Secluded D igital P icture A rchiving and Correspondence S ystem (MD-PACS) in D iagnostic I maging.

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Particular Digital Picture Archiving and Communication System (MD-PACS) in Diagnostic ... Creating of a photo chronicling framework, with sensible cost, ...
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Secluded D igital P icture A rchiving and Communication S ystem (MD-PACS) in D iagnostic I maging Dr Berényi Ervin PhD therapeutic executive, head of value confirmation Szuhai Gábor head of informatics Dr Gyarmati János PhD chief HUNIKO Ltd. Miskolc HUNGARY

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Collection of radiological informations and documentation of various radiological procedures quickly change\'s by the de velopment of PC innovation Object are the filmless and paperless radiological units To accomplish this objective needs to acknowledge it stepwise, reliant on the distinctively mechanized radiological offices and i nfomatical environment of healing facilities Introduction

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Aim\'s of the task Developing of a photo filing framework, with sensible value, which: must be create capable separately m ust be advantageous with the information security and approach rules p romote the symptomatic imaging, the training and research i ncreas e the demonstrative effectiveness in the clinic and of teleradiology additionally decreas e the charge of the therapeutic imaging administrations must be perfect with the diverse DICOM sttructures and RIS-HIS frameworks

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Server SCSI-II HDD tower

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Teleradiology DICOM Work ISDN ADSL Server station 0. 5 - 1.0 TByte 10 - 800 Mb/s Print server C R CT MR RIS HIS Laser camera MD-PACS Environment

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MD-PACS - Archived Databases 06. 2000. – 02. 200 3

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Cost Comparison of Different Archive Systems

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Conclusions S tepwise technique is ideal for the advancement and establishment of a photo chronicling framework i n the diverse neighborhood informatics situations of hungarian doctor\'s facilities Developed MD-PACS is a quick, hearty and thoroughly material strategy for sensible cost

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