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Motivation. OverviewExecutive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and Core CompetenciesWriting Executive Core QualificationsDiversitySenior Executive Service Demographics. 2. Senior Executive Service History . Set up by Title IV of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978Effective on July 13, 1979Established as a
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AGENDA Overview Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and Core Competencies Writing Executive Core Qualifications Diversity Senior Executive Service Demographics

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Senior Executive Service History Established by Title IV of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 Effective on July 13, 1979 Established as a "third" administration, separate from the aggressive and excepted administrations Replaced more than 60 separate official staff powers covering one to a few thousand positions Ensures that the official administration of legislature of the U.S. is receptive to the necessities, arrangements and objectives of the country

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Who Is Included? The Senior Executive Service (SES) incorporates most administrative, supervisory, and approach positions grouped above General Schedule (GS) grade 15 or equal positions in the Executive Branch of the Federal Government

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Type of Positions in SES Career Reserved Positions - Only filled via vocation representatives - Positions characterized in law to: Ensure fair-mindedness Ensure open\'s certainty of unbiasedness of government General Positions - May be filled by a SES deputy: Career Non-profession Limited term Limited crisis

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Positions Excluded Senate affirmed Presidential nominees Legislative and legal branch Positions in law requirement and knowledge organizations, in the Foreign Service and in different offices rejected by statute or by the President Administrative Law Judges Members of sheets of agreement offer Independent Government enterprises positions (e.g. Tennessee Valley Authority) and in certain money related administrative organizations

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Types of SES Appointments Career Appointments > General or profession saved positions > Individual rights are the same in either case > Qualifications Review Board Convened by OPM - Incumbents chose by office merit staffing process - ECQs affirmed by OPM QRB

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Appointments (cont\'d) Non-vocation Appointments > Case-by-case endorsement by OPM with arrangement power returning to OPM upon nominee\'s takeoff of position > Appointments just made to General positions not to surpass 25% of the office\'s SES position distribution Government wide, 10% of SES positions might be filled by non-profession deputies

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Appointments (cont\'d) Limited Term arrangement > Up to 3 years > Nonrenewable positions relegated to a SES General position terminating because of nature of the work (e.g. a unique undertaking) Limited Emergency arrangement > Nonrenewable arrangement > Up to year and a half > Established to meet a true blue, unforeseen dire need

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Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and Core Competencies

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Leading Change

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FEDERAL SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICE ECQ 1: Leading Change Ability to realize vital change inside and outside the association to meet associations objectives and Ability to set up an authoritative vision and to actualize it in a persistently evolving environment

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LEADING CHANGE COMPETENCIES Core Competencies Resilience - bargain viably with weight to incorporate adjusting individual life and work Service Motivation – demonstrate a guarantee to open administration and impact others toward a soul of administration Strategic Thinking – envision potential dangers or open doors; decide destinations and set needs Vision – impact others to make an interpretation of vision enthusiastically

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Leading People

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FEDERAL SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICE ECQ 2: Leading People Ability to lead individuals toward meeting the association\'s vision, mission and objectives and Ability to give a comprehensive working environment that cultivates the advancement of others, encourages collaboration and collaboration, and backings useful determination of contentions

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LEADING PEOPLE COMPETENCIES Core Competencies Conflict Management – oversee and resolve clashes and contradictions in a constructive and useful way Leveraging Diversity – regard, comprehend, esteem and search out individual contrasts to accomplish fancied results Integrity/Honesty – carry on in a reasonable and moral way; be honest Team Building – support participation

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FEDERAL SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICE ECQ 3: Results Driven Ability to meet hierarchical objectives and client desires and Ability to settle on choices that produce top notch comes about by applying specialized learning, examining issues and figuring dangers

