Science 123 - General Science III Fall 2010.

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Science 123 - General Science III Fall 2010 Educator: Dr. Jeffrey A. Hurlbut Office: CB 388 Available time: 11:30 - 1:30 Tu, Th Office Phone Number: 650-2242 Last, most decisive test: 8:00 - 10:00 am Tuesday, 12/7/2010 Basic Material
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Science 123 - General Chemistry III Fall 2010 Instructor: Dr. Jeffrey A. Hurlbut Office: CB 388 Office Hours: 11:30 - 1:30 Tu, Th Office Telephone Number: 650-2242 Final Exam: 8:00 - 10:00 am Tuesday, 12/7/2010

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Introductory Material The address notes are in PowerPoint format.â  You require PowerPoint to look atâ & print the notes.â  If you don\'t have Microsoft Office then: 1)  obtain a free perfect program, for example, OpenOffice on the web; 2)  obtain a free PowerPoint viewer from the Microsoft site; or 3) get to the notes from a grounds PC lab that has PowerPoint. You additionally require Adobe Reader which is free: recommend printing address notes in "handout," three for every page, BW design; this permits space for composing. These address notes, alongside the content & homework are the primary wellspring of exam inquiries. Course Requirements: 1)  C grades in science 121â & 122;â  2) Text: General Chemistry , ninth Edition by Ebbing & Gammon (2009);â  3)  dedicated lab scratch pad; 4) participation in address and lab; & 5) passing review on the lab wellbeing test before 12 twelve, Thursday 9/30 .

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Internet Addresses Note: There are three approaches to get most class material - 1) direct address; 2) my site; & 3) Blackboard. The immediate web locations are given underneath. Email: Please utilize painstakingly – I have more than 100 understudies for each quarter, and I can just dedicate a couple of hours for every week to online inquiries. It might be ideal on the off chance that you put your class hour in the title. Address Notes: lower case) Online HW: Prelab & Labs: Blackboard: Lab Safety Quiz:

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Lecture Material Chapter 15 – Acids & Bases Chapter 16 – Acid-Base Equilibria -Exam 1: Ch 15 & 16 and Labs: Intro & Acid Labs - Online Assignment #1 Chapter 17 – Solubility & Equilibria Chapter 18 – Thermodynamics & Equilibria -Exam 2: Ch 17 & 18 and Labs: Ni Complex - Online Assignment #2 Chapter 19: Electrochemistry - O nline Assignment #3 - Due before 11:30 pm Thursday 12/2/2010 Final Exam: Cumulative Ch 15-19 & All Labs (8-10 AM 12/7)

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Homework There are two sorts of relegated homework: 1. End-of-Chapter Homework: The second page of every address note arrangement contains a rundown of proposed homework issues. Do these when I complete the address over that segment. I will commit address time to noting inquiries over these. These won\'t be evaluated or turned in, yet they are critical & may show up on the exams. 2. Online Homework: The initial three assignments will be evaluated and will consider 13 % of your evaluation. You can get to these at: Answer them when you have aced the material. There is no time point of confinement aside from the due date which will be reported in address and given on Blackboard. The due date is firm , and NO reasons will be acknowledged on the off chance that you miss the due date. Complete these well before the due date. Make a duplicate of these the first occasion when you get to them for study purposes; they will be disconnected from the net after the due date. Drop by my office in the event that you have questions on the online homework - BUT you must have your work perfectly shown, named and with units. Task #1 Lesson (Chapters 15 & 16) Assignment #2 Lesson (Chapters 17 & 18) Assignment #3 Lesson (Chapter 19) [ due dates are firm for online HW ]

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Grading Exam #1 - 20%: Ch 15 & 16 and Labs: Intro & Acid ~ 1 week after Ch 16. Exam #2 – 20%: Ch 17 & 18 and Lab: Ni Complex ~ 1 week after Ch 18. Last, most decisive test – 30%: Cumulative over sections 15 through 19 and all labs. 8-10 AM Tuesday, 12/7/2010 Lab – 17%: See the slide on the lab. Online Homework – 13%: Deadlines are Firm .

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Laboratory Safety Quiz Mandatory security test - an instructional exercise and the test are accessible at: The login is your understudy ID without the “W” and without the numbers after the last dash. Watchword = last two ID digits & initial two letters of last name. Sample: W001822 34 - 11 Jack Sm ith ID = 001822 34 & PW = 34Sm A 30 moment time period begins when you enter the lab test. You can take it the following offering; nonetheless, the passing review gets to be higher. Passing evaluations: first = 80% (until 5 PM 9/24) ; second = 84% (5 PM 9/24 to 5 PM 9/28) ; and third = 88% (5 PM 9/28 to 12 NOON Thursday 9/30/2010) . You must pass this lab security test so as to proceed in the course. Note: you have to consider the instructional exercise slides before beginning the 30 moment test.

