Security, Privacy, and Data Protection for Trusted Cloud Computing .

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Nov.8, 2010. Kai Hwang, USC. 2. Convenient Tools We Use over the Evolutional Periods In History . . Is it safe to play with your PC, when you are bare and helpless ? . Nov.8, 2010. Kai Hwang, USC. 3. Main 10 Technologies for 2010. Nov.8, 2010. Kai Hwang, USC. 4. Web 2.0, Clouds, and Internet of Things.
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Security, Privacy, and Data Protection for Trusted Cloud Computing Prof. Kai Hwang, University of Southern California Keynote Address, International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems (PDCS 2010), Marina Del Rey, CA. Nov. 8, 2010 Cloud Platforms over Datacenters Cloud Infrastructure and Services Reputation-based Trust Management Data Coloring and Software Watermarking Cloud Support of The Internet of Things Kai Hwang, USC

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Handy Tools We Use over the Evolutional Periods In History Is it safe to play with your PC, when you are stripped and powerless ? Kai Hwang, USC

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Top 10 Technologies for 2010 Kai Hwang, USC

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HPC: High-Performance Computing HTC: High-Throughput Computing P2P: Peer to Peer MPP: Massively Parallel Processors Web 2.0, Clouds, and Internet of Things Source: K. Hwang, G. Fox, and J. Dongarra, Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing, Morgan Kaufmann, 2011 (in press to show up) Kai Hwang, USC

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Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds Source: Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing, [2] Kai Hwang, USC

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Cloud Computing as A Service [9] Kai Hwang, USC

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Cloud Providers, Services and Security Measures Kai Hwang and Deyi Li, " Trusted Cloud Computing with Secure Resources and Data Coloring " , IEEE Internet Computing, Sept. 2010 Kai Hwang, USC

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Amazon Virtual Private Cloud VPC ( Kai Hwang, USC

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vSphere 4 : An OS for Cloud Platform Kai Hwang, USC

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Cloud Services Stack Application Cloud Services Platform Cloud Services Compute & Storage Cloud Services Co-Location Cloud Services Network Cloud Services Kai Hwang, USC

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Top 8 Cloud Computing Companies Kai Hwang, USC

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Marc Benioff, Founder of 1986 moved on from USC 1999 began 2003-05 delegated administrator of US Presidential IT Advisory Committee 2009 reported stage for cloud business figuring A SaaS and PaaS Cloud Provider Kai Hwang, USC

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Security and Trust Crisis in Cloud Computing Protecting datacenters should first secure cloud assets and maintain client protection and information respectability. Trust overlay systems could be connected to manufacture notoriety frameworks for setting up the trust among intuitive datacenters. A watermarking procedure is proposed to ensure shared information objects and enormously appropriated programming modules. These systems protect client verification and fix the information get to control out in the open mists. The new approach could be more practical than utilizing the customary encryption and firewalls to secure the mists. 13 Kai Hwang, USC

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Trusted Zones for VM Insulation APP OS APP OS Cloud Provider Physical Infrastructure Insulate framework from Malware, Trojans and cybercriminals Anti-malware Federate characters with open mists Identity alliance Cybercrime knowledge Strong validation Tenant #2 Virtual Infrastructure Control and seclude VM in the virtual foundation Insulate data from different occupants Virtual system security Data misfortune aversion Tenant #1 Virtual Infrastructure Insulate data from cloud suppliers\' representatives Segregate and control client get to Encryption & key mgmt Access Mgmt Tokenization Physical Infrastructure Security Info. & Event Mgmt Enable end to end perspective of security occasions and consistence crosswise over frameworks GRC Kai Hwang, USC

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Data Security and Copyright Protection in A Trusted Cloud Platform Source: Reference [3, 4] Kai Hwang, USC March 11, 2009 Prof. Kai Hwang, USC

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Security Protection Mechanisms for Public Clouds 16 Kai Hwang, USC

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Cloud Service Models and Their Security Demands Cloud registering won\'t be acknowledged by normal clients unless the trust and constancy issues are settled palatably [1]. Kai Hwang, USC

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Trust Management for Protecting Cloud Resources and Safeguard Datacenter Operations [3] Kai Hwang, USC Source: [4]

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PowerTrust Built over A Trust Overlay Network R. Zhou and K. Hwang, "PowerTrust : A versatile and strong notoriety framework for organized P2P systems", IEEE-TPDS, May 2007 Kai Hwang, USC

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Distributed Defense against DDoS Attacks over Multiple Network Domains (Chen, Hwang, and Ku, IEEE Trans. on Parallel and Distributed Systems, Dec. 2007 ) Kai Hwang, USC

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Data Coloring by means of Watermarking Kai Hwang, USC

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Color Matching To Authenticate Data Owners and Cloud Service Providers Kai Hwang, USC

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The Internet Clouds Internet of Things ( IOT) Smart Earth The Internet of Things Smart Earth: An IBM Dream Kai Hwang, USC

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Opportunities of IOT in 3 Dimensions Kai Hwang, USC

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Merchandise Tracking Environment Protection Intelligent Search Tele-solution Intelligent Traffic Smart Home Application Layer Cloud Computing Platform The Internet Information Network Layer Mobile Telecom Network Sensor Network GPS RFID Sensing Layer RFID Label Sensor Nodes Road Mapper Architecture of The Internet of Things Kai Hwang, USC

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Supply Chain Management bolstered by the Internet of Things. ( Kai Hwang, USC

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Smart Power Grid Kai Hwang, USC

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Mobility Support and Security Measures for Mobile Cloud Computing Kai Hwang, USC

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Service-Oriented Cloud of Clouds (Intercloud or Mashup) Cloud of mists - from Raw Data to Wisdom. SS = Sensor benefit, fs = channel administrations Kai Hwang, USC

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Conclusions: Computing mists are changing the entire IT , benefit industry, and worldwide economy. Unmistakably, distributed computing requests pervasiveness, effectiveness, security, and reliability. Distributed computing has turned into a typical practice in business, government, instruction, and diversion utilizing 50 a great many servers universally introduced at a huge number of datacenters today. Private mists will get to be distinctly across the board notwithstanding utilizing a couple of open mists, that are under overwhelming rivalry among Google, MS, Amazon, Intel, EMC, IBM, SGI, VMWare,, and so on. Successful trust administration, ensured security, client protection, information respectability, portability support, and copyright insurance are essential to the all inclusive acknowledgment of cloud as a universal administration. Kai Hwang, USC

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SGI Cyclone HPC cloud for empowering SaaS and IaaS applications ( wind ) Kai Hwang, USC

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Nebula Cloud Developed by NASA ( Kai Hwang, USC

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Cloud Computing – Service Provider Priorities Ensure classification, honesty, and accessibility in a multi-inhabitant environment. Viably meet the publicized SLA, while advancing cloud asset usage. Offer inhabitants capacities for self-benefit, and accomplish scaling through mechanization and rearrangements. Kai Hwang, USC

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Google App Engine Platform for PaaS Operations Kai Hwang, USC

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Cloud Security Responsibilities by Providers and Users Table 1: Source: Reference [4] Kai Hwang, USC

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Concept of Virtual Clusters (Source: W. Emeneker, et al, "Dynamic Virtual Clustering with Xen and Moab, ISPA 2006, Springer-Verlag LNCS 4331, 2006, pp. 440-451) Kai Hwang, USC

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