Setting up a shopping basket.

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the shopping basket when the
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Setting up a shopping basket

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Your URL tag to CoolCart is: This URL associates every item in your website page to our shopping basket. Every item in your page (virtual store) will require this starting line of HTML code: <FORM method=post action=""> Each item portrayal will likewise dependably require this consummation line of code: </FORM>

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Your item costs, hues, sizes, and so on will be concealed fields that go between these 2 lines of HTML code. This shrouded data is gone to the shopping basket when the "Add to Cart" catch or any Icon of your decision is clicked.

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For a Quick Start, cut-and-glue the accompanying case into your site page and get your items prepared available to be purchased through your own particular CoolCart shopping basket.

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<FORM method=post action=""> Product B<BR> Price $20.00<BR> <INPUT NAME="Qty" size=3 VALUE=""> Quantity <BR> <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="ID" VALUE="Product B"> <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="Describe" VALUE="Great Buy!"> <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="Price" VALUE="20.00"> <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="Ship" VALUE="2.50"> <input TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="Weight" value="0"> <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="Multi" VALUE="N"> <BR><INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Add to Cart"> </FORM>

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PRODUCT ID: The CoolCart default requires an alternate ID for every item or administration, generally, any already included thing with the same ID will be overwritten. The Name="Multi" Value="N" line of code controls this.

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However, in the event that the way of your business makes it simpler to utilize the same item ID numerous times, with various blends of sizes, hues, AddOns, and so forth., CoolCart will give you a chance to do this on the off chance that you transform it to Value="Y" in the code. A case of this circumstance would be on the off chance that you need your clients to have the capacity to choose 2 huge red, 3 little blue, 1 medium green with calfskin case, and so on., of the same item.

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For extra HTML code go to the accompanying page:

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Secure Payments Payflow Link By Verisign Payflow LinkSM is an administration intended for dealers who require a basic answer for tolerating installments on the Web. The Payflow Link administration is a facilitated request structure benefit that permits your client to safely enter their charge card data.

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How it works…

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How it functions… A client visits your Web webpage and makes a buy. The exchange information is then gone from your storefront to the Payflow Pro customer. VeriSign gathers the exchange data from your site and afterward safely courses the exchange by means of the VeriSign installment door through the money related system to the fitting bank, guaranteeing that clients are approved to make their buys. The Payflow customer additionally sends an affirmation back to VeriSign subsequent to giving back the installment results to you, with a specific end goal to ensure your purchasers against twofold charging because of Internet dormancy or broken correspondence sessions. The assets for the exchange will be exchanged to your Internet shipper account.

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Credit Card Processing What do I have to acknowledge Mastercards at my business? With a specific end goal to acknowledge Mastercards, a business must have a shipper account and a financial records. Dealer e-Solutions can supply the trader account, which gives the capacity to acknowledge, approve and store charge cards electronically through a dial terminal, PC item or Internet arrangement. A financial records is required to get installment for your Visa exchanges

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Merchant E-Solutions

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Performing Test Transactions

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