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Deployment strategy. Agenda. Introduction Deployment strategy Pilot Choice Affiliates Deployment Plan People & Organization Next Actions. Introduction. Project objective
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Arrangement system

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Agenda Introduction Deployment procedure Pilot Choice Affiliates Deployment Plan People & Organization Next Actions ©2003 Accenture. All Rights Reserved.

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Introduction Project target t o convey a typical ERP arrangement over our associates inside 30 months, covering Finance, Procurement and Quote to Cash The organization technique ought to address the accompanying issues : What is the best sending procedure ? Which partner will be the pilot ? At the point when will the associates be affected and in which succession ? What asset should be prepared for the program ? ©2003 Accenture. All Rights Reserved.

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Deployment procedure Key Principle : "Lessen however much as could reasonably be expected take off arranging & dangers" Release Keep discharge number as low as conceivable to center Project assets around the organization limit nearby customization Keep programming adaptation stable amid sending Start with the most recent programming rendition Pilot Go for a "solid" and fruitful pilot Integrate every one of the segments of the discharge Affiliates arrangement arranging Deploy the arrangement by wave of offshoots Launch expansive members organization as right on time as conceivable Promote an incorporated organization (all modules together) for little associates Deploy where it is required ©2003 Accenture. All Rights Reserved.

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Deployment procedure What is a discharge ? A discharge is characterized by the accompanying measurements : business scope (line of business, item run, and so forth.) prepare list capacities IT programming modules association highlights innovation includes Each business ability has its own discharge scope, yet the worldwide discharge scope consistency should be guaranteed to lessen take off time & cost. ©2003 Accenture. All Rights Reserved.

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Deployment procedure Release Strategy The accompanying venture stages must be recognized : The generation of the product The establishment on the pilot The sending The presumptions starting today are : 6 creation parts : Finance Procurement Maintenance Quote to Cash (Merchant & Hospital) Quote to Cash (Home Care) Quote to Cash (Tonnage) 3 parcels establishments (*) : Pilot establishment n°1 : Finance/Procurement Pilot establishment n°2 : Quote to Cash & Maintenance (Merchant & Hospital) Pilot establishment n°3 : Quote to Cash & Maintenance (Home Care) at least 3 waves for the arrangement (*) See points of interest for pilot establishment in the supplement, page 21 & 22 Pilot establishment for Tonnage is to be characterized later ©2003 Accenture. All Rights Reserved.

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Deployment methodology How to acquire an European discharge appropriate from the discharge outline and the pilot establishment ? By incorporating into the plan group inside individuals from Core partners (e.g., each for various lines of business). Their objective would be to : deliver as a team with key clients from pilot offshoot guarantee that the prerequisites of different associates are considered By charging the Business Capability Managers with the duty to guarantee that the outline meets European necessities By approving the key choices/introductions amid the plan & pilot stages through the present Project association (Sponsors, Steering Committee) ©2003 Accenture. All Rights Reserved.

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Pilot Choice Key Principles The decision of the pilot is basic in light of the fact that : The main Project usage ought to be a win Should incorporate and test all business lines alternate offshoots will sit tight for the pilot\'s yields what number pilots ? A similar pilot for Finance/Procurement/Quote to Cash is a suggested arrangement in view of the arranging imperatives (Quote to Cash pilot should be likewise a Finance Pilot) The pilot ought to incorporate just a single subsidiary in light of the fact that : the pilot usage requires gigantic exertion for the offshoot => The quantity of pilots must be decreased to limit business chances the pilot encounters ought to be promoted ©2003 Accenture. All Rights Reserved.

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Pilot Choice How to choose the pilot ? The "scientific" (or "objective") system It comprises in surveying the subsidiaries in regards to quantifiable criteria Pilot choice criteria : see informative supplement for subtle elements Method utilized : the partners were evaluated utilizing information from the Application Mapping database, Euro study and Fit Analysis results The "experience-based" procedure It depends on the experience and sentiment Business Capabilities Managers and IT Managers about the associates Pilot determination criteria : see addendum for points of interest Method utilized : union of interior "short records" performed by each of the Business Capabilities Managers and IT Managers Final choice process inner Project concession to technique & short rundown (May, seventeenth) short rundown question with Project Program supporters (May, eighteenth) member duty registration (to be resolved) European audit load up approval (fifteenth/sixteenth June) ©2003 Accenture. All Rights Reserved.

