Securing an Open Workstation Under Windows 9x.

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Securing an Open Workstation Under Windows 9x VUGM-1999 Rider College Libraries Edward Corrado and Dr. Sharon Yang Edward M. Corrado, MLS Unix Executive/Library Frameworks Supervisor - Rider College Libraries MLS, Rutgers College 1997 BA, Science, Caldwell School 1992
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Securing a Public Workstation Under Windows 9x VUGM-1999 Rider University Libraries Edward Corrado & Dr. Sharon Yang

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Edward M. Corrado, MLS Unix Administrator/Library Systems Manager - Rider University Libraries MLS, Rutgers University-1997 BA, Mathematics, Caldwell College-1992

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Sharon Yang Systems Librarian at Rider University DLS, Columbia University-1997 MS, Columbia University-1988

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Outline of the Presentation Purpose of the Presentation Batsh System Policy Editor TweakUI Netscape

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Outline of the Presentation Fortres 101 Winselect Everybody’s Menu Builder Ghost Conclusion

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Just a Reminder! The presentation speaks the truth the security of a workstation, not that of a server. The presentation speaks the truth our involvement with Rider. It is not planned to be an inside and out instructional meeting on security programming. This is an outline of the devices we utilize. What we do to secure a Voyager OPAC may be not the same as what you do. What we do may not be essentially the “best” route for your circumstance .

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The Presentation\'s Purpose Present the issue of security on an open workstation Share our involvement with Rider Introduce new apparatuses

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This is our main event for a Voyager OPAC Workstation Batsh Program Windows System Policy Editor Netscape

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Bios (CMOS) secret key settings To anticipate changing of framework settings to keep the setting of (obscure to you) passwords can be utilized with settings to keep booting from floppy

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Bios (CMOS) watchword - boot Prevent unapproved booting of PC

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Autoexec.bat Can be utilized to naturally duplicate records that supporters may have changed when the PC is begun bookmarks wallpaper and so on

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What is BATSH.EXE for? To run WINDOWS charges from a content document. Line by Line. Like BATCH (.BAT) records in DOS, however with a few WINDOWS particular charges, and not every one of the DOS highlights.

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What O/S’s does BATSH.EXE keep running on? Windows 3.1 Windows 95 Windows NT Windows 98 ?

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How and why Rider University utilizes BATSH.EXE? BATSH.EXE replaces EXPLORER shell on OPAC PCs (both Windows based Voyager and Netscape) This diminishes the potential security perils that the Explorer shell has. Can likewise be utilized to guide system drives The Price is Right - Freeware!

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Why not simply utilize the application as the shell? Harder to change between applications Windows won\'t close down effectively with most applications as a shell

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Batsh on Voyager Workstation Batsh scripts are utilized to consequently dispatch any project we picked on startup The batsh script does not permit supporters from leaving a system. In the event that they attempt, they will be incited for a secret word. On the off chance that the wrong secret word is entered, or a watchword isn’t entered in a set measure of time, batsh will naturally re-dispatch the project.

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Where is BATSH.EXE? Composed by Thomas Nyffenegger On different freeware destinations on the Net: Our batsh scripts will be made accessible

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What is System Policy Editor? Framework Policy Editor is a program that goes ahead the Windows 95/98 CD-ROM when you purchase the OS. It is utilized to control a user’s desktop environment. In Rider library we utilize it to secure a free workstation, for example, a voyager OPAC terminal. It does the occupation effectively.

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Where is System Policy Editor? Framework Policy Editor for Windows 95 is situated on Windows 95 CD-ROM in D:\admin\apptools\poledit. Framework Policy Editor for Windows 98 is on Windows 98 CD-ROM in d:\tools\reskit\netadmin\poledit. Framework Policy Editor for Windows NT comes in the server programming bundle.

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h ttp:// System Policy Editor for Windows 95 Or you can download System Policy Editor for Windows 95 from the Microsoft site at the above URL. It is less demanding on the off chance that you seek the decisive words “system strategy editor” at the site.

Slide 21

ht tp:// System Policy Editor for Windows 98 You can download it for Windows 98 at the above URL. It is less demanding in the event that you seek the site by essential words “system arrangement editor”.

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Workstation security Customize your desktop as per your wishes Hide different symbols as required Hide the DOS provoke Not permit clients to change any settings and setups Only permit clients to utilize open workstations for assigned library purposes What Do We Use It for?

