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. . American ProgressBy John Gast. Area 1: Market Revolution. FarmersWhy?. Independence. Specialization. . Broadcast. channels. sewing machine. Railways. . . John deere\'s Steel Plow. The McCormick harvester. . . American ProgressBy John Gast. . Show Destiny by W. M. Cary, c. 1876 .
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Show Destiny!!! Section 9 Pages 274-299 Hey how about we go West!!

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American Progress By John Gast

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Section 1: Market Revolution Farmers Why? Independence Specialization

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Telegraph channels Railroads sewing mach ine

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John deere\'s Steel Plow The McCormick gatherer

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American Progress By John Gast

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Manifest Destiny by W. M. Cary, c. 1876

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Frederick Jackson Turner\'s Thesis Wrote a theory saying that the American boondocks was what made Americans unique in relation to Europeans. The wilderness = the American Dream to numerous. 1812-1852 U.S. development 7.25 million to more than 25 million Land in the West expanded by more than the measure of Europe. America History amid this period characterized by the measure of area accessible, and the political contentions over it.

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"Our show predetermination (is) to overspread the mainland dispensed by Providence for the free improvement of our yearly increasing millions." John O\' Sullivan "Democratic Review" 1839

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Manifest Destiny: The conviction, prevailing in the 1840"s, that American westbound extension was foreordained by God. Numerous moved toward the Western wilderness, which prompted strife with Native Americans. All went west for their own reasons however about all felt that they "civilizers".

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The Oregon Trail – Albert Bierstadt, 1869

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Election of 1844 James Knox Polk Democrat Tennessee Democratic Platform Annex Texas, Occupy Oregon, no Fed cash for interior upgrades, Bank of U.S. Henry Clay Whig Kentucky Whig Platform Regulated coin, high levy, one term administration, confinements on the Presidential veto Hesitated on Texas WINNER!!!

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The BACK STORY On Texas Mexico get freedom from Spain in 1823. Not very many Mexicans had moved to what is currently Texas Offered land gifts to Americans in the event that they would… 1. Proselyte to Catholicism 2. Swear Allegiance to Mexico banned subjugation in 1824. Anglos disregarded it. Mexico shut it\'s fringes in 1830, didn\'t work. General Santa Ana assumed control, sent troops to Texas. Prompted the Texas Revolution 1835-187 pass on at the Alamo, 300 executed at Goliad. 1836-General Sam Houston caught Santa Ana at San Jacinto. Texas is Independent!!!

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The BACK STORY On Texas General Santa Ana assumed control, sent troops to Texas. Captured Stephen Austin for inducing transformation . Prompted the Texas Revolution 1835-187 pass on at the Alamo, 300 executed at Goliad. 1836-General Sam Houston caught Santa Ana at San Jacinto. Texas is Independent!!!

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Republic of Texas

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Texas requested that be attached in 1838, yet wasn\'t until 1845. WHY? Northern feelings of dread that another slave state would decimate equalization in the Senate Feared War with Mexico

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War with Mexico Polk gets to be President in 1844 Texas is added in 1845-outskirt? Neuces River or Rio Grande Slidell\'s Mission Secretly sent by Polk to Solve limit question Buy California and New Mexico Was approved to offer $25 Million Dollars He gets REJECTED!!! Polk sends General Taylor to the Rio Grande Mexico Attacked!!! 200 Mexican Cavalry versus 63 American Troops Spot Resolution

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Before the War

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And after

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The Treaty of Gaudalupe-Hidalgo Ends the War Mexico loses half of it\'s domain. The U.S. paid $15 million for grounds they got from Mexico U.S. consented to pay claims made against Mexico by U.S. Nationals 1854-$10 million for the Gadsden Purchase. Why Pay?

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Oregon Great Britain and the United States both have cases to Oregon. 42 nd – 54 th parallel. Polk says "Fifty-four Forty or Fight". We need it all. Polk bargains concedes to the 49 th Parallel. (Oregon Treaty of 1846)

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Treaty of 1846

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California !!! The Revolt  June 14, 1845 John C. Frémont

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Gold Rush Gold Discovery in California 1848 In 1849 30,000 would be mineworkers set out overland from Missouri to CA. Another 25,000 made it via ocean. Few got to be rich, yet the several thousands arriving lead to California statehood Comstock Lode in Nevada

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Compromise of 1850 In 1850 California connected for statehood as a free state. The south considered this to be a risk to their lifestyle and undermined withdrawal . Henry Clay facilitated a trade off. California conceded as a free state. New Mexico and Utah would vote on the bondage issue. ( Popular Sovereignty ) SALE of slaves banned in Washington D.C. Criminal Slave Act passed Prevented common war for a long time

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The Addition of new terrains reestablished the civil argument about the spread of servitude

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What will we do when we come up short on grounds in North America?

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A US Territorial Expansion When? A - 13 Original Colonies 1776 From Where? Extraordinary Britain Why? US proclaimed freedom from Great Britain

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US Territorial Expansion When? B - Western Lands 1 From Where? Extraordinary Britain Why? A portion of consequences of Treaty of Paris (finished Revolutionary War) A B

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US Territorial Expansion When? C - Louisiana Purchase 1803 From Where? France Why? Napoleon required $ Jefferson needed to purchase New Orleans He got every one of this! A C B

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US Territorial Expansion When? D - Florida 1819 From Where? Spain Why? Andrew Jackson attacked Spain then sold it to us for $5 million A C B D

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US Territorial Expansion When? E - Texas 1845 From Where? Republic of Texas (Independent Country) Why? A C Texas free from Mexico in 1836 Northerners dreaded it would turn into a slave state Fears at long last overcome in 1944 Presidential race B E D

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US Territorial Expansion When? F - Oregon Territory 1846 From Where? Extraordinary Britain Why? Asserted by four nations (G. England, Russia, Spain, & US) Americans requested "54 ° 40\' or battle!" Britain traded off 49 ° & US acknowledged F A C B E D

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US Territorial Expansion When? G - Mexican Cession 1848 From Where? Mexico Why? Polk offers to purchase G from Mexico & they deny War! US wins Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo F A C B G E D

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