Section 3: Alleppey - waterway towns and wharf.

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Sapir composed:
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Section 3: Alleppey - trench towns and wharf

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Sapir composed: "On the evening of the second day [of the week], we again got down into shallow angling freight ships on the conduits. This adventure [from Alleppey to Trivandrum] too was for us rest and pleasure …

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" … for the conduits were not wide and on their banks, on both sides, was an area productive and loaded with branches, of each plant and each herb and each great scent, similar to a greenhouse of the Lord, brimming with enjoyment, with extensive coconut trees, bananas, betel , and high, wide trees in the shade of whose vines stayed the guardians of the patio nurseries and plantations. Also, numerous individuals sit in hovels among the greenery enclosures and the plantations, they and every one of their belonging."

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Our eight-hour pontoon ride to Hindu towns along the littler channels (Oct. 5) Our aide, Shamji, his cousin, Ranjiv

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About mixed refreshments produced using parts of the coconut tree, Sapir composed: "From it they deliver a refined alcohol ( aquavita ), which is exceptionally solid and sweet, lovely for the stomach and heart, and they similarly make different sorts of beverages from it. The matured drink additionally produced using it is solid and exceptionally hot." "They likewise deliver from the fleece of the tree a decent refreshment like grain lager, which is white and thin, and they drink it to open the heart and to extinguish the thirst." Sapir most likely alludes to what is today called "hard stuff" (aged from coconut bud sap) and "arrack" (refined from flavor).

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Toddy house (men just)

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Sapir expounded on "high, wide trees in the shade of whose vines ( daliyot : vines, trailing branches) abided the guardians of the patio nurseries and plantations" These trees were presumably Banyan trees , with their ethereal roots, found all through south Asia.

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Sapir: "In the morning of Erev Shabbat, Parsha Balaq, we went to the harbor of Alleppey . … The city is vast in measure, on the shore of the ocean, and the greater part of its occupants are Muslims. There are likewise Hindus from every one of the groups of this area. Furthermore, there is an awesome trade in every one of the results of that area to every one of the nations."

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Ruined wharf Abandoned stockrooms close to the wharf

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Waiting for the train to Trivandrum

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