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Chapter 9. Marriage, Family and Domestic Groups. Chapter Questions. What are some of the universal functions of marriage and the family? What are some of the rules that regulate marriage in different societies? How can these rules be explained?
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Part 9 Marriage, Family and Domestic Groups

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Chapter Questions What are a portion of the all inclusive elements of marriage and the family? What are a portion of the principles that manage marriage in various social orders? By what means can these principles be clarified? How do masterminded marriage and sentimental adoration identify with the estimations of marriage and family in various social orders? What sorts of changes are occurring in the family in the United States? How does a general public\'s subsistence system impact the state of the family and the family?

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Functions of Marriage Regulates sexual access. Makes a family. Grows social gathering.

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Marriage Customs, tenets, and commitments for connections between: A sexually living together man and lady Parents and kids Families of the lady and man of the hour

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Regulate Sexual Access Reasons : Limits sexual rivalry. Gives soundness to kids. Considers stable financial trade.

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Incest Taboos Prohibit sexual relations between relatives. General to generally societies. Special cases : Brother-sister relational unions among eminence in old Egypt Traditional Hawaiian culture

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Reasons for Incest Taboo Avoids inbreeding. Averts interruption in the atomic family. Coordinates sexual longings outside the family. Strengths individuals to wed outside the family and make a bigger social group.

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Family Structure Marriage gives a steady structure: Provide sustenance and assurance. Medical attendant and support the youngsters.

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Expands Social Groups Links distinctive families and kinfolk bunches. Prompts participation past the essential spouse wife pair. Permits individuals to share assets. Benefits the survival of the species.

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Exogamy Rules determining that a man must wed outside a specific gathering. Practically general inside the essential family aggregate. Prompts collusions between various families and gatherings.

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Endogamy Rules that marriage must be inside a specific gathering. In India, the position is an endogamous gathering. In the U.S., social classes have a tendency to be endogamous.

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Preferential Marriage Rules about the favored classifications of relatives for marriage accomplices: Levirate Sororate

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Number of Spouses Rules of # of life partners at one time. Monogamy-Europe and North America. Polygamy-75% world\'s social orders. Polygyny Polyandry

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Primary Marriage Rights Sexual access. Commitments to watch over kids destined to the union. Privileges of monetary administrations of the other. Lady Wealth Bride Service Dowry Divorce

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Young lady from Mursi town from Southern Ethiopia Mursi are largerly known for their custom of embeddings an extensive balsawood or earthenware circle in the lower or upper lip. It is an indication of tribal character and ornamentation yet more vitally it is a helpful method for showing the measure of the endowment paid.

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Nuclear Family A spouse, a wife, and their kids. Impacts of high separation & remarriage rates.

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Composite Family Aggregates of atomic families connected by a typical companion. Case: Polygynous family unit comprising of one man with a few spouses.

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Extended Family Blood relations stretching out more than three or more eras. Financial focal points: keeps land in place gives security in times of emergency. Gives a feeling of investment and respect for the more seasoned relatives.

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Class Discussion Activity Describe the accompanying types of marriage and give their qualities: Polygyny Polyandry Serial Monogamy Using Cultural Relativism portray the widespread of marriage diversely. Reasons, capacities, family structure, social relations, parts, worldwide weights (expense of globalization). Depict what are a portion of the issues encompassing Gay Marriages (professional/con contentions of the level headed discussion). What do you think? Should Gay individuals be permitted to wed? Shouldn\'t something be said about having or receiving youngsters? Why or why not?

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