Security Procedures for Cell phones.

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Individual Devices. 6. Issue: Mobile Workforce. Everything Connects. Unfriendly Environments. 7 ... Portable Armor: SafeNet: http: ...
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Condition of Oregon Enterprise Security Office Jan. 14 th , 2010 Security Strategies for Mobile Devices

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Welcome John Ritchie, CISSP State of Oregon Enterprise Security Office Information Security Analysis and Consultation

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Introduction Enterprise Security Office (ESO) State Enterprise Perspective Multi-Agency, Cross-Agency Enterprise Policy and Oversight Not Operations

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Agenda Overview of Issues Strategies For Developing Solutions Future Trends

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Issue: Portable Storage, Storage and more Storage Easy Data Sharing Small, Smaller, Smallest, Lost Data Loss Prevention Bypass Security Controls

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Issue: Mobile Workforce Culture Change Can\'t Be Ignored Huge Benefits Technical Challenges Porous Perimeter Firewalls? Individual Devices

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Issue: Mobile Workforce Everything Connects Hostile Environments

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Strategies For Coping Step By Step Define Business Needs Develop Policy Technical Implementation Audit Device Use and Compliance Step By Step (Refrain)

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Strategy: Step By Step Start Somewhere Develop A Plan Something Is Better Than Nothing It All Costs Money

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Strategy: Business Needs Define Benefits What Are Your Goals? Information Classification – Task #1 Where\'s Your Sensitive Data? What Will Your Employees Store On Mobile Devices?

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Strategy: Policy Decision Points Strict Or Lenient? Gadget Ownership Decision Device Management Decisions Security

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Policy Device Ownership Company-claimed (stricter) Control and Security Responsibility (for the most part) organization\'s Separation of Church and State Personal Devices (more permissive) Flexibility Employee Satisfaction Cost?

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Policy Device Management Corporate versus Individual Management Supported Models versus All Models Standard Configuration Lost/Stolen/Sold Devices Employee Termination

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Policy Security Data At Rest Data In Transit Access To Device Access to Enterprise Assets Comic by

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Policy Responsibility Should Employee Share Responsibility? Arrangement Education Critical Component

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Strategy: Technical Controls Intersect With Policy And Security Policy Without Controls Is… Integrate Solutions With Architecture Don\'t Forget About Existing Policies Acceptable Use

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Strategy: Audit Device Use Education Visual Audits Manager drive-by Technical Audits Logging "Lessons Learned" Audits After-the-reality

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Strategy: Step By Step (Refrain) Start Somewhere Develop A Plan Something Is Better Than Nothing It All Costs Money

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Trends For the Future Increasingly Mobile Workforce Better Tools Current: Remote Access, Minimize Local Storage Developing Market for Tools Increasing Risk Targets For Attack Increasing Awareness? History of PC Security Awareness

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State Reference Material Policies Statewide Information Security Plan and Standards

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Questions? John Ritchie (503) 378-3910

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Drive Encryption Tools Pointsec: CREDANT: GuardianEdge: encryption.php PGP: McAfee Endpoint Encryption: Microsoft BitLocker:

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Drive Encryption Tools Mobile Armor: SafeNet: SecurStar: Utimaco Software: venture/gadget encryption/WinMagic:

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Remote Device Wipe BlackBerry Enterprise Server Microsoft\'s System Center Mobile Device Manager Apple\'s iPhone 3.0 (with MobileMe)

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Lost Device Tracking Adeona Project (Open Source): Software: Technologies:

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Presentation, Desktop Virtualization Citrix XenDesktop: Citrix XenApp: VMware View:\'s Remote Desktop Services:

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