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You Might Be a School Principal if... You have no time for an existence from August to June. ... In little school settings, treasurers may be included in both receipting and keeping. ...
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School Finance Jim Jeffery, PhD Associate Professor Educational Administration and Leadership Andrews University

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You Might Be a School Principal if... You have no time for an existence from August to June. You need to slap the following individual who says, "Must decent to work from 8 to 3 and have your summers free!" When out in the open you feel the desire to converse with odd youngsters and right their conduct.

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You Might Be a School Principal if... You allude to grown-ups as "boys and girls." You energize your life partner by letting them know they are a "good assistant." You\'ve ever had your calling hammered by somebody who might never long for doing your employment.

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You Might Be a School Principal if... Meeting a tyke\'s folks in a split second answers the inquiry, "Why is this child like this?" You accept "extremely annoying" ought to have its own crate on the report card. You know a hundred decent explanations behind being late. You don\'t need offspring of your own on the grounds that there isn\'t a name you can hear that wouldn\'t lift your circulatory strain

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Alfred McClure (Former NAD President) Wrote an Article "What\'s a Nice Church Like Ours Doing in the Education Business" (The Journal of Adventist Education, Dec. \'98)

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Some of his considerations… "Adventist instruction is extraordinarily costly" "Life would be a mess less confounded for a significant number of us on the off chance that we weren\'t." (required in the training business)

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The extent of Adventist Ed "Beside peaceful pay rates, instruction is the biggest single thing in most gathering spending plans" "The expense of instruction speaks to a monetary experience for some nearby places of worship" "… for the larger part of our houses of worship it is the biggest single neighborhood cost"

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On Average… . The expense to neighborhood chapels "keeps running from 33 percent to 50 percent of nearby finances; at times, it speaks to additional."

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Total $$$ spent on SDA Education

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"Adventist instruction assimilates bountiful measures of time. It is unrealistic to compute the time spent on the loads up".. fund advisory groups, spending boards of trustees, staff councils, showcasing panels.."

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And it is a significant business

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We have bunches of schools…

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With extraordinary understudies… .

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In heaps of spots… ..

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"Adventist Education is Expensive" "So what\'s a decent church like our own doing in the training business?"

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I like this reason… ..

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The Beginning 1872 first authority SDA school sorted out. Reason? The reason that won the day was this: "We should have schools to "plan specialists" – ministers, instructors, medical caretakers, teachers, and later, specialists.

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Another Key idea Elder C.E. Bradford (previous NAD President) Key idea in his brain was "supporting the way of life"

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C.E. Bradford "Adventism is passed on both by illustration and by statute"

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Adventist instruction/precious "I\'m certain every one of us would give all that we claim to ensure our youngsters are with us in the kingdom" A. E. McClure

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Furthermore "I am persuaded that when history records the extremely important occasions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the choice to set up schools will be seen as a standout amongst the most sensational." A.E. McClure

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So, where do we start?? Today, I might want to take a gander at a portion of the extremely useful purposes of financing Adventist training. I need to begin with a "tricky" issue nowadays… that of compensations. What is the theory of paying Adventist instructors and ministers?

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The Adventist Philosophy of Remuneration The SDA Church has acknowledged the Gospel Commission as given by Jesus to His Disciples. "Go Ye Into All The World" Proclaim the Gospel of Salvation All of the Church\'s association have one focal reason – The Salvation of Man

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The Remuneration Scale The Philosophy "A soul of penance and devotion ought to stamp God\'s specialists regardless of the position they hold or the division they speak to"

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It is an unavoidable truth The congregation pay scale does not generally repay its representatives in financial terms, comparable with their gifts, achievements and commitments

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It does however… Provide workers with an unobtrusive living wage which gives acknowledgment of: Responsibilities borne Preparation attempted Professional fulfillment Previous experience and Years of Service.

