Setting up the MidAtlantic Public Health Workforce Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness March 17, 2004 .

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Preparing the MidAtlantic Public Health Workforce Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness March 17, 2004. Key Personnel. Robert Lawrence, MD Principle Investigator Lynn Goldman, MD Co-Investigator Ayanna Fews, MBA Coordinator Andrew Lentz, MPA Coordinator
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Preparing the MidAtlantic Public Health Workforce Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness March 17, 2004

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Key Personnel Robert Lawrence, MD Principle Investigator Lynn Goldman, MD Co-Investigator Ayanna Fews, MBA Coordinator Andrew Lentz, MPA Coordinator Cindy Parker, MD MPH Trainer Liaison Dan Barnett, MD MPH Trainer/Liaison Jonathan Links, PhD Curriculum Advisor Cliff Mitchell, MD MPH Curriculum Advisor Margo Edmunds, PhD Program Evaluator Diane Zerbe, MHA Academic Coordinator

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CDC\'s Vision Every wellbeing division completely arranged; each group better secured Public Health workforce arranged to convey key administrations Maureen Y. Lichtveld, November 8, 2002

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JH-CPHP Mission To give the fundamental preparing that will upgrade the capacity of general wellbeing experts to react to bioterrorism and other rising general wellbeing dangers

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CDC\'s Vision Goal: An coordinated national system of Centers for Public Health Preparedness to guarantee bleeding edge general wellbeing specialists have what it takes and capabilities required to react adequately to present and rising wellbeing dangers, including psychological warfare

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Centers for Public Health Preparedness (CPHP)

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Competency-based Performance - driven Governmental general wellbeing workforce Individual and office competency * Developed in a joint effort with state, neighborhood and scholarly accomplices (October 21, 2002) Guiding Principles* (Lichtveld cont.)

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Role of CPHPs (Lichtveld cont.) Support nearby/local instruction preparing needs Develop "items" for potential national utilize Strengthen the science base locally, provincially, and broadly

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CDC foreseen results in the following 6 months Training items database of elected, state and nearby wellbeing preparing endeavors Toolbox of learning offerings Direct preparing for key state and neighborhood BT wellbeing authorities Terrorism Preparedness and Response Training Matrix

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Key Training Content Areas Biological/concoction operators finding, treatment, outcomes Unified and episode charge frameworks Communications/warnings frameworks Risk interchanges Worker security Legal powers Epidemiology/reconnaissance; research facility frameworks Information innovation Psycho-social outcomes Maureen Y. Lichtveld, November 8, 2002

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Key JH-CPHP Content Areas Weapons of Mass Destruction (Barnett, Parker: various) Incident charge (Alcorta, 2/03) Communications/notices frameworks Risk Communication (Burke, 8/02) Worker Training in a New Era (Mitchell 10/02) Legal Issues (Sapsin, Teret 2/04) Forensic Epidemiology/observation; Control of biohazards/research facility frameworks Information innovation Mental Health & Disaster Preparedness (Everly 10/03)

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Baker Barnett Bollinger D. Burke T. Burke Catlett Chotani Cosgrove Everly Faden Frick Geyh Glass Goldman Halsey Henderson Hodge Lawrence Links Mitchell Parker Sapsin Sommer Teret Treuth Participating Hopkins Faculty

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Allegany County HD Baltimore City Fire Baltimore City Health Baltimore City Police Boston U. School of Law Delaware O.A.G. DC Health DHMH Legal Counsel JH Health System Center for Health & Homeland Security MD Office of Attorney General Maryland Pesticide Network MedChi U. of MD Medical System Worcester County HD Wicomico HD Participating Practice Partners

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Helping States Create Contingency Plans

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What we do… JH CPHP Preparedness Certificate Program (Web Based) JH CPHP Suitcase Course Train the Trainer Program JH CPHP Special Programs Onsite Training Symposiums JH CPHP State and Local HD Technical Assistance JH CPHP Liaison Activities W/HD & different offices Courses created by Faculty Consultants Courses to be adjusted from Preparedness Certificate Courses Risk Comm. ~ Smallpox ~ Worker Training ~ Dirty Bomb Training ~ Grand Rounds Others Work with State and Local Public Health Agencies on BT Training Plans Attend BT Planning Meetings inside MidAtlantic Region

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Key Partnerships Area Health Education Centers (Western/Eastern Shore) Baltimore City Health Department Baltimore City Medical Reserve Corp Emergency Health Management Services Administration (DC) Delaware Department of Public Health Maryland Association of County Health Officers (24 Local Health Departments Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene Metropolitan Washington Council of Government Montgomery County Health Department Safety Council of Maryland Washington DC Department of Health Western Maryland Medical Reserve Corp

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Partnerships inside JHU Center of Excellence in Community Environmental Health Practice Center for Law and the Public\'s Health Critical Events Planning and Response (JHMI) Education & Resource Center in Occ. Wellbeing & Safety Environmental Health Tracking Center General Preventive Medicine Residency MidAtlantic Public Health Leadership Institute MidAtlantic Public Health Training Center Public Health Scientists Working to Address Terrorism Urban Health Institute

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Washington, DC

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MD Department of Health & Mental Hygiene Board of Physicians BT Preparedness and Response Planning & Advisory Committee Bioterrorism Education & Training Team Public Health Response Team BT Preparedness Certificate/grant program Proximity to SPH for Grand Rounds and so forth

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Challenges Area G subsidizing

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Baltimore City

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Baltimore City The country\'s most established city wellbeing division. Installