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Butcher, P., Dobbs, A. (2002, October 18).Serials Surgeon: Cutting profound to spare the patient. Introduced at the 2002 TLA CULS Conference, Austin ...
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´╗┐Serials Surgeon Cutting Deep to Save the Patient Philenese Slaughter Serials Librarian Austin Peay State University Aaron W. Dobbs Network Services Librarian Austin Peay State University Slaughter, P., Dobbs, A. (2002, October 18). Serials Surgeon: Cutting profound to spare the patient . Displayed at the 2002 TLA CULS Conference, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN. Recovered <date you got to this>, from

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Dr\'s notes Slashers audit Librarians clarified circumstance and alternatives Departments prescribed cuts Librarians looked into cuts Serials staff made cuts Budget circumstance made departmental acknowledgment less grudging Departments for the most part acknowledged done arrangement

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Will they survive, Doctor? Why yes, my Dear. What\'s more, despite seemingly insurmountable opposition they have all the earmarks of being enhancing Some offices have utilized this anticipate to get out what they consider to be deadwood These same divisions have therefore refocused their serial determinations Anecdotally, understudies appear to set out straight toward electronically accessible sources, bypassing honest to goodness paper sources held locally Currently printing is no charge while photocopies are $0.10 Electronic sources are seen as less exertion The omnipresent duplicate & glue

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Pain Management Modify Serials administration apparatuses for long haul perception Redesign Use Study database for clarity Continue gathering reshelving information Acknowledge that reshelving information is flawed Determine or build up an approach to track utilization of electronic serials Not almost as simple as it sounds Monitor Serials Budget Only make new buys where old title $$ deselections are equivalent Attempt to use electronic access to "round out" the accumulation (JSTOR, Project Muse, and so forth) Make beyond any doubt there is a budgetary pad for up and coming years through promotion to college organization

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X-beam to Scar Web based reports for personnel Periodical Titles by Department Deselected Titles List Deselected titles by Department Retained Titles by Department Blank Copy of Database (Right-Click, Save Target As)

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