Second Prompting Session.

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General Study tips. Do the greater part of the proposed issues in the section ... expert practice, administration, graduate study, and working for non-benefits ...
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Second Advising Session 6 week Check-up Agung Julius ECSE Department

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What we will discuss today Study tips Learning assets Dropping a class Electronic Warning System Agenda for next meeting Your inputs

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Timeline You have finished 6 weeks of school There are 10 weeks left in the semester 9 weeks of class time 1 week of finals 8 th week Midterm 16 th week Finals 15 th week Classes end 6 th week

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Plan your time well Harvard Professor Richard Light thought about effective and unsuccessful understudies and discovered three principle contrasts. Fruitful understudies had phenomenal Time administration aptitudes Organizational abilities Study bunches

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Time Management 3 prong approach Semester logbook for general diagram ( put all dates for homework, tests, ventures, tests, exercises) Weekly calendar - (when are your classes? at the point when do you rest? get up? study? Time for clubs, mingling, and so on)- Map it out Daily schedule - What are the particular activities i.e. perused chap.1, do math issues 1-5

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General study tips Read & audit before address. Take notes amid address. Go over address notes directly after class or when you can. Material is less demanding to recall when it\'s new in your psyche. Review is better on the off chance that you go over material inside 24 hours. Underline ideas and issues you don\'t comprehend to ask TA or Professor

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General Study tips Do the majority of the proposed issues in the section Don\'t simply survey "how to do the issues" however attempt to comprehend the means in finishing the issues The more issues you do, the better and quicker you will be in taking care of issues on the test/test. Test yourself to discover what you know and what you have to survey ( study gathering may help in this)

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Reading a specialized course book Read the starting and outline passages for general thoughts . Perused every subheading-list primary thoughts & ideas, equations, and so on. Ceaselessly to rationally test yourself over what you have recently perused. (What, why, how) Use diverse devices to gage understanding (written work it, talking it, listening to it, imagining it) Develop a den sheet that you can use for concentrating on Use questions toward the end of section , homework issues, foresee paper questions utilizing the data.

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Where am I in the class? Take a gander at the syllabus - what is every test, lab, venture worth? Where are you in contrast with whatever is left of the class? On every exam? top, center, base All teachers should give you a thought by the 8 th week where you are in connection to the mean of the class.

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Timeline You have finished 6 weeks of school There are 10 weeks left in the semester 9 weeks of class time 1 week of finals 8 th week Midterm 16 th week Finals 15 th week Classes end 6 th week

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Remember You can do it! Get sorted out See your Learning Assistant for a Time Management arrangement Be expert dynamic: search out the TA, Professor Don\'t disregard SI, coaching, and ALAC Study gathering can help you Come see me in the event that you are having issues

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Resources Advising and Learning Center-Sage 2106 Tutoring in DCC 345 : Supplemental Instruction: PHYSICS I SUNDAYS 6 - 8 PM - DCC 235 TUESDAYS 8 - 10 PM - DCC 235 IEA SUNDAYS 8 - 10 PM - DCC 239 TUESDAYS 8 - 10 PM - DCC 239 CHEMISTRY I TUESDAYS 6:30 - 8:30 PM - DCC 236 THURSDAYS 6:30 - 8:30 PM - DCC 236

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Learning Assistants

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Other scholarly assets Calculus page (online recordings of issues being settled, interfaces with all syllabi, office hrs.) IEA - eng/WWW/IEA (back tests & arrangements, assets, address notes, a great deal more) Supplemental Calculus MATH-1961. Tuesday 08:00 pm-09:50 pm at DNASN 130.

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More Assistance Physics site page: (survey material ,address notes from 2007)) Society of Physics understudies guide understudies in Physics from 5:30-6PM on Wed. in Science Center 1C13.

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Center for Communication Practices at Rensselaer Purpose: to give one-on-one conference in planning composed, oral, and electronic correspondence items. Site: Hours: Mon, Wed. & Thurs. : 10 am-6 pm Tuesdays : twelve - 8:00 pm Fridays: 10 am-3:00 pm Location: On the main floor of the Library

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Calculus Skills CALC WORKSHOPS with TLA BHARATH Come go along with us for gathering sessions where we go throughout the week\'s math lessons and get an opportunity to practice them before learned Basic Skills Assistant SUNDAYS 6 - 8 PM - DCC 232 WEDNESDAYS 6 - 8 PM - DCC 232

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Dropping a class When would it be a good idea for you to drop a class? As quickly as time permits however before Friday, October 23 rd . Why would it be a good idea for you to drop a class? You are not keen on the class and it is not a required course You are changing majors You are not doing admirably in the class You are taking excessively numerous classes/credits

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Advantages: Focus on outstanding classes Maintain your GPA Reduce stress Disadvantages One course behind Course is a pre-essential for another required course (calc1 for calc 2) Might fall beneath 12 credits and full time status - (could influence money related guide & medical coverage) Dropping a class

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How would I drop a class? Sign onto SIS Go to include/drop class Press submit to drop class Go back to your timetable to affirm If you have a hang for you, you ought to click onto the connection to view holds. That will let you know what sort of hold you have.

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Holds If you have a hold, you can in any case drop a class. You can\'t drop it through SIS or on the web. You should go to Academy Hall to the Registrar\'s office and round out a late drop structure. The Registrar\'s office will go onto SIS and drop the class for you.

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What on the off chance that I have to drop a class late? The school index says on page 73: "It is the arrangement of the foundation that no petitions be acknowledged for the retroactive dropping or including a course with the exception of under uncontrollable issues at hand past the understudy\'s control" This implies occasions and circumstances that are surprising and past the understudy\'s control. Most need documentation from the Dean of Student\'s Office for endorsement.

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Dropping a class late Students can\'t drop a class after the drop due date on the grounds that: of falling flat or low evaluations your teacher suggests it you changed your major your folks said you ought to the puppy ate your homework

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Class Concern email or EWS notice. What is it? The Electronic Warning System recognizes absence of execution in one or a greater amount of your classes. Educators send the notice as a gage for effective execution. You get it as an email. Your counselor, ALAC, and the Office of the First Year Experience get it too. This framework cautions you to look for help and get back on track As your counsel, I will email you to come in and converse with me about the class.

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Health and Counseling Center Both situated on 3 rd floor of Academy Hall Health Center X6287 - 0pened 7 days a week Medical consideration Allergy care Health instruction Counseling Office X6479-opened 5 days accessible as needs be every minute of every day Relaxation preparing for tension Improving relational abilities Improving study propensities Relating to guardians Helping with dejection

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Outreach Services Career Development Center 210 DCC Resume Workshops Career advising Online assets for occupations Archer Center for Student Leadership-Academy Hall X2119 Workshops re understudy administration Leadership Luncheons

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Engineering @Rensselaer What : educational programs diagram for every designing significant highlights of what architects with a BS degree do practically speaking exchange of conceivable vocation ways, including proficient practice, administration, graduate study, and working for non-benefits When : Wednesday, October 14, 6:00 or 7:30 p.m. Where : Darrin Communications Center, room 308 Who : Presenters, School of Engineering Dean Guests, First-year Engineers

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Questions? In the event that nobody has any inquiries, please round out the data sheet and hand it to me when you are done. See you on November 3 rd same time and same spot.

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Next prompting Session Tuesday, Nov. 3 rd Topics to be secured: Course enlistment for spring \'10 Humanities, Arts & Social Science Requirements Dual, twofold, and minors Study abroad offerings for spring & summer

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