School Library Media Admonitory Board of trustees Preparation Johns Hopkins College Columbia Center - May 16, 2006.

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Work with the National Cyber Security Alliance (Social Networks Campaign) ... Education and Ethical Use - Maryland K-16 Partnership for Teaching and Learning ...
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School Library Media Advisory Committee Briefing Johns Hopkins University Columbia Center - May 16, 2006

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MSDE Updates SLM VSC Update K-16 Sub-council on Information Literacy & Ethical Use Work with the National Cyber Security Alliance (Social Networks Campaign) Legislative Updates (Maryland Library Day) Update/Status of Ed Tech Program Maryland Plan for Technology in Education MEMO Update Questions (?)

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SLM VSC - advancing National audit – RFP discharge - Summer 2006 Early Winter 2006 Presentation - State Board Integration of SLM VSC with other educational program territories (grids to be made) Link to the work of TL8 panels Interactive webpage on web

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K-16 Sub-panel on Information Literacy and Ethical Use - Maryland K-16 Partnership for Teaching and Learning Statewide dialog and advancement of approaches that exhibit the: significance of scholarly uprightness and moral use ruinous effect of literary theft on understudy accomplishment centrality of library data proficiency and its relationship to understudy achievement significance of basic speculation aptitudes when managing the utilization of data Work Completed to date - Development of draft white paper building up an "activity motivation" Draft suggestions: Facilitate a pattern information study Establish serious instructor and personnel mindfulness and expert improvement Establish least model explanations on bibliographic development and reference conventions Promote Maryland open mindfulness crusade Establish strategy necessities Establish least desires for understudies

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NCSA – Help Keep Kids Connected and Protected - Campaign Work started with national gatherings Fall 2005 (counting Federal Trade Commission, Homeland Security) Create a clearinghouse for folks, educators, and understudies to want data and tips on staying ensured while utilizing the web. In the first place crusade "Long range interpersonal communication Sites: Today\'s Hippest Meeting Place" May 1 Release – incorporates radio PSA\'s, tip/discourse guides for understudies, folks and educators, web flags for use by different destinations.

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Advocacy/Legislative Updates Feb. 1, 2006 - Maryland Library Day, State Legislative Reception and Visits ALA National Library Legislative Day MLA Distinguished Service recompenses to Senate President Mike Miller and Delegate John Leopold (AA Co. Dist. 31)

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Ed Tech Program Status Advocacy & Funding Update Funded Partnerships for 2005-06 (Year 4) 4 TL8 (proceeding with), MDK12 (proceeding with), Shore Readers!, Algebra eLearning Collaborative New partnership(s) on assessment acknowledged for 2006-2007 Ed tech program again cut from President\'s financial plan for MD 2007-08

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Maryland Plan for Technology in Education Final phases of draft To be conveyed to SLMA and different partners for input soon Scheduled for the State Board this fall alongside the innovation overview results Work started on building up a procedure and timetable for audit and amendment of the Maryland Technology Survey

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MSDE Web Site for School Library Media Work in advancement To incorporate connections to national and state measures reports COMAR Professional associations MSDE Publications (ex. Reality Book) LM VSC and seeds, cross-curricular grids Advocacy assets -@ your library battle -"School Libraries Work!" -AASL NCLB leaflet

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MEMO (Maryland Educational Media Organization) Name Change (Maryland Association of School Librarians) Katrina Relief Effort w/MLA Pearlington, Mississippi Black-Eyed Susan Cruise Saturday April 29, 2006 Conference 2006 – "Building Influence: What it Takes!" Baltimore Marriott Hunt Valley Inn - October 19-20, 2006 including keynote, Gary Hartzell and Mid-Atlantic Author\'s lunch get-together speakers, Betsy and Ted Lewin

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Special Thanks Kathy Marzola and Sheile McAllister, MSDE

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Questions (?) Jay Bansbach Jayne Moore

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Standards for SLM Programs in Maryland/COMAR Revision Formation of Workgroups by Standard Proposed course of events • May 16, 2006 – School Library Media Briefing - Form Workgroups by Standard (Face-to-Face Meeting) • May - September 2006 - Virtual panel work and no less than one vis-à-vis meeting of every board by standard region • July 1 – Submit RFP for national survey of School Library Media Voluntary State Curriculum. • September 2006 – Draft program principles proposals came back to School Library Media Advisory for criticism from School Library Media Workgroups (counting any recommended changes to COMAR, information accumulation process and process for neighborhood program assessment) • September/October 2006 – Finalize School Library Media Voluntary State Curriculum • October/November 2006 - Meeting of the School Library Media Advisory to conclude amendments to program guidelines and COMAR • November 2006 – Complete the arrangement of the School Library Media Annual Report to "modified" norms • December 2006/January 2007 - Presentation of COMAR modification and Program Standards for State Board "endorsement." (TBD) SLM Annual Report What sort of data would we like to assemble? Program audits Protocols, Timelines

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