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Area Outline I. Inner Subsidizing Opportunities COS: reveal financing opportunities Restricted Accommodation Outside Subsidizing Opportunities Establishment Corporate Government (Elected and State)
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Segment Overview I Internal Funding Opportunities COS: reveal subsidizing open doors Limited Submission External Funding Opportunities Foundation Corporate Government (Federal & State) Graduate Student Funding Proposal Development

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Contact: Cathy Banfield Assistant to the Vice President VP for Research 487-3043

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Internal Funding Opportunities Internal Awards: Century II Campaign Endowed Equipment Fund (C2E2) Faculty Scholarship Grant (FSG) Research Excellence Fund (REF) Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURF)

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C2E2 - Total Awards $14,000 Purpose: Provide hardware cash to help the examination endeavors of personnel, staff and understudies. All personnel and staff are qualified to apply. October due date reported through: Tech Today VPR bulletin Sent electronically to offices Available on VPR site:

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Faculty Scholarship Grant Total Awards $20,000 Purpose: The FSG helps personnel in the journey to take part in insightful and imaginative exercises which will upgrade their expert improvement. Tenured staff or residency track personnel are qualified to apply. November due date declared by means of: Tech Today VPR bulletin Sent electronically to divisions Available on VPR site:

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Research Excellence Fund (REF) Total Awards $400,000 Three sorts of REF Grants: (There is a farthest point of one accommodation for every Principal Investigator per class.) Infrastructure Enhancement (IE) Research Seed (RS) Mentoring (MG) Each honor has a choice board of trustees that makes the recompense determinations Duration of task one year (July 1 – June 30) Proposal organization rules exist and must be taken after Reports are expected toward the end of every undertaking

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Infrastructure Enhancement (IE) Purpose: Provides assets to build up the framework important to bolster supported research and graduate understudy instruction. $150,000 granted yearly. Seat, Dean, Research Center/Institute Directors are qualified to apply. February due date declared by means of: Tech Today VPR bulletin Sent electronically to offices, Available on VPR site:

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Research Seed (RS) Purpose: Provides untenured workforce with assets to grow remotely bolstered exploration. $220,000 recompensed every year. All untenured workforce in any scholastic unit are qualified. Tenured personnel, research workforce or exploration staff can be co-agents. February due date reported by means of: Tech Today VPR bulletin Sent electronically to divisions Available on VPR site:

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Mentoring Grants (MG) Purpose: Provides recently procured untenured workforce (from July 1, 2006) with assets to team up with set up broadly known analysts not associated with the college. $30,000 honored every year. February due date reported by means of: Tech Today VPR bulletin Sent electronically to divisions Available on VPR site:

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Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURF) Total Awards $50,000 Purpose: Provides Tech students, who have no less than one more semester at Tech, an important experience to take during the time spent examination in an expert situation, grow new procedures for exploration, and acquire cash in the meantime. Contact the SURF Coordinator: Dr. Will Cantrell (906) 487-2356 More data accessible on web:

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COS is the main worldwide asset for elusive data basic to experimental examination and different ventures over all orders. Discover subsidizing with COS Funding Opportunities: seek the world\'s most complete financing asset, with more than 22,000+ records,400,000 opportunities, worth over $33 billion. Recognize specialists and partners with COS Expertise: seek among 500,000 profiles of analysts from 1,600 foundations More data accessible on web:

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COS Profile Promote your examination with a COS Profile: Showcase your exploration and aptitude among scientists and researchers from colleges, companies and not-for-profits in more than 170 nations. Use helpful apparatuses to keep your CV upgraded and available. For Assistance with setting up your profile please contact Peter A. Larsen 487-2906

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Contact: Cheryl Gherna Office Assistant Compliance 487-2902

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Limited Submission The VPR office posts restricted accommodation opportunities on the accompanying site and tracks all entries . It is an imperative inner procedure for outside backing. Current open doors: are posted on the site and notice is messaged to senior members l, seats l, and executives l records. Inside due dates – first come, first serve Any proposition submitted after the due date or the most extreme number has been resolved won\'t be qualified for accommodation. Inner rivalry

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Limited Submission Limited Submission “new/unlisted” Last moment opportunities: Immediately tell the VPR office Cheryl Gherna at with data to post on the site. Under ten (10) business days before the due date : all proposition got in the VPR office will be submitted on a "first start things out serve" premise. More than ten (10) business days preceding the due date : a declaration will be messaged to the senior members, seats, chiefs and ordinary directions will apply.

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Foundation Funding Opportunities Contact: Lynn Artman Administrator of Foundation Relations 205 ATDC Building 487-3484

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Foundation Funding Opportunities Perform database scans for particular tasks. Keep in mind Foundations are an alternate gathering of people than government subsidizing sources.

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Foundation Funding Many private & corporate establishments have a constrained accommodation strategy despite the fact that it is not distributed. It is best to accept this is the situation and to make sure that your proposition not strife with another. Establishments Proposal Internal Notification Form

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Finding Corporate Funding Contact: Steve Stackhouse Director of Corporate Services Michigan Tech Fund 487-2310

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Finding Government-Sponsored Funding Contact: Peter A. Larsen 403 Administration Building 906-487-2906 (note: there is another Peter Lars o n on grounds)

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Finding Government-Sponsored Funding Searching Tools CFDA-Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance MyNSF COS Google Customized Funding Alerts Program Officers of one fascinating open door can guide you to others Network at conferences—find out who is subsidizing exploration in your general vicinity of premium

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Finding Government-Sponsored Funding Programs Specifically for New Faculty-Examples National Science Foundation CAREER Awards Department of Defense: Office of Naval Research (ONR) Young Investigator Program Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Program Army Research Office (ARO) Young Investigator Program DARPA Young Faculty Award

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Finding Government-Sponsored Funding Department of Agriculture-New Investigator Grants NASA-New Investigator Program in Earth Science National Institutes of Health Career Development Awards Small Grant Program for New Investigators Many Other Programs Through Various Sponsors

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Finding Funding for Graduate Students Utilize a number of the same hunt choices Nearly every Federal agencie that support look into likewise support graduate partnership rivalries: NSF, NIH, EPA, NASA, Homeland Security, and so on. Michigan Tech’s Internal Resources Grad School site Selected financing open doors Funding open doors by month Funding open doors for universal understudy Foundation Search – Private and Corporate ( see Lynn )

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Proposal Development How would you begin? Make inquiries of project officers and establishment staff. Center your endeavors on ranges of most noteworthy open door. Earlier Awardees/Examples of Successful Proposals Internal Resources (Pete & Lynn) Books/Online Help NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide The Science of Scientific Writing

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