School of Expressive arts of Kadrina collective Leisure activity instruction and youth work in Estonia.

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EVE VUNK KADRINA 2009. School of Fine Arts of Kadrina cooperative Hobby instruction and youth work in Estonia. THE Center OF EDUCATIONAL Programs EU LIFELONG LEARNING Program COMENIUS Presentation GIVEN in Malta
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EVE VUNK KADRINA 2009 School of Fine Arts of Kadrina collective Hobby instruction and youth work in Estonia

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THE Center OF EDUCATIONAL Programs EU LIFELONG LEARNING Program COMENIUS Presentation GIVEN in Malta Course name: Practical tips on powerful administration for training authorities and experts eighteenth July 2009 Archimedes establishment

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The interest school was set up in harvest time 1989. The distraction school began with a music and a craftsmanship division, in 1990 a move office was included. The side interest school is arranged in the same working as Kadrina Secondary School. The greater part of the understudies of the School of Fine Arts are additionally understudies of Kadrina Secondary School and in this way numerous basic exercises are held, the joint effort between the two schools has improved both schools. School of Fine A rts of Kadrina

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Population of Kadrina cooperative (01.01.2009) The quantity of population: 5 386. The thickness of populace: 16,2 people for each km². 2 418 tenants live in the residential community of Kadrina and 2968 occupants live in the provincial range. The director of metropolitan side interest school is Kadrina collective government

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The volume of the Commune spending plan in 200 8 about  87,9  million  k roons, in 2009 around 79,3 million kroons (5 068 194 EUR) Of this sum the costs are taking after: Education  around 50 % Culture, leisure time, sport  around 1 0 % School of Fine Arts 1 834 540 (117 248 EUR – 2008) 1 574 000 (100 597 EUR – 2009) Expenses of the Commune Budget

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Kadrina  Kindergarten  (~190 kids) Vohnja Kindergarten-Primary School (~50 youngsters) Kadrina Secondary School (~ 700 understudies) Kadrina School of Fine A rts which is a distraction focus (~ 130 kids and understudies) Educational foundations in Kadrina cooperative

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The School of Fine A rts of Kadrina is an instructive foundation working in the zone of youth work which makes an open door for the procurement of musical and workmanship diversion training and gets ready understudies for expert music and craftsmanship instruction; gives tutoring of pastime exercises i n the field of music, craftsmanship and society move by and large social classes. Goals of the School of Fine A rts

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Statute of the School of Fine Arts of Kadrina Vision arrangement of the School of Fine Arts of Kadrina Curriculum of the School of Fine Arts of Kadrina Study programs for all distractions (extracurricular exercises) B asic records

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Kadrina cooperative committee Head of Kadrina collective gathering Ain Suurkaev Kadrina Commune government Head of Kadrina collective Aivar Lankei Headmistress of School of Fine Arts of Kadrina Eve Vunk Teachers\' gathering (14 individuals) Board of trustees (5 individuals) The school is an individual from Association of the Music Schools of Estonia Estonian Information System for Education Representative of both association of Kadrina collective is Eve Vunk O rganisation outline

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M usic A pprenticeship 1-7 (10) years Art A pprenticeship 1-5 ( 7 ) years G eneral society A pprenticeship 1-12 years One study week comprises of 2-7 lessons Departments at leisure activity school

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Keyboard instruments: piano accordion Stringed instruments: violin established guitar Brass instruments: Wood-wind instruments square woodwind oboe clarinet saxophone Group lessons solfeggio (sol-fa) music hypothesis music history bore bunch exercises of the music division

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drawing painting organization model craftsmanship history exercises of the workmanship office:

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Music office a pre-school course (1-2 years) a fundamental course (7 years); more youthful level – classes 1-4; more seasoned level – classes 5-7 supplementary course, subsequent to graduating an essential course (1-2 years) Art office a pre-school course (1-2 years) a fundamental course (7 years); more youthful level – classes 1-2; more seasoned level – classes 3-5 supplementary course, in the wake of graduating a fundamental course (1-2 years) Classes with free educational module (1-7 years) percussions singing piano traditional guitar A general social classes (music, workmanship, people move bunches). (1-12 years) Levels of the side interest school

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Music: 70 Art: 50 Estonian society move: 12  Music department pre-school course – 10 fundamental course – 50 extra course – 3 general social class (with a free educational program) – 7 Art division pre-school course – 8 essential course – 8 general social class – 34 Estonian people move bunch general social class – 12 Number of understudies of the diversion school instructive year 2008/2009: 132

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H obbies at the music office

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Children and understudies of age reach 6 - 19 years  N umber of understudies: 2005 – 171 (+ 50 choir vocalists) 2006 – 137 (+ 100 choir artists) 2007 – 124 2008 - 132 2009 - about145 Predictions for the following years: F ertility in Kadrina collective 2004 32 childrens 2005 52 childrens 2006 69 childrens Target gatherings of a leisure activity school

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Learning at the side interest school happens amid the time when the understudy is free from learn at other instructive foundations . The lessons start at around 12.40 and completion at 19.15 The youngsters who go to pre-school classes of the music office and go to kindergarten come to class with their folks and once in a while do a reversal to kindergarten or home after the music lesson. Working hours of the diversion school

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The school has organization schools in Helsinki, Mikkeli, Hämeenlinna and Turenki in Finland, Mora in Sweden, Trøgstad in Norway.  Our understudies have presented Estonia n society workmanship in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal (Figuera De Fos) , Italy (Messina/Sicily) and Hungary. The understudies of our school have taken an interest in all of seven global society celebrations since 1997 in Kadrina (1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009), with the primary accentuation on people music, choir music or established music. Comenius program Miles of Smiles 2006-2009 with Kindergarten Vesiroos , Tallinn, Estonia; Ascoli-Piceno Centro Direzione Didattica , Ascoli Piceno, Italy ; Our Lady of Peace Primary School Belfast, Northern Ireland . Our companions

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Youth work is the making of conditions for youngsters for exercises which encourage their improvement and empower them to be dynamic outside their families , formal training and work on the premise of their choice . Youth undertakings

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which came into power 1 st April 1999, a youngster is a man between the age of 7 and 26.  According to the Youth Work Act,

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Hobby instruction is any movement including youngsters for encouraging adaptable improvement of their identity on the premise of a national or institutional educational modules. Diversion instruction

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There are 300 authorized leisure activity schools in Estonia 160 civil and 140 private side interest schools and roughly 49,000 understudies study in them, around 13,000 of them in music and workmanship schools 19,000 in games schools 17,000 in different schools. 84 music schools and schools of expressive arts are individuals from the Association of the Music Schools of Estonia what number side interest schools there are in Estonia?

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schools open youth focuses leisure activity focuses youth affiliations and non-benefit affiliations. The exercises are managed by the Hobby Schools Act. Diversion exercises are composed in

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long haul ( pastime training ) or fleeting ( distraction exercises ) S ystematic and managed engagements with one\'s leisure activities at one\'s will outside formal instruction or occupation for securing escalated learning and aptitudes in chose interest. Youth pastime instruction and distraction exercises are

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