Scientific Devices in the Arrangement Process: What Works and What Does not?.

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Diagram. Accessible Tools for Policy AnalysisEconomicPolitical Business/FinanceNegotiationSociometric Cases and applicationsHealthHarborsWaterTelecomDiscussion of the ESD 11 Final Exam. Monetary and Financial Tools. Suspicion: Homo economicusCost/Benefit Analysis
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Logical Tools in the Policy Process: What Works and What Does not? ESD 11 December 6, 2000

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Outline Available Tools for Policy Analysis Economic Political Business/Finance Negotiation Sociometric Cases and applications Health Harbors Water Telecom Discussion of the ESD 11 Final Exam

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Economic and Financial Tools Assumption: Homo economicus Cost/Benefit Analysis "Social Cost/Benefit" Analysis Trade-off Analysis Revenue Analysis IRR

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Sociometric Survey Analysis Case Study Analysis . . Exchange off Analysis Negotiation

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Pareto Dominated Alternatives Attribute 1 Pareto Superior Alternatives Attribute 2

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Getting to Yes:The Principles Separate the general population from the Problem Tomorrow is one more day… Focus on the Interests not the Positions What is imperative to the arbitrators? What are the traits of a decent result? Concoct Options for common increase Expand the option set "What are we missing?… " Insist on utilizing target criteria How would we be able to quantify how we are getting along?

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Political Paradigms Analyses that ASSUME sane conduct Again Homo economicus ? Limited Rationality ? Satisficing conduct? Strife shirking conduct? The Simple Paradigm Structural Functional Analysis

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The Cases – What did you utilize? Transplant Case? HarborCo Case? Water In California Case? African Telecom? Different Courses this semester?

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Two Questions What strategy logical apparatuses did you utilize that you "carried with you?" What arrangement explanatory instruments would you have wished to utilize that you didn\'t, yourself or a colleague, have adequate information to utilize?

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Policy Analysis: "Truths" Question/challenge the suspicions THE conjecture is never right Communication is the key: Make it more reasonable not more muddled Measure the essential variables not the variables that are anything but difficult to quantify

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Technology, not asset exhaustion, is the main impetus for substition The outcomes of poor procedures can be huge and flighty Most gauges aren\'t right, in this manner heartiness is a basic arranging prerequisite The undertaking of experts is to lay out the alternatives, not to advise the leaders what to do Measure the correct thing Do not confound the frameworks approach with frameworks investigation Understand advancements and oversee them as needs be Quality pays and cleaner is less expensive Don\'t overemphasize science and de-accentuate building Government Sponsored R&D ventures in territories where the legislature is not the client of the outcomes are typically incapable Lee, Ball and Tabors on Energy Policy

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The ESD 11 Final Examination When: Friday December 15 From: 9am to 4pm Where: Your decision (yet alone) How: In and out on Email to BOTH and Format: General Problem: An arrangement examination in view of the strategy procedure worldview that we have talked about in class (and will talk about again on Friday). Particular Problem: 5 to 7 expressed issues around which your reaction can be organized.

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ESD 11 Final: Example For your nation of origin, or for a country that you have contemplated, give an arrangement investigation of one of the accompanying issues. Center your reaction on a compact articulation of the foundation to the issue and after that upon the "cast of characters" and the individual positions and the rationale of those positions. Finish up with a discourse of a strategic system for execution of the strategy talked about. Case of a proposed arrangement Absorption of CO 2 by woods is a coveted method for lessening Global Warming.

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