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How would we utilize Policy Editor? For Windows 95 Create an index on C:\ drive Copy every one of the records from the Windows CD to that registry Start the project c:\directory\Poledit.exe Delete the catalog where all the strategy documents are found Or you can run it from a CD drive or system drive as you need

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How would we utilize Policy Editor? For Windows 98 Go to Control Panel and introduce System Policy Editor in Add/Remove Programs Run Poledit from Windows Run Box Set up the framework approaches Either evacuate the System Policy Editor or conceal it after the setup

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How would we utilize Policy Editor? Incapacitate Display Icon in the Control Panel This is the thing that you may do on the off chance that you don’t need clients to change your presentation settings in the control board, for example, shading plans, invigorate rates, determination. You may not need clients to change the foundation, screen savers, Window textual style, either.

Slide 26

How would we utilize Policy Editor? Cripple Network Icon in the Control Panel This is the manner by which you impair Network symbol in the control board. System symbol has all the correspondence settings for the system. You ought not permit clients to play with them uninhibitedly.

Slide 27

How would we utilize Policy Editor? Debilitate Password Icon in the Control Panel This is the way you cripple Password Icon in the Control Panel. Clients can change windows secret word here.

Slide 28

How would we utilize Policy Editor?

Slide 29

How would we utilize Policy Editor? Cripple Printing settings It is vital to incapacitate printing arrangements.

Slide 30

How would we utilize Policy Editor? Handicap System Icon in the Control Panel This is the way you impair System Icon in the Control Panel. Framework Icon contains vital data about equipment and related settings. You ought not permit clients to have admittance to it.

Slide 31

How would we utilize Policy Editor? Modify your desktop surroundings by supplying your own tweaked settings

Slide 32

How would we utilize Policy Editor? Some different arrangements that you can set up Those are a setup\'s portion parameters in System Policy Editor that we utilize regularly.

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How would we utilize Policy Editor? In Rider Library Electronic Computer Lab we utilized a solitary framework approach record from a focal area for all the customer PCs. Initially we made a solitary strategy document on one PC. At that point we put that strategy record on our server. We arranged every customer PC to indicate the approach\'s area document on the server. At the point when clients sign on to the system, the framework arrangements from the record will produce results.

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What is Power Toy TweakUI? TweakUI is a program that you can download from Microsoft site at It is a piece of Windows Power Toys Set. Some of its elements empower us to do things that System Policy Editor can\'t help us to do. We utilize it in mix with System Policy Editor to secure a PC.

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How would we utilize TweakUI? TweakUI is a valuable device to help us naturally logon to our system. It spares us a great deal of time as we have more than thirty open terminals to turn on every morning.

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How would we utilize TweakUI? Framework Policy Editor can conceal every one of the drives in My Computer, however that is not what we need. We just need to conceal system drives. TweakUI can help us to do it. You should simply to set up System Policy Editor first and after that set up TweakUI as appeared on this slide.

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Netscape Security

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Netscape Security Preferences Most settings are under Preferences Controlled by Prefui32.dll C:\Program Files\Netscape\Program\ Communicator\Program\Prefui32.dll Delete or Rename

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Netscape Security Netscape Client Customization Kit (CCK) Preset inclinations including bookmarks, landing page, and so on while doing an introduce lock in inclination settings (landing page, reserve, intermediary settings, and so on.)

Slide 40

Netscape Security Misson Control Dektop Third Party Security programming: Ikiosk

Slide 41

A Rider Voyager Workstation To compress: Batsh: Launch Netscape and Webvoyage or Voyager Windows Client on startup and keep any unapproved way out Netscape: Webvoyage and Internet assets Policy Editor: confine access to Windows settings

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Other programming for security

Slide 43

What is Fortres 101? Fortres 101 is a desktop security programming for Window NT, Windows 95, and Windows 98. You can discover data about it at It is anything but difficult to utilize and all around archived. It offers numerous choices that System Policy Editor and TweakUI don’t have.

Slide 44

Fortress 101

Slide 45

How does Fortres 101 work? Eradicate a user’s name from logon handicap any symbols on desktop Put a secret word on symbols Central Control Service Restrict URLs Protect records and drives oversee bunch security

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What is Winselect Kiosk? Winselect Kiosk is another security programming. We utilize it to secure Netscape and Internet Explorer.

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Where is Winselect Kiosk?

Slide 48

How would we utilize it?

Slide 49

What is Everybody’s Menu Builder? Everybody’s Menu Builder is a menu f

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