, or religious association. Trade off saw as a positive choice Non-angry clash evasion & win-win choice making Reflecting Jante law, Scandinavians tend to dress clearly & act in a calm way to abstain from pointing out themselves (because of a paranoid

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