Science 305 LAB Near Creature PHYSIOLOGY.

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Creature Care & Use Paper 25. Lab Practical 25. Lab Notebook (8) 40. Blurb Presentation 60 ... Concentrate on utilization of creatures in instruction & educating (NOT look into! ...
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CONTACT INFORMATION Reagan Lake: Office: BS Room 454 Phone: 410-455-3384 Email:

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LAB LECTURE Instruction on lab practices Background data, ideas & hypothesis Answer questions relating to lab

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RULES & REGULATIONS Lab Safety: No open toed shoes No nourishment or beverage in lab Wear goggles & gloves when requested that do as such

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ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY Lab NEED college endorsed reason to go to another lab segment - AND-A Permission to Attend Another Laboratory Form, rounded out & marked by your TA Lab Lecture Attendance numbers! 3 unlucky deficiencies = "F" Exams Check your timetable NOW and clear it!

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GRADES Overall evaluation in view of: Lab Quizzes (5 of 6) 50 Animal Care & Use Paper 25 Lab Practical 25 Lab Notebook (8) 40 Poster Presentation 60 Oral Presentation 60 Exams (2) 200 Lab Lecture Quiz/Attendance 40 + 500

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GRADES Lab Quizzes: Based on both new & old material: ½ Qs taking into account lab to be finished ½ Qs from past lab Best 5 of 6 tests will number towards last grade Ten minutes late to lab miss test (no cosmetics!) Total of 50 pts.

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USE OF ANIMALS IN THE LAB Assignment #1: Animal Care & Use Report: Justify utilization of creatures in showing labs Focus on utilization of creatures in training & showing ( NOT investigate !) Worth 25 pts Citations: In content AND full reference index See course site for legitimate reference design & concerns with respect to written falsification Spelling, language structure & association COUNT!

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USE OF ANIMALS IN THE LAB Humane Treatment Animal Care & Use Protocols Anesthesia Minimize numbers through sharing Use of PC recreations

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GRADES Lab Practical: Third week of labs (Feb 19 - 23) Consists of hands-on activities (PC) Worth 25 pts Open lab hours will help you in readiness

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GRADES Lab Notebook Exercises: Data sheets turned in at end of each lab May incorporate counts, answers to inquiries Work in gatherings however answer questions & turn in INDIVIDUALLY Eight activities at 5 focuses each = 40 pts

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GRADES Poster & Oral Presentations: End of the semester 60 pts every Work in gatherings

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GRADES Exams: Cover material from lab and lab addresses One midterm and one last, most decisive test Final is NOT aggregate! Every worth 100 pts for an aggregate of 200 pts

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GRADES Lab Lecture: Points for participation/straightforward tests Occasional in class practices Worth aggregate of 40 pts

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REGRADE POLICY WRITTEN asks for as it were!!! Download & Fill out Request For Regrade Form Deadline: one week after the arrival of material Be particular about what you need assessed Provide proof Be Warned: whole practice might be re-evaluated

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OPEN LAB HOURS Will be declared in lab one week from now Labs staffed by TAs Time to get questions addressed Prepare for lab reasonable

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COURSE WEB SITE URL: Syllabus Announcements Laboratory practices Previous exams Power point address notes Download lab exercise for up and coming week NEW form ONLY (toss out anything printed before today!) Print out & convey to lab with you!!!! Use to contemplate for lab tests

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MATERIALS FOR THE COURSE Textbook: 5 th Edition Animal Physiology by Eckert Recommended Carbon Copy Lab Notebook Mandatory: bring to next lab! Accessible in Bookstore No Lab Manual for Course!

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CLEAN UP Wash & dry instruments before leaving lab Wash, clean & mastermind materials/instruments as you discovered them One individual from gathering in charge of a tidy up Turn in "agenda" to TA before leaving lab Leaving w/out authorization or without turning in agenda = loss of focuses for the activity

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ACADEMIC INTEGRITY We consider scholarly respectability important! Swindling won\'t go on without serious consequences: Copying on exams or tests

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ACADEMIC INTEGRITY Plagiarism: Use of another\'s contemplations, thoughts or words without giving legitimate credit. See Plagiarism Link on site Work will be submitted through

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LAB INSTRUMENTS Dissection Tools: Dissecting magnifying instrument Scissors Tweezers Forceps Scalpel Use these apparatuses precisely You are fiscally in charge of them!

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LAB INSTRUMENTS Computerized Hardware iWorx Amplifier Digitizer Transducers Electrodes Stimulators PCs Computerized Software Labscribe

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NEXT WEEK IN LAB: INSTRUMENTATION Exercise 1: Pulse Transducer

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NEXT WEEK IN LAB: INSTRUMENTATION Exercise 1: The Pulse Transducer What is a Pulse Transducer? Stream of Information Analog versus Computerized signals Sampling Frequency Nyquist Frequency Aliasing

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NEXT WEEK IN LAB: INSTRUMENTATION Exercise 1: The Pulse Transducer The Output: Amplitude Frequency Period

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