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Pilot Choice Synthesis of the "expository" technique The accompanying members can\'t be possibility for the pilot due to barring criteria (no shipper business or vendor turnover < 50 M €, joint-wander associate, completely social insurance subsidiary, distinctive current frameworks): ABC Company, DEF Company, GHI Company, JKL Company, MNO Company, PQR Company, STU Company, VWX Company, and YZA Company The rest of the subsidiaries are the accompanying (requested by best positioning) : Current Solution Country Finance Active Cycle Maintenance BCD Company Belgium Custom Custom Custom EFG Company Portugal SAP Custom -(*) HIJ Company Greece Package Custom Custom KLM Company Germany SAP SAP SAP (to be introduced) NOP Company Switzerland Baan Baan Custom QRS Company Spain Lawson Custom Package TUV Company France Oracle/Package Custom Custom WXY Company Italy Package Custom -(**) ZAB Company Sweden SAP SAP SAP (to be introduced) (*) No establishment programming known (**) Only establishment cost follow-up programming called Zapping (custom) ©2003 Accenture. All Rights Reserved.

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Pilot Choice Synthesis of the "experience-based" technique The top proposed possibility for Finance and Quote to Cash are (*) : DEF Company (Belgium) ABC Company (Portugal) GHI Company (Spain) 1 2 3 Pros + Business scope + Medium IT change trouble + Local abilities (if SAP is picked) + Low preparing trouble (if SAP) - Few IT individuals however Spain bolster - Language - Transportation + Business scope + Burning IT stage + Language - High IT transformation trouble - Few IT individuals - No Tonnage + Business scope + Strong neighborhood IT Team - Business impacts if take off disappointment - Training time allotment - Current framework is functioning admirably - Language Cons (*) See subtle elements in the informative supplement ©2003 Accenture. All Rights Reserved.

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Pilot Choice Synthesis DEF Company (Belgium) ? The top proposed contender for the pilot are : Other contemplations : If Home Care functionalities are excluded in the principal Quote to Cash discharge, the Healthcare legacy framework should keep running until Home Care discharge is finished. How is the HomeCare framework incorporated to the Merchant framework for Belgium, Portugal & Spain ? ? ? ABC Company (Portugal) GHI Company (Spain) ©2003 Accenture. All Rights Reserved.

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Affiliates Deployment Plan Sequencing of partners The accompanying determination criteria have been considered to characterize the extent of the waves : First wave: high business need and decreased hazard Second wave: high or medium business need Third wave: remaining associates The choice procedure is the accompanying : inward "dispatch" performed by the AL Project Program administration group (May, seventeenth) dispatch list question with Project Program backers (May, eighteenth) European audit board approval (fifteenth/sixteenth June) Note : Euro limitations have been disengaged from the organization system because of the take off planning (few members will be completely conveyed on January, first 2002) ©2003 Accenture. All Rights Reserved.

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Affiliates Deployment Plan 3 proposed situations : Scenario 1 : ABC Company is PILOT ABC Company WAVE 1 DFE Company, GHI Company, JKL Company, MNO Company WAVE 2 PQR Company, STU Company, VWX Company, YZA Company WAVE 3 BCD Company, EFG Company, HIJ Company, KLM Company, NOP Company, QRS Company Scenario 2 : TUV Company is pilot # of clients to prepare (*) : 139 1447 1806 1760 # of destinations (*) : 12 103 77 152 # of legitimate entities: 8 43 12 44 PILOT TUV Company WAVE 1 WXY Company, ZAB Company, CDE Company, FGH Company WAVE 2 IJK Company, LMN Company, OPQ Company WAVE 3 RST Company, UVW Company, XYZ Company, ZYX Company, WVU Company, TSR Company # of clients to prepare (*) : 222 1364 1806 1760 # of locales (*) : 10 105 77 152 # of lawful entities: 3 48 12 44 Scenario 3 : QPO Company is PILOT QPO Company WAVE 1 NML Company, KJI Company, HGF Company, EDC Company WAVE 2 BAZ Company, YXW Company, VUT Company WAVE 3 SRQ Company, PON Company, MLK Company, JIH Company, GFE Company, DCB Company # of clients to prepare (*) : 491 873 2023 1760 # of destinations (*) : 32 73 87 152 # of lawful entities: 8 40 15 44 (*) Inventory still in advance, a few figures should be approved or finished It\'s a "consistent" stock : some physical clients might be represented at least 2. ©2003 Accenture. All Rights Reserved.

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Affiliates Deployment Plan Example of getting ready for the organization Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Finance Procurement Pilot Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Example just : the length of the waves must be characterized later Quote to Cash Pilot Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 30 months ©2003 Accenture. All Rights Reserved.

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Affiliates Deployment Plan Deployment inside subsidiaries 3 strategyes for the arrangement in one subsidiary : "Worldwide" by capacity : send one capacity (e.g. Back/Procurement or Quote to Cash) in one piece for all the

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