Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration Tim Burgess .

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The College of Georgia Money and Organization Association Outline. Executive Land and Space Administration J. Hollis Dorsey. Right hand VP Kathy R. Pharr. Senior VP for Account and Organization Tim Burgess. Senior Partner VP Ryan Nesbit.
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The University of Georgia Finance and Administration Organization Chart Director Real Estate & Space Management J. Hollis Dorsey Assistant Vice President Kathy R. Pharr Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration Tim Burgess Senior Associate Vice President Ryan Nesbit Budget Division Associate VP Human Resources Thomas E. Gausvik Associate VP & Controller Holley W. Schramski Associate VP Auxiliary & Administrative Svcs. George E. Stafford Associate VP Physical Plant Division Ralph F. Johnson Associate VP Environmental Safety Division John C. McCollum Associate VP University Architects for Facilities Planning Daniel E. Sniff Budget Office Capital Budgeting and Planning Departmental Financial Systems F&A Web Services Financial Management & Education Center (Benefits) Executive & Faculty Search Group Strategic Talent Acquisition & Retention Team Faculty & Staff Relations People & Organizational Excellence Team Training & Development Center Bursar\'s Division Accounts Receivable Bursar\'s Office Student Accounts Financial Accounting and Reporting Accounting Dept. Contracts & Grants Property Control Purchasing, Payables and Disbursements Accounts Payable Payroll Procurement Administrative Services Campus Mail Central Duplicating Central Office Supply Central Receiving Directory Assistance Records Center Risk Management Services Auxiliary Services Administrative Services Warehouse Campus Transit Parking Services University Bookstore University Golf Course University Printing Vending Services Food Services Bulldog Bucks Office of Security and Emergency Preparedness University Police Construction Energy Services Engineering Grounds Operations & Maintenance Services Sustainability Environmental Safety Services Hazardous Materials Program Design & Construction Campus Master Planning June 2010

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