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RESULTS DRIVEN COMPETENCIES Core Competencies Accountability – be solid and assume liability for activities and be prepared to clarify them; consider self as well as other people in charge of accomplishing coveted results Customer Services – address the issues of your clients and be focused on ceaseless change Decisiveness – practice trustworthiness by making sound, all around educated choices Entrepreneurship – go out on a limb to accomplish a perceived advantage or preferred standpoint Problem Solving - give answers for issues, settle on choices Technical Credibility - fabricate believability with execution

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FEDERAL SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICE ECQ 4: Business Acumen Ability to oversee human, money related and data assets deliberately Core Competencies Financial Management - show capacity to comprehend the standards of monetary administration Human Resource Management - show capacity to procure and control HR Technology Management - comprehend the effect of mechanical change

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Building Coalitions/Communications

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FEDERAL SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICE ECQ 5: Building Coalitions/Communications Ability to manufacture coalitions inside and with other Federal offices, State and neighborhood governments, charitable and private segment associations, remote governments, or worldwide associations to accomplish shared objectives

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BUILDING COALITIONS COMPETENCIES Core Competencies Influencing/Negotiating – exhibit capacity to induce others; assemble agreement through give and take; encourage "win-win" circumstances Interpersonal Skills – react fittingly to the necessities, emotions, capacities of others; approach others with deference Oral Communication – express truths and thoughts in an unmistakable, succinct way Partnering – build up a far reaching proficient system Political Savvy - perceive effect of option blueprints Written Communication - express thoughts and certainties in writing in a perfect and sorted out way

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WRITING EXECUTIVE QUALIFICATIONS STATEMENTS The way to an elegantly composed capabilities explanation is to give perusers—official asset staff, rating and selecting authorities, and Qualifications Review Board (QRB) individuals—particular data about your accomplishments. Make certain to incorporate proficient and volunteer experience, instruction, preparing, and grants that show your abilities in a specific Executive Core Qualification (ECQ). An all around arranged ECQ explanation mirrors the ECQ-particular skills (e.g. "Driving Change" reflects inventiveness and advancement, outer mindfulness, and so on.) Because the principal skills are cross-cutting, they ought to be tended to over the complete ECQ story. It is not important to address them specifically the length of the story, in its totality, indicates dominance of these major capabilities by and large. Start your ECQ articulation with a brief synopsis of your official experience. At that point utilize the accompanying way to deal with portray your achievements.

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Challenge-Context-Action-Result Model An ECQ proclamation may incorporate one or more case of significant experience. The quantity of cases is not as critical as guaranteeing that your experience coordinates the ECQ criteria. Remember that the QRB is searching for particular difficulties, activities and results. Challenge. Depict a particular issue or objective. Setting. Discuss the people and gatherings you worked with, and/or the earth in which you worked, to handle a specific test (e.g. customers, collaborators, individuals from Congress, contracting spending plan, low spirit). Activity. Talk about the particular moves you made to address a test. Result. Give particular case of the consequences of your activities. These achievements show the quality and adequacy of your authority aptitudes.

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WRITING EXECUTIVE QUALIFICATIONS STATEMENTS (Continued) Other proposals Adhere to page confinements expressed in the opening declaration Use clear, compact proclamations written in the main individual Spell out all acronyms Describe late instruction and preparing that upgraded your aptitudes in a specific ECQ Include non-Federal experience (e.g., private segment, volunteer and expert associations) on the off chance that it exhibits official capabilities Include unique assignments (e.g., points of interest, teams, boards of trustees) in the event that they are applicable to an ECQ Avoid explanations that portray your own convictions or methods of insight Include grants that relate particularly to an ECQ Quantify your achievements Address essential skills through the span of the complete ECQ articulation

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Tips for Writing Effective ECQ Statements and Accomplishment Record Narratives STAY FOCUSED Focus on initiative as opposed to administrative and specialized capacities Follow the Challenge-Context-Action-Result demonstrate Each ECQ or competency ought to contain particular, work related encounters with particular achievements Focus on what you have finished by and by, however don\'t overstate Show that you have the capabilities expected to succeed in the SES A

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