Seat: Gunther Stuhec Vice Chair: Christian Huemer .

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UN/CEFACT TMG Report. Chair: Gunther Stuhec Vice Chair: Christian Huemer. TMG Mandate. Purpose
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UN/CEFACT TMG Report Chair: Gunther Stuhec Vice Chair: Christian Huemer TMG Report to the Plenary

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TMG Mandate Purpose The reason for the Techniques & Methodologies Group (TMG) is to give all UN/CEFACT Groups with Meta (base) Business Process, Information and Communications Technology particulars, philosophies, suggestions and training. The TMG might likewise work as an examination gather assessing new data and correspondence advancements (ICT), and in addition, procedures and strategies that may help UN/CEFACT and its gatherings to satisfy their order and vision in Trade Facilitation and e-Business. TMG Report to the Plenary

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Why TMG? Gives the required key philosophies that are important for Highly dynamic and setting driven cutting edge B2B Common and unambiguous comprehension on semantic level Collaborative business forms that considers the parts of agreements/understandings Highly reusable and adaptable building pieces of business data These procedures are tantamount with a characteristic dialect an absolute necessity for doing community oriented business viably, the key differentiatior to all other existing business benchmarks very required to acknowledge cutting edge eBusiness environment (ESOA) The TMG has encounter since over 10 years Understands the current dangerous in detail Have ideas and arrangements Significant esteem include for UN/CEFACT Enables UN/CEFACT to drive future B2B TMG Report to the Plenary

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General Infos Members ~ 35 Active Members 200 Mailing list registrants who partake electronically Meetings Convened amid the UN/CEFACT Forum gatherings in New Delhi and Dublin. Vis-à-vis gatherings June 2006 at SWIFT home office in Brussels December 2006 at Oracle in Redwood City, California Next in July 2007 in Kansas City TMG Report to the Plenary

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Working Groups Business Process Working Group (BPWG) Provides procedures and philosophies for the depiction of between authoritative business forms and the subsequent data trades ~ 15 Active Members (5 likewise in CCWG and 3 in eBAWG) TMG Report to the Plenary

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Core Components Working Group (CCWG) Provides required systems and approachs for the improvement and reuse of business data ~ 20 Active Members (5 additionally in BPWG and 7 in eBAWG) TMG Report to the Plenary

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eBusiness Architecture Working Group (EBAWG) Provides the structure for the diverse displaying and framework ideas ~ 10 Active Members (3 likewise in BPWG and 7 in CCWG) TMG Report to the Plenary

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Contract Scope of BPWG How to formalize contract passages? What are the concurred procedure steps? What are the center procedure steps that considers the littlest legitimate angles? How should the monetary occasions connected together that they are satisfy the agreement? TMG Report to the Plenary

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BPWG Projects UN/CEFACT Modeling Methodology (UMM) First specialized determination was discharged in December 2006 another venture for the following adaptation was begun in March 2007 New UMM ideas will be founded on UML 2.0 profiles Resources-Events-Agents Economic Ontology (REA) Specialization Module REA portrays an undertaking metaphysics, which clarifies the sorts of substances or classes that are relied upon to find in a particular business handle Approved prerequisites detail (ODP Step 2) TMG Report to the Plenary

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BPWG Projects UML Profile for Core Components (UPCC) Was earlier Business Collaboration Specification Schema (BCSS) Transferred to Core Components Working Group (CCWG) At ODP step 6, Implementation Verification Supports both UML forms 1.4 and 2.0 Business Process Schema Specification (BPSS) The OASIS\' BPSS rendition 2.4 will be submitted to ISO\'s TC 154 for endorsement TMG prescribes supporting this accommodation of OASIS BPSS to ISO If OASIS begins next variant, TMG will give business prepare specialists to achieving the consistency amongst BPSS and UMM Unified Business Agreements and Contracts (UBAC) No assets and time to continue TMG exchanged UBAC to Legal Group (LG) TMG will help the LG TMG Report to the Plenary

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Is „Work Address" essential in all enterprises? Which „Postal Code. IDs" are required in Germany? Individual . Address . Individual. Address. Individual. Distinguishing proof. ID First. Name Last. Name Work. Address Home. Address Identification. ID First. Name Last. Name Work. Address Home. Address Identification. ID First. Name Last. Name Work. Address Home. Address House Number. Content Street. Name Postal Code. ID Country. Code House Number. Content Street. Name Postal Code. ID Country. Code Scope of CCWG How to relate? How to structure? How to name? How to structure a message? How to amass information sorts in a message? TMG Report to the Plenary

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CCWG Projects Core Components Technical Specification (CCTS) Progressed CCTS V3.0 to second open audit in ODP Step 5 Removes ambiguities, fortifies reuse, modularizes gauges stack (i.e. evacuation of registry tenets) Fixed substance (information sorts, CCTS V3.0 does not consider any substance any longer. All CCTs (Core Components Types) in CCTS V2.01 are moved to ATG (Applied Technologies Group) Target is to achieve ODP7 – affirmed specialized detail by end of 2007 TMG Report to the Plenary

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CCWG Projects Core Component Message Assembly (CCMA) Began with ODP step 3 An underlying draft is in progress CCMA determination will connect the present hole amongst UMM and CCTS Meta show permits a simple and reliable mapping into specialized conventions, for example, WSDL (Web Services Definition Language) Unified Context Methodology (UCM) Expanded ODP 2 stage This was required at the demand of numerous real givers Significant intrigue is being acknowledged in this venture TMG Report to the Plenary

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Business Partner Business Partner Person. ID. ID First . Name Last . Name Work. Address Home. Address Traditional EDI ebXML Framework Business Web Services SOA, POA,… EBAWG Scope Business Context UCM Motivation (why) , Organization (who) UMM Collaborative (outside) Business Process (how, when) UMM Business Information (what) Business Message Assembly (what) Internal Process Internal Process CCTS CCMA UMM CCTS & CCMA UML/XMI-Presentation BCSS UPCC Translation Mapping XMI ��  XMLNDR XMI ��  BPSS XMI ��  BPEL XMI ��  EDIFACT Physical Representation XMLNDR BPSS WS-BPEL EDIFACT UNeDocs TMG Report to the Plenary Frameworks

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EBAWG Projects Electronic Business Architecture Specification (EBAS) EBAS will portray the connections between all characterized UN/CEFACT specialized details, and non UN/CEFACT particulars Finalized extend proposition The objective for 2007 is finished ODP Step 3 Conformance and Compliance Definition (COD) Develop a reasonable and unambiguous meaning of consistence/conformance rules for each of the UN/CEFACT determinations Newly settled in March 2007 Phased at heading of FMG The objective for 2007 is finished stage 1 and begin stage 2 Glossary extend Create an incorporated, basic UN/CEFACT Glossary Ongoing undertaking that will interface with all other technique extends in the discussion First draft accessible at the TMG site TMG Report to the Plenary

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New Website (Prototype) Enterprise Wiki approach Every enlisted client can read, upgrade and produce wepages compose news and submit remarks transfer/download connections Makes the day by day institutionalization work more proficient and successful Guarantees a steady and clear representation of required data Should be utilized for all UN/CEFACT institutionalization work Online Template/Edit Mode Presentation Mode TMG Report to the Plenary

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Requirements Server of new TMG site Administrator of TMG site Somebody who helps us on promoting Better control on mailing records Formal solicitations for forthcoming individuals TMG Report to the Plenary

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We require Members We\'re not completed We have the ideas and thoughts, but rather individuals are still required to Finalize the entire stack Distribute our systems Do trainings TMG Report to the Plenary

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