Section 8 Violations.

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2. General Principles. Wrongdoing: When a man does not experience the benchmarks set by law, that society will arraign the individual for the offense. Wrongdoings are named lawful offenses and crimes. A lawful offense is a wrongdoing that is deserving of detainment or death.A crime is deserving of a fine or not exactly a year in jail..
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Section 8 CRIMES

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General Principles Crime: When a man does not experience the norms set by law, that society will indict the individual for the unfortunate behavior. Violations are delegated lawful offenses and crimes. A lawful offense is a wrongdoing that is deserving of detainment or passing. A crime is deserving of a fine or not exactly a year in jail.

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General Principles Mental State Act Harm may happen, however it is not a required component for a demonstration to be delegated a wrongdoing. The respondent does not need to realize that the demonstration is criminal; it is adequate that the demonstration was done willfully. A demonstration or exclusion of a required demonstration should really happen.

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General Principles Responsibility for Criminal Acts. What happens when "blameless" individual is accused of a wrongdoing? Corporate Responsibility. Enterprises might be considered in charge of the criminal demonstrations of their workers. Obligation may append when workers neglect to act. Relinquishment is a punishment for a wrongdoing.

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Sarbanes-Oxley Reforms Passed after the Enron-WorldCom failures, called the White-Collar Crime Penalty Enhancement Act of 2002. Considerably builds punishments for corporate wrongdoings. Mail and wire extortion punishments to 20 years.

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White Collar Crimes that don\'t utilize (or undermine to utilize) power or savagery or that don\'t make harm person(s) or physical harm to property. Visa Crimes Racketeering Counterfeiting Forgery Bribery Use of Mails to Defraud Perjury Extortion Criminal Libel False Claims Blackmail Embezzlement Obtaining Goods by False Pretenses Improper Political Influence Improper utilization of Interstate Commerce Bad Checks Improper Commercial Influence Securities Crimes Cheats and Swindles

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Punishment There is no uniform law of violations. Every state and the government characterize and rebuff violations as they pick. In spite of the fact that the inclination is to take after a typical example, numerous varieties exist between the law of various states and government law. "Nationalist Act" after 9-11 changes the Money Laundering Control Act and Bank Secrecy Act.

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Computer Crimes Statutes have extended the zone of criminal law to meet circumstances in which PCs are included. The unapproved taking of data from a PC is made a wrongdoing under both government and state statutes. The Federal Computer Access Device and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984 and the Electronic Fund Transfers Act of 1978 likewise grow the meaning of a PC wrongdoing.

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Computer Crimes Crime that can be carried out just by individual having learning or utilization of a PC. PCs can be "casualties." Theft of Hardware or Software. Redirecting Delivery by Computer. Financial Espionage by Computer. Going around Copyright Protection by Computer.

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Penalties for Business Crimes Agency May objection Maximum individual punishment Maximum corporate name punishment person? Inside Revenue Service Yes Willful inability to pay, Willful inability to pay, $10,000/five years; unyielding $10,000, half evaluation, inability to document, $25,000/one year; indictment costs; resolute extortion, $100,000/three years inability to record, $100,000; misrepresentation, $500,000 Antitrust Division of the Yes $100,000, three years, or both $1 million, directive, Justice Department divestiture Food and Drug Yes $1,000, one year, or both for $1,000 for first offense, Administration first offense; $10,000, three $10,000 from that point; seizure of years, or both from that point, unlawful denounced items; illicit medication importation, $250,000/ten medication importation, $250,000 years Federal Trade Commission Yes Restitution, order Restitution, order, divestiture, $10,000 every day for infringement of tenets, requests Securities and Exchange Yes $10,000, five years, or both $2,000,000 (1933); $100,000, five years, or both (1934)

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Penalties for Business Crime (cont\'d) Agency May protestation May grievance Maximum individual punishment Maximum individual punishment Maximum corporate Maximum corporate name punishment person? person? Approach Employment Equal Employment No Injunction (some state obligation Injunction (some state risk Injunction, back pay grant, Injunction, back pay grant, Opportunity Commission Opportunity Commission conceivable) conceivable) reestablishment restoration Office of Federal Contract Office of Federal Contract No Suspension, cancelation of Suspension, cancelation of Compliance Programs Compliance Programs contract Environmental Protection Environmental Protection Yes Medical waste, $50,000/two Medical waste, $50,000/two Medical waste, $1,000,000; Medical waste, $1,000,000; Agency years; strong waste, years; strong waste, strong waste, $1,000,000; strong waste, $1,000,000; $250,000/two years; $50,000 $250,000/two years; $50,000 every day of infringement $50,000 every day of infringement every day of infringement punishment every day of infringement punishment Occupational Safety and Occupational Safety and No Willful, most extreme of $70,000 Willful, greatest of $70,000 Health Administration Health Administration per infringement; least of per infringement; least of $5,000 per infringement; passing, $5,000 per infringement; demise, $10,000 and/or six months; $10,000 and/or six months; false reports, $10,000 and/or six false reports, $10,000 and/or six months; notification ahead of time of months; early notification of investigation, $1,000 and/or six examination, $1,000 and/or six months Consumer Product Safety Consumer Product Safety Yes $50,000, one year, or both $50,000, one year, or both $500,000 (common) $500,000 (common) Commission Fair Labor Standards Act Fair Labor Standards Act Yes $10,000 per representative, six $10,000 per worker, six $100,000, repayment of $100,000, repayment of Department months, or both months, or both wages compensation

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Constitutional Amendments Criminal method is managed by the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments. The Fourth Amendment secures against nonsensical hunts. The Fifth Amendment ensures against self-implication and gives due procedure. Enterprises don\'t have a privilege to stay noiseless. Revelations of corporate records must be made The Sixth Amendment ensures a fast trial.

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