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Laboratory Lab Safety: Pass Lab Safety Quiz. Obligatory; see the past slide. Prerequisites are: goggles dependably on; no short jeans, short skirts, or open shoes; no nourishment or beverages in the lab; all measuring utencils/carafes must be named; clean whole work territory before taking off. General Information: The analyses were chosen to underscore a mixed bag of systematic ideas and procedures. A significant part of the work will be done autonomously. You will be reviewed over your counts, exactness, accuracy, noteworthy figures, association, sentence structure & note pad. Data is at: Download, deliberately read, and carry all initial lab material with you to the first lab – including your committed, bound, page numbered ( by hand is OK ) lab note pad (9.75” x 7.5” prescribed). Lab Notebook: Hard-bound (9.75” x 7.5” suggested) - Name on outside A brief methodology must be finished and in your journal by the start of every lab (counting the 1 st lab) . Point by point directions concerning the lab note pad are in the early on lab material - you must read this material before the first lab. Scratch pad will be reviewed. Lab times are firm & you must be done & out 10 min before the most recent hour.

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Laboratory Lab Notebook Continued: Your note pad ought to contain: 1. Pre-lab. Prior to the lab: finish any pre-lab & review; place in your note pad; this incorporates a) title, b) any prelab counts; c) short reason, d) a framework of the strategies, and e) space for expansion of evaluated result sheet. 2. Information & Observations. Amid the lab, you will record perceptions, dates, information, and computations in your note pad in ink. Make certain to painstakingly read the early on material for remarks on SF, units, dates, illustrations, and so on. Try not to delete - cross out with a solitary line, and don\'t put information on brief paper; information is dependably to be marked and entered straightforwardly into your lab book. 3. Information & Results Summary Sheet. Get & fill in Data & Results Summary Sheet for every trial. Turn this sheet in the following lab period (the F - lab is expected toward the end of that lab) . I will review and return the sheet the accompanying lab period; connect this in your scratch pad. Additionally compose a 1-2 sentence abridging the outcomes for every lab. Lab Grading: Each Data & Results Summary Sheet will be reviewed. The evaluation will include: computations, exactness, accuracy, culmination, sentence structure, huge figures (SF), and so on. The lab scratch pad will be evaluated.

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Laboratory - Lab Schedule Date Experiment 9/27-9/29 Buret, Volumetric Pipet , & pH Exercises : Technique, SD & RSD. [1 week lab; Buret & Pipet - Individual, pH - Partner 15 pts ]. 10/4-10/6 Determination of a Weak Acid: Volumetric Analysis. 10/11-10/13 [2 week lab; Individual; 20 pts ]. 10/18-10/20 Titration Curves & the Ka of Acetic Acid. [1 week lab; Done with Partner; 15 pts ]. 10/25-10/27 Analysis of a Nickel Complex: Volumetric & Spectrophotometric Anal. 11/1-11/3 [2 week lab; Ethylenediamine = Individual; Ni = Partner; 20 pts ]. 11/8-11/10 Chemistry of Wine: Volumetric (Redox) & Spectrophotometric Anal. 11/15-11/17 [2 week lab; Free SO 2 (wk 1) ; Alcohol (with accomplice) & Acid (wk 2) ; 20 pts ]. 11/22-11/24 Thanksgiving; No Lab. 11/29-12/1 Fluoride Determination utilizing ISE: Electrochemistry & Buffers. [1 week lab; Done in gatherings; 10 pts ]; Clean-up; Turn in lab & journals.

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Desired Chemistry 123 Goals, pg 1 Be ready to portray and clarify the synthetic conduct of acids and bases in fluid arrangements. Have the capacity to anticipate the impacts of temperature, weight, focus and vitality stream on the dynamic conduct of concoction and physical frameworks. See how harmony ideas apply to synthetic frameworks (acids, bases, marginally solvent ionic mixes, and complex particles). Have the capacity to portray, clarify and ascertain the thermodynamic amounts of enthalpy, entropy, and free vitality. Depict and portray oxidation-lessening electrochemical responses. Comprehend and utilize the connections between cell potential, free vitality and the balance steady.

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Desired Chemistry 123 Goals, pg 2 Correctly utilize and control numerical models including thermodynamic connections; electrochemical frameworks; and equilibria of corrosive base responses, complex particles & somewhat dissolvable ionic mixes. Use lab produced information to achieve sound decisions about concoction wonders. Comprehend and exhibit safe research facility hones. Record exploratory systems and results plainly and successfully in a research facility journal. Genuinely unite research facility exercises to models and ideas learned in address. Comprehend, figure and utilization exactness and precision i

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