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Met June 30, 1998 due date for starting Portable Device Specification ... Content must be sure to a Portable Device or Portable Media. This guarantees that a duplicate on ...
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Secure Digital Music Initiative Creating a Digital Music Marketplace

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What SDMI is: A multi-industry gathering to build up an intentional open structure for playing, putting away and conveying advanced music to empower another business sector to rise. A gathering for exchange

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Who has been included? Wide multi-industry investment Over 120 organizations and associations - blue-chips, new businesses, record organizations, Internet organizations, programming organizations, shopper hardware organizations … ..

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SDMI Participants 4C Entity Adaptec AEI Music/PlayMedia America Online Aris Technologies AT&T Audible, Inc. Audio Explosion Audio Matrix Audio Soft Aureal Semiconductor

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SDMI Participants BMG Entertainment Bose Breaker Technology Canadian Audiotrack Casio CD World CDDB Channelware Cinram International Compaq Comverse Info Systems

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SDMI Participants Creative Technologies Dentsu Deutsche Telekom Diamond Multimedia Digimarc Digital On-Demand Digital River Digital Theater Systems DIVX Dolby Laboratories EMI Recorded Music

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SDMI Participants Enso Audio Imaging Fraunhofer IIS General Instrument GoodNoise Hewlett Packard Hitachi HMV Group I2GO.COM IGUIDE Infineon InterTrust Technologies Intervu

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SDMI Participants IOMEGA J. Waterway J VWeb Kent Ridge Digital Labs Lexar Media LG Electronics Liquid Audio Lucent Technologies M. Ken Macro Vision MAGEX at NatWest Matsushita

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SDMI Participants MCOS Memory Media Fair Mediamatics MCY Music World Micronas Semiconductors Microsoft Multimedia Archives & Retrieval Systems MusicMarc Nippon Telegraphic & Telephone Nokia UK NTT Mobile Communications Network

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SDMI Participants Packard Bell NEC Philips Pioneer Plug \'n Pay Technologies Portal Player Pricewaterhouse Coopers QDesign QPICT RealNetworks Rights Exchange RPK Security Saehan Information Systems

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SDMI Participants Sanyo North America Seca for the benefit of Canal Plus Sharp Softlock Services Solana Technology Development Sonic Solutions Samsung Electronics SanDisk Corporation Sonopress (BMG Storage Media) Sony Sony Music Entertainment SpectraNet Communications - ThrottleBox

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SDMI Participants Sphere Multimedia Technologies ST&Hilo, an auxiliary of Telefonica STMicroelectronics Sun Microsystems Supertracks TDK Electronics Telian Texas Instruments The Mitsubishi The Music Connection Thomson Consumer Electronics Tokyo Electron Device

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SDMI Participants Toshiba Corporation Touch Tunes Digital Jukebox Universal Music Group Victor Co. of Japan Warner Music Group Wave Systems Waveless Radio Consortium WavePhore Xerox Yamaha

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The Path to SDMI 1970\'s: Tape recorders 1980\'s: DAT 1990\'s: CD-R; CD-RW Recordable DVD Storage limit Small, compact, removable hard drives Flash memory gadgets MP3 documents

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Confrontation to Collaboration Legal rights hard to implement Need for innovative arrangement Need for coordinated effort to permit an authentic business sector to rise

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Benefits of Collaboration New plans of action for music utilization can grow New items and administrations can be made to bolster these new uses Consumers increase less demanding access to more music in new, more pleasant ways

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Pirate markets advantage nobody Piracy-based markets are fleeting just; purchaser disappointment harms everybody If content loses esteem, innovation driver is Lost open door for e-trade

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Legitimate markets advantage everybody Easy access to music Easy to gain Quality sound better approaches to utilize music Interoperable gadgets

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Legitimate markets advantage everybody Companies that make items Artists who make music Consumers who need both

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Goals of SDMI To secure music in all structures, over all conveyance channels Brand music with permanent markings, at the source Identifiers and use rights information go with music All gadgets read and follow up on information in unsurprising ways.