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Pacific Union Conference (one case)

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Degrees, Certificates, Years

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Salary Calculation Remuneration Factor X Salary Step = Monthly Wage X 12 = Yearly Wage $2090 X 150% = $3,135.00 X12 months = $37,620

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What part does Finance Play in a SDA school? Financial plan

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The Monthly Financial Statement 1. Incorporate with each money related report an outline page (like what takes after) So that everybody including those without a bookkeeping foundation can comprehend

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2 nd & 3 rd Major Points 2. Diminish the measure of monetary point of interest to just what is required by the board. 3. Require some investment to show board individuals how to peruse and comprehend the budgetary report. Here is a case of a Summary Page from a more drawn out Financial Report

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S.U.P.A Simple (engaged and suitable to the exchange and time constraints) Understandable (written in wording free of bookkeeping language) Professional (flawlessly organized; simple to peruse) Accurate (indicating current numbers)

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Essential information for any school that relies on upon educational cost pay Current

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Cash Received

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Amount Paid

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Amount Earned by Students

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Amount Spent by the Academy

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Amount Owed by Academy

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Amount Owed to Academy

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Money in Checking Account

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Age of Academy Debts

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Operating Margin

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One page outline The One Pager Cash Received Amount Paid by Parents Amount Spent by the Academy Amount Owed by Academy Operating Margin for the Year

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A Case Study Cherry Lane Adventist School

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Is this exact? Yes… … . Individual Experience as a Superintendent Verified two weeks back with a Conference Treasurer in charge of managing school treasurers

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What are we searching for here? List ALL the money related issues with this situation What does your gathering consider to the ONE noteworthy issue in this situation WHY is this one issue the most huge?

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28 Do\'s of School Finance Management The school board ought to receive a clear calendar of educational cost charges, charges for unique exercises, enlistment and course reading rental expenses, physical instruction charges, etc.

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More… . This calendar ought to be voted by formal activity of the school board and ought to show up in the minutes. All charges to understudies ought to be founded on this timetable.

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The buy of significant things of gear and the expenses for development of physical offices must be financed in view of positive arrangements for the expense to be endorsed.

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Any real cost of assets by the school must be secured by an arrangement and voted by the school board.

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Some Basic Rules It is vital that the school assets be kept in a financial balance separate from those of the congregation.

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More… The fundamental principle which ought to be taken after regardless is that all money streaming into the association must be receipted quickly. Money ought not be left in the school overnight (unless in a safe).

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All approaching money ought to be depended to a solitary individual and a different individual keeping the cash into the bank. The treasurer need not be included in those obligations. The treasurer is in charge of recording, planning and displaying the money related proclamations on an opportune premise. In little school settings, treasurers might be included in both receipting and keeping.

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All distributions of school assets ought to be made by a check drawn on the school financial balance.

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Those distributions made by insignificant money assets, ought to be archived with a receipt and put in the frivolous money box. This permits the treasurer to repay the trivial money box and record the action in the suitably region for budgetary explanation audit.

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Generally, the school vital is approved by the school board to make routine buys without particular individual approval of every exchange and is comprehended in the school board\'s endorsement of the working spending plan.

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Also, the important ought to discuss intimately with the treasurer on vast buys that have been endorsed by the board. The treasurer needs this data for timing issues and accessible trade out the bank. Exchanges may should be made before procurement.

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No limitless tickets to ride are to be issued by the school and swung over to another gathering to be finished. No unlimited free passes ought to be detracted from the school or discounted the school premises.

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The School Budget The school spending plan is to be submitted yearly to the school board for thought and appropriation.

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Monthly Operating Statements Monthly working explanations (ideally with a financial plan—correlation section for the month or year to date) ought to be arranged and displayed to the school board as a method for contrasting real working results and the financial plan.

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The Principal The foremost ought to be isolated from any record recording exercises influencing the monetary articulations.

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Your Best Friend - The Treasurer Listen to your treasurer. Discover a treasurer that can say NO. For the most part, your treasurer needs your school to be financiall

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