Schizophrenia: Psychological Theories .

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Schizophrenia: Psychological Theories. Family systems theory Psychosocial & environmental stress. Family Systems Theory. Origins in: The psychoanalytical tradition (the influence of the family on abnormal behaviour)
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´╗┐Schizophrenia: Psychological Theories Family frameworks hypothesis Psychosocial & natural anxiety

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Family Systems Theory Origins in: The psychoanalytical custom (the impact of the family on anomalous conduct) Systems considering (thought that things are best comprehended by taking a gander at the connections between an arrangement of substances)

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F M C 1 C 3 C 2 Family System A family can be viewed as an arrangement of elements, each collaborating with all the others. The conduct of every substance must be comprehended by taking a gander at its associations with the others

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F M C 1 C 3 C 2 Family System If one individual begins to carry on anomalous the issue won\'t not exist in that individual Their conduct might be an indication of an issue happening inside the more extensive family framework C 2

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Double Bind Theory (Bateson, 1956) Schizophrenia is an outcome of unusual examples in family correspondence The patient is a "side effect" of a far reaching issue They turn out to be "sick" to secure the solidness of the family framework

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Double Bind Theory In a twofold tie circumstance a man is given commonly opposing signs by someone else This spots them in an incomprehensible circumstance, bringing on interior clash Schizophrenic manifestations speak to an endeavor to escape from the twofold tie

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Double Bind Theory Bateson (1956) reports clinical proof (meetings, perceptions) outlining utilization of twofold tie correspondence by guardians of schizophrenia patients Issues of analyst (corroborative) predisposition Problems with course of causality

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Double Bind Theory Liem et al (1974) contrasted correspondence designs in families and & without a schizophrenic part Abnormality in parental correspondence was a reaction to the schizophrenic side effects, not the other way around Some issues with natural legitimacy

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Double Bind Theory Some confirmation that family forms assume a part in backslide of schizophrenia patients taking after adjustment Relapse more probable (58% versus 10%) where family is high in \'communicated feeling\' (Brown et al, 1966) Families high in feedback, antagonistic vibe & over-association prompt to more backslide (Vaughn & Leff, 1976)

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