Science 351 Natural Science I.

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Sub-atomic Model Set - REQUIRED. Proteus Organic Chemistry Models Kit ... Prentice-Hall Molecular Model Set (second release) Problem Sets and Homework
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Science 351 ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I Dr. George S. Kriz Chemistry Building 342 650-3126 WWU - Chemistry

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Office Hours Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

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Textbooks and Other Materials Textbook D. L. Pavia, G. M. Lampman, and G. S. Kriz, Organic Chemistry (Volume 1) - REQUIRED Be sure that you have the 2004 release. Sub-atomic Model Set - REQUIRED Proteus Organic Chemistry Models Kit or Prentice-Hall Molecular Model Set (2 nd release)

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Problem Sets and Homework "The purpose of homework is the voyage , not the answer!"

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Grading Standards Point Distribution: Hour Examinations (2 @ 100) 200 pts Weekly Quizzes 100 Molecular Modeling Assignment 25 Final Examination 200 TOTAL 525 pts Assignment of Letter Grades: 473 to 525 pts (90 to 100%) A 420 to 472 (80 to 90%) B 341 to 419 (65 to 80%) C 289 to 340 (55 to 65%) D under 289 ( under 55%) F

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Examination Dates Friday, October 14 Coverage: Chapters 1, 2, and 3 Friday, November 4 Coverage: Chapters 4 and 5 Monday, December 5 (8:00 to 10:00) Comprehensive Final in addition to Coverage of Chapters 6, 7, and 8

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Weekly Quizzes September 30 October 7 October 21 October 28 November 18 December 2 NOTE: Only the scores from the best five of the test set will be numbered toward the last course review.

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Sample examinations are accessible as .pdf records and can be downloaded. You should introduce the Adobe Acrobat 4.0 peruser as aide in your web program with a specific end goal to see these documents. Website page

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Problem-Solving Sessions I will set aside a hour every week (Thursdays at 4:00) for a Problem-Solving Session . Area: TBA The Problem-Solving Sessions are discretionary . I expect to get a couple test issues that can be illuminated by understudies working in little gatherings. Issues and inquiries postured by understudies will likewise be tended to.

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Resubmitting an Examination As an exceptional approach, I won\'t post answer keys instantly after every examination. Rather, I will permit every understudy a chance to right his or her examination, taking into account a survey of address notes and the course reading. Understudies may gain up to 20% of the "missing" focuses by rectifying their examinations and resubmitting them. Once the due date for resubmitting exam papers has passed, I will post the answer key for everybody to utilize. Note that this strategy applies just to the two hour examinations; it doesn\'t make a difference to the last examination or to the week after week tests.

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Problem-Solving Sessions NOTE: The Problem-Solving Session of January 13 will be held at 5:00 (rather than 4:00). The session will meet in Chemistry Building 485.

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