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Part 9 Films Early Days Thomas Edison 1888 kinetoscope Edison's associate William Kennedy Dickson Edison likewise obtained thoughts from Marey and Muybridge and their photos Thought was really Ptolemy Greek cosmologist who found constancy of vision Early Days
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Part 9 Motion Pictures

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Early Days Thomas Edison 1888 kinetoscope Edison’s partner William Kennedy Dickson Edison additionally obtained thoughts from Marey and Muybridge and their photos Idea was really Ptolemy Greek space expert who found perseverance of vision

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Early Days Persistence of vision—human eye holds a picture on the retina for a minute after the picture vanishes Flip books 1895 French siblings August and Louis Lumiere took Edison’s projector to a bigger scale and called it cinematorgraphe Finally, vitascope, created by Armat and Jenkins—Vaudeville houses with live musical backup

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Early Days Popularity develops thus does cost to a nickel along these lines nickelodeons

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The Films A Trip to the Moon 1902 The Great Rain Robbery 1903 Birth of A Nation D.W.Griffith 1915 Civil War epic three hours Pantomine EPS Cycle motion pictures stay in Elite stage briefest timeframe of any medium; more tip top motion pictures today than in ahead of schedule years

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Comedy Recurring subject all through all media; comic drama is normally most mainstream classification Keystone Kops Mack Sennett 1912 Hal Roach Our Gang Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy Who’s On First? Charlie Chaplin The Tramp Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd

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World War I Propaganda movies War Effort 3 years more than 175 movies The Kaiser’s Finish This additionally sees Hollywood turn into the main maker of movies around the world

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Sound Many thought it would end the business Many on-screen characters with frail voices did not make the move Dr. Lee De Forest one of the first stable in video form forms around 1923 Warner Bros. 1927 The Jazz Singer featuring Al Jolson; changes everything Silent movies vanish rapidly

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Censorship We ought to include this as the third stride in the EPS cycle Every time a medium goes prevalent, a flood of social change occurs and ethical quality is undermined Roaring 20s/Jazz Age PCA Production Code Administration 1934 Motion Picture Producers and Distributors Association 1922 Will H. Roughages Republican/Presbyterian—need I say more?

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Censorship Hays gave fines for not getting the support up to $25,000 an enormous total for that time First genuine test was Otto Preminger Released his movies without Hays’ authorization Classic line from Clark Cable was additionally refered to by Hays

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Studio System As we expressed before, Payne Fund Studies demonstrate vast quantities of high schoolers going to motion pictures week after week To stay aware of interest, Hollywood adds to an arrangement of significant studio delivering several movies every year Marketing offices make stars and contracts

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Studio System Warner Brothers MGM Metro Goldwin Mayer (sp?) Paramount 20 th Century Fox Universal RKO The Great Depression motion pictures help spirit

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Musicals and Other Genres Westerns Comedies Musicals Busby Berkley Gangsters Romantic comedies Frank Capra movies It’s A Wonderful Life Blockbusters Gone With The Wind

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HUAC 1947 House Un-American Activities Committee Communist purposeful publicity Became a witch chase People were boycotted and never worked again Many would work under accepted names Later credits were restored yet numerous were destroyed and were blameworthy of nothing

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Anti-trust 1948 Supreme Court Illegal imposing business model of studios to work all angles from creation to conveyance Created laws restricting responsibility for and theaters by same organization

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Television 1948 TV systems develop Baby Boom after World War II kept numerous home with little kids Sports, for example, baseball exchanged well to TV Studios compelled to make option encounters offers ascend to 3-D and shading in movies (TV was still B &W)

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Ratings System One additional time, another medium strengths society to audit its ethics Because of TV, motion pictures oblige youth culture and counter culture and contain sexually unequivocal and rough materials Blackboard Jungle Causes concerns Enter the evaluations arrangement of 1960s

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Ratings System G PG R X (now NC-17) PG 13 included after Spielberg’s Gremlins and Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom XXX

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1970s Disaster and brutality get to be types The Poseidon Adventure Towering Inferno Halloween Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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1990s Special impacts Again, a reaction to programming on TV; link took into account more unequivocal programming Hollywood reacts with huge spending plan embellishments movies Video Rentals individuals accept will kill the business DVD computerized feature plate Conglomerates Future? .:tslidesep

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