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SDMI is economically roused Not proposed to rehash Intended to expand on what has as of now been accomplished and what is as of now accessible in the business sector

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Short term need: Portable Devices Customer request Technology accomplices enthusiastic to join that business sector Internet could somehow or another transform into a lasting sanctuary for pilfered music Therefore, convenient gadget issue must be tended to on a most optimized plan of attack

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SDMI on simultaneous tracks Short term needs requiring brief determination: Portable gadgets on a most optimized plan of attack Long term objective: Meta-level engineering

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SDMI\'s Launch February 26, 1999 Executive Director - Leonardo Chiariglione Chair of MPEG Portable Device Working Group Immediately entrusted with concentrating on Portable Devices Jack Lacy, Chair Met June 30, 1998 due date for beginning Portable Device Specification

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Portable Device Specification Version 1.0 Adopted June 28, 1999 Released July 13, 1999, after specialized audit Publicly accessible, alongside outline and FAQ, at

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No aim to choose a pressure innovation (MP3, AAC, MSAudio, and so forth). No plan to choose an encryption innovation. Reasons: Technology is consistently creating and will make strides. Energize development and rivalry. Permit greatest adaptability. Permit business sector to pick the best arrangements. SDMI-Framework, Not Format

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PD Specification Covers Application Program that oversees import of substance, music libraries, playback and rights administration Portable Device (PD) Device that stores ensured content and plays it back Portable Media (PM) Media that stores secured content Licensed Compliant Module (LCM) Interfaces and/or deciphers interchanges amongst LCMs and PDs/PMs

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Core Principles SDMI parts must regard any "utilization rules" - which depict how the substance can be utilized - that may come in the substance later on. Any craftsman, band or record mark that grants boundless duplicating will have that choice. Any craftsman, band or record name that breaking points replicating of a unique will have that alternative. This is a general standard for future application (e.g. electronically dispersed music), not present item.

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Core Principles Any substance to be utilized as a part of a SDMI Portable Device must be secured at all times after it has been transported in into the SDMI space. Ensuing capacity, use inside, or exchange between SDMI parts must be done in a way that ensures the substance.

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Core Principles Content must be bound to a Portable Device or Portable Media. This guarantees a duplicate on a PD or PM won\'t turn into the hotspot for extra duplicates. This doesn\'t constrain purchaser utilization since shoppers can make duplicates for any gadget they pick - and the same number of gadgets as they need - and versatile media can be exchanged among good gadgets.

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Core Principles SDMI segments will acknowledge both secured and unprotected music, e.g. MP3 records. Obscure, unprotected music will be changed over into SDMI content and put away in secured structure. Music from obscure sources (carport groups, church choirs) won\'t be prohibited.

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Legacy content (music on existing CDs) won\'t be mechanically ensured . Reasons: - Effective security is unrealistic. - Technological obstructions would simply be minor hindrances to duplicating. - Necessary keeping in mind the end goal to allow church choirs and carport groups to utilize SDMI. - Respects protection rights. Center Principles

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Core Principles Future substance (music on future CDs, DVD-An and EMD) must be secured against Internet theft. Component for assurance yet to be resolved. One way this should be possible is through a Dual Watermark System. Strong watermark - won\'t debase when compacted. Delicate watermark - will vanish when compacted . All music from obscure source goes through screen in SDMI application. Screen just allows in substance that either has both imprints or no imprints.

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Core Principles Personal duplicating of CDs is allowed; Internet appropriation without approval is avoided. Where "use standards" are not discovered, SDMI parts will just make 4 duplicates from each tear from the first. This permits individual duplicating - as much as vital - yet blocks robbery.

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Core Principles SDMI innovation must be powerful. Security systems must accomplish certain prerequisites. Alter resistance in both programming and equipment . Content must be secured at whatever point uncovered.

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Implementation Devices to create in 2 stages. first Phase Screen music for a sign - time to move up to wind up a second Generation gadget. second Phase Dual Watermark or other framework Only redesigned stage 2 gadgets will play future discharges.

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Compliance with the Standard Compliance is a state of getting a trademark permit to utilize a SDMI mark. Consistence is a state of getting an innovation permit for the Aris/4C watermark.

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Marketing Efforts Logo and Tagline for SDMI Compliant items.

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Expectations Some makers have effectively reported arrangements for SDMI agreeable items, and they ought to start coming to advertise by January, 2000. Objective and desire is that SDMI agreeable items will surpass rebellious items inside a couple of years.

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Announcements to Date Portable Devices Diamond, Creative, Matsushita (Panasonic), Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Lucent, Sanyo, Philips, Sony, Thomson (RCA), Audiovox Portable Media Texas Instruments, QDesign, Iomega, SanDisk, Matsushita, Toshiba

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Announcements to Date Software Microsoft, Intertrust, Reciprocal, WAVE, MusicMarc, Liquid Audio, Fraunhaufer, NatWest Content BMG, EMI, Sony, Universal, Warner,

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Future of SDMI - What\'s Next? Create Funct

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