Seeking after the Crest of Incredibleness: Wiki as an Information Base.

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Technical support related HEAT Tickets. Diagrams the particular data required for each ... the individuals who actualize servers & administrations, & the individuals who bolster end clients ...
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Seeking after the Peak of Excellence: Wiki as a Knowledge Base Becky Klein Matt Smith Valparaiso University

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Valparaiso University Co-ed, four year, private college Independent Lutheran association Nearly 4,000 understudies from every one of the 50 states & 57 nations (incorporates graduate projects & Law School) More than 70 programs in five universities: Arts & Sciences, Business Administration, Engineering, Nursing, Christ College (the distinctions school)

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A Little About Us Both are previous understudies at Valparaiso University worked for the IT Help Desk as understudies began their professions functioning as a full-time Help Desk Specialist Becky served as the Assistant Coordinator of Help Desk Services, & is currently the Manager of Help Desk Services. Matt exchanged to the Tech Support Team, & now serves as the Lab and Classroom Support Specialist.

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What Is A Wiki? A wiki is a medium which can be altered by anybody with access to it, and gives a simple technique to connecting starting with one page then onto the next. Wikis are regularly cooperative sites, however there are currently additionally single-client disconnected from the net executions.

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MediaWiki Platform One of a few wiki stages we assessed Confluence & Twiki were the runners-up Selected for: Ease of utilization System administration Information administration Cost

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Simple Setup Systems bunch introduced MediaWiki to one of the servers with a module to take into consideration LDAP verification Clean data for beginning populace Help Desk staff ventured into compose data Full time staff purchase in from the get-go

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Training Staff to Use It First year: "play around, include something" Incentives "Homework" assignments Help Desk Managers This year: obligatory preparing Boot Camp YouTube video: Rotationites "Is it in the wiki?" Help records

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Valpo Wiki Usage As of July 7, 2008 17,713 online visits 2,785 page alters 10.09 normal alters for every page 6.36 perspectives for each alter As of October 14, 2008 25,455 site visits 3,391 page alters 11.19 normal alters for every page 7.51 perspectives for each alter

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Valpo Wiki Usage 7,742 site hits in only 23 weeks Averaging 336 perspectives for every week

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Most Viewed Pages As of July 7, 2008 Main Page [4,070] Help Desk [568] Policies [567] Tech Support [565] Cisco Clean Access [520] General [506] Systems [434] HEAT [406] MIS [351] Network [344] As of October 14, 2008 Main Page‎ [5,579] Help Desk‎ [899] Cisco Clean Access [774] Policies‎ [767] Tech Support [713] General [659] Systems‎ [597] HEAT‎ [485] Network‎ [470] MIS [440]

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Wiki as Authoritative Source Basics of administrations & frameworks Troubleshooting tips & insights Procedures Policies

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Helping the Help Desk Tech Support Main Page Lists the full-time staff & contact data General obligations Tech Support-related HEAT Tickets Outlines the particular data required for every ticket Designates any extraordinary activities required for ticket

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Teaching & Troubleshooting Some substance has gone past exactly how-to\'s & investigating a particular issue Printer Troubleshooting/Maintenance Page 1 Basic Laser Printing Theory 1.1 The laser printing process more or less 1.2 Receiving information from the PC 1.3 Lasers, drums, and crown wires

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Managing Content Information association Page diverts Avoiding duplication through inside connections Large pages get separated Help Desk Managers Populate data Train other staff One "wiki expert" Full-time staff

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"Late Changes" Page

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Managing the Wiki

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Managing the Wiki

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Wiki as Notice Board Current notification Help Desk staff gatherings "Matt Smith\'s telephone isn\'t working, don\'t send instant messages" Planned notification Regular framework upkeep times Planned administration blackouts, (for example, server introduces or overhauls) Regular pages

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Communication Benefits Good correspondence implies using each device available to you to get the data to the individuals who need it. Collaboration between the individuals who actualize servers & administrations, & the individuals who bolster end clients HEAT tickets are more careful Better assets for staff individuals who work nighttimes, weekends Training is overpowering; wiki is the security net Low-cost arrangement

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Full Time Staff Feedback "I don\'t believe it\'s essentially an occurrence that once the Help Desk Fellows could contribute, alter and redress the level 1 data and investigating guides we saw a sharp increment in the nature of tickets that were doled out to us." – Dave Sierkowski Systems Administrator

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Student Feedback "Overhauling the wiki was straightforward. Once the essential charges were aced, it was as simple as redesigning my own website. There was a timeframe where Help Desk staff were having rivalries to see who could redesign the most on the wiki." – Kirsten Swanson Help Desk Manager

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Questions? Remarks… 219-464-5986 219-464-5773

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