Science Saturday - October 1, 2005.

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Nanotechnology. Energizing new science and innovation. for the 21st century. IBM chip. UMass ... Nanotechnology. Is an expansive, interdisciplinary theme including material science, ...
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Science Saturday - October 1, 2005

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IBM chip UMass Logo TI mirror cluster Nanotechnology Exciting new science and innovation for the 21st century

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Nanotechnology Is a wide, interdisciplinary point including material science, science, science and designing It has potential effect in hardware, medication, materials, and a wide assortment of utilization territories.

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Single Hair Width = 0.1 mm How little are nanostructures? = 100 micrometers = 100,000 nanometers ! 1 nanometer = one billionth (10 - 9 ) meter

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DNA 6,000 nanometers Red platelet 3 nanometers Smaller still Hair .

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How would we make nanostructures? How would we see nanostructures?

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First , how would we make nanostructures? • Lithography • Self-gathering

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Lithography Mark Tuominen Mark Tuominen

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Electron Beam Polymer film Silicon precious stone Making a minute veil Nanoscopic Mask !

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Lithography Patterned Several Times IBM Copper Wiring On a Computer Chip

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~10 nm SELF ASSEMBLY Block "B" Diblock Copolymer Block "A" PS PMMA Scale set by sub-atomic size Ordered Phases 10% A 30% A half A 70% A 90% A

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BASIC NANOPOROUS TEMPLATE PROCESS APPLICATIONS Deposition Template Etching Mask Remove polymer obstruct inside barrels (UV or ebeam presentation; Acetic corrosive wash) Nanoporous Membrane "An adaptable, self-gathering, nanoscale lithographic framework"

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SEM IMAGE OF NANOPOROUS POLYMER TEMPLATE PS/PMMA MW = 42,000 Array Period = 24 nm Pore Diameter = 14 nm

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Nanowires Template Transfer Copolymer Template Separations & Sensors Patterned Media Glass Pillars FUNCTIONAL NANOARRAYS NIRT UMass Amherst Devices

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200 nm 100 nm 20 nm unfilled polymer layout electrodeposited cobalt nanowires gold silicon NANOWIRE ARRAYS utilizing ELECTRODEPOSITION 1 0 1 0 cobalt nanowires • ULTRA-HIGH DENSITY MAGNETIC DATA STORAGE 1.2 trillion wires/in 2

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LATERALLY-PATTERNED MEDIA vertically-arranged diblock copolymer film NO HOLES "designed" nanoporous polymer format unexposed area of copolymer film HOLES "designed" nanowire exhibit

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How would we see nanostructures? • A light magnifying lens? • An electron magnifying instrument! • An examining test magnifying instrument!

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TV screen eye electron bar electron source Light ! TV Set

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Electron Beam DETECTOR SAMPLE Electron Microscope

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Surface Scanning test magnifying lens Vibrating Cantilever

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Image of Nickel Atoms

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Pushing Atoms Around

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