School and Novice Sports.

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School and Novice Sports Games and Stimulation Advertising Part 2 Section 2.1 Making an Effective Dish Amusement Extensive Stadium Positive Atmosphere Lodging Facilities Vacation destinations Corporate Patrons (ex. Tostitos) Match up of Groups Impacts of University Games Winning Group
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School and Amateur Sports and Entertainment Marketing Chapter 2

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Chapter 2.1

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Creating a Successful Bowl Game Large Stadium Favorable Climate Hotel Accommodations Tourist Attractions Corporate Sponsors (ex. Tostitos) Match up of Teams

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Effects of Collegiate Sports Winning Team a fruitful group implies business for inns, eateries, corner stores, and shopping centers Strong Public Image media consideration is essential advancement gives correspondence to Fans school sites.:

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Creates and Enforces rules and guidelines Keep athletic an imperative, strong, and respectable piece of school life Overall objective: advancement of school games NCAA conditions to Join acquires accreditation 4 intercollegiate games for men and ladies participates with the NCAA programs NCAA Rules (National Collegiate Athletic Association)

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College Team Rankings..Why So Important TIME OUT..Page 31 Before the season high rankings impact significant TV stations Post-season Bowl diversions substantial fan base extreme objective: most noteworthy measure of fan $$$

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Effect of Being #1 Favorable national acknowledgment Increased potential for enrollment Increase in deals Good to advert income Time Out…page 32

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Market Segmentation “A gathering of people inside of a bigger business sector that share one or more characteristics” Example: Using distinctive players or groups on the front of the same magazine in distinctive parts of the nation

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Elements of Market Segmentation

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Chapter 2.2

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Benefits to the Community Communities rally around a group Even all the more so in urban communities without a professional group University of Nebraska (76,000 seats sold each amusement) Local Businesses Profit Hotels, Restaurants, Gas Stations, and so forth.. Incredible chance to run advancements for fans Stadium Revenues Soar Parking, Concessions, Souvenirs, and so forth

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College Sponsorships Sponsorship - financing or selling so as to create income for the school program items or administrations amid real school brandishing occasions. Nike, Reebok, Adidas give gear Pre and Post diversion shows supported by partnerships Game time amusement supported

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Licensing - the lawful right to recreate a team’s logo in return for installment Mainly attire and gifts

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College Conferences Group of groups sorted out and joined together Usually geologically, yet not generally Big 10, SEC, ACC Create Rivalries Increase income with titles, competitions, and so on

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Chapter 2.3

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Amateur Sports Someone who does not get paid for playing Popularity and mixture developing More females taking an interest Family life some of the time revolves around games Youth Soccer AAU groups High School Sports

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Economic Benefits of Growing Sports Read Page 44

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Marketing To Amateurs All novice games oblige gear, most oblige outfits Companies can benefit by giving both Growth of SUV’s and Mini-Vans Soccer Moms New Demographic Charity occasions based on novice sports .:tslidesep.

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