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Intense colours. to empower your image. Company. HQ in Rubí (Barcelona), Spain since 1970 Specialized in the production of inks for Flexography, Rotogravure, Screen, UV and Ink-Jet Factories in Spain, France and Portugal €35 millions in revenue, 150 employees Continuous growth since 1996
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Exceptional hues to engage your picture

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Company HQ in Rubí (Barcelona), Spain since 1970 Specialized in the generation of inks for Flexography, Rotogravure, Screen, UV and Ink-Jet Factories in Spain, France and Portugal €35 millions in income, 150 representatives Continuous development since 1996 Present in 30 nations third ink maker in Spain and twentieth around the world

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Mission and vision Mission: to deliver, circulate and run superb inks for the flexography and ink fly ventures, continually applying the freshest innovation propels in the market Vision: to be a global organization without being multinational, pioneer in the field of inks and frill for realistic industry

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Our bargain Reliable inks: we guarantee that every one of our items are predictable and consistent with our abnormal state of value measures Innovation: we constantly grow new items to continue top of a changing business sector Performance: our Technical Assistants are working shoulder to bear with our customers and wholesalers to guarantee that the employment completes right Environment advancement arrangement (Chimigraf organize UV/LED innovation, eatable shades and concentrates got from common sources)

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Our quality We are ink artisans: we make our inks specifically from shades so we don\'t rely on upon semi expounded items from outsiders We create and supply Pigmentary Dispersions (Chips), and helper covering items Machine makers depend on us to create and deliver their unique ink for their machines Customers in various enterprises come to us to create solid and imaginative inks for mechanical applications: car (rain sensors), pottery, coding, brightening, hardware (chip conductors), realistic, material, security We work with printers and print makes a beeline for enhance our inks toward new ink stream arrangements

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Our insight It\'s not just about ink but rather about reconciliation of: Substrate–CHIMIGRAF INK–print engine–application Ink make information about application and framework: Focusing on particular applications Customer application and configuration to utilize the correct science Interaction science fluids and substrates Jetting conditions and synthetic conduct Ink plan minimizing wellbeing and security issues Maximum print yield

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Our prosperity: Total Control We build up the ink equation We precisely pick the crude materials that measure up We set up quality controls amid the procedure of generation We control every clump with a quick maturing process: 3 weeks inside a broiler at 45º => The outcome is unwavering quality: constantly steady in power, thickness and consistency

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Ink values Jettability: Small shade molecule estimate for best execution Physical execution : UV introduction Surface pressure Dot conduct Elongation Adhesion (ink and ink+primer) on to unbending PVC, overlaid PVC, Polycarbonate, ABS, polystyrene, acrylic, inflexible PET, PET film, Treated PP and Glass Color : High quality Pigment Selection shading Shade Density Gloss shading administration

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Ink values II Reliability: Ink Stability and long retire Outdoor toughness Weather Resistance : Temperature Humidity Climate Chemical Resistance Physical Resistance UV light resistance (Delta E)

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Recognition Chimigraf is perceived as an Approved Ink Partner by Dimatix (Spectra Heads), Seiko, Xaar and Konica Minolta printheads

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Our offer We offer an extensive variety of Inkjet inks on today\'s market: UV Curable Solvent Based Oil Based Ceramic Wood

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UV inks Almost 10 years of UV ink fly inks R&D put Chimigraf as a standout amongst the most imperative UV ink fly inks research centers and producers. CHIMIJET IJ UV inks SPECIFICATIONS: Excellent Jetting soundness. High thickness & Gloss hues. Fast Cure. Less Odor Good grip on a substantial scope of adaptable and semi-adaptable substrates. Hues accessible: YMCB + Lights + White + Spot hues (green, orange, violet). Fantastic outside sturdiness in right printing conditions, inks can be utilized for open air applications withstand 2 year (full shading set) and 5 years with overlays. Long timeframe of realistic usability: 12 months

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UV OPVarnish IJ OPVarnish is an overprint varnish UV curing for realistic substrates (unbending & adaptable). This varnish has a decent scratch resistance consolidated with the adaptability of IJ UV Chimigraf inks. This Varnish has a fabulous similarity when connected over Chimijet UV inks. It permits you to make Spot varnish impacts. This varnish is to be utilized on Piezo DOD Printheads at hoisted temperatures.

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Solvent inks Chimigraf has defined an extensive variety of dissolvable items to be utilized on the vast majority of the piezo drop on request printers available. Inks reasonable for an extensive variety of media, for example, covered and uncoated vinyl, flags, textures, paper, and so forth. Chimigraf Solvent Range: IJS TBJ – Turbojet TJ8300 with Hitachi print head. IJS 210 – HP Scitex and HP NUR with Xaar 128 PH. IJS SPC 100 – Vutek with Spectra PH.

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Solvent inks II Chimigraf Solvent based inks are planned and tried with ideal similarity with drop on request ink stream gadgets for indoor and open air applications. We furnish the ink with great shading array, drying time, print execution, grip and scratch resistance. Two years outside strength and three with cover. Hues accessible: YMCB Lcyan Lmagenta

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Ecosolvent ink Chimigraf ECO Solvent based inks are figured with non risky materials, free of cyclohexanone, ethylene glycol ethers, sweet-smelling hydrocarbons and vinyl esters. Minimizing smell and more ecological well disposed VOCs Tested with ideal similarity with drop on request ink stream gadgets for indoor and open air applications We furnish the ink with amazing shading array, outside solidness, drying time, print execution, bond, scratch and compound resistance hues accessible: YMCB Lcyan Lmagenta

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Oil based ink IJOil based ink is planned to be utilized as a part of Piezo drop on request print set out toward stamping and coding printers. To be utilized as a part of permeable and retentive substrates, for example, paper and board. Perfect for bar coding for stock distinguishing proof. It is not unpredictable and don\'t dry in print head. Fabulous start up qualities. Negligible head cleaning and cleansing. Hues accessible: BYMC

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Ceramic ink In FESPA 2007-Berlin, CHIMIGRAF was granted with the Platinum – Manufacturing classification for "the Ceramic Ink Jet inks" work. CHIMIGRAF built up an ink stream clay ink with inorganic shades proportionate in quality (impersonation of stone, wood, marble, and so on), print speed (30m/min) single pass and cook at 1200ªC, practical contrasted with customary printing frameworks. The benefits of computerized printing are: the likelihood of printing unpredictable surfaces and printing very surprising back to back earthenware pieces. Permitting that at the exit of the stove the artistic pieces can be amassed and stuffed on its last plan.

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Wood ink Chimigraf and Barberan displayed in 2008 the modern answer for wood printing, in view of the long understanding of Chimigraf creating Ink stream inks and Barberan producing wood printers. Chimigraf created particular ink stream ink for the wood showcase. The ink accomplishes fantastic bond and gleam on an assortment of wood substrates and it is good with existing floor safe overprint varnishes. The ink repeats precisely the shading extent of various regular woods. Barberan built up a Single pass Digital Printer proportionate to conventional print frameworks (speed 30m/min) and astounding quality picture.

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Intense hues to enable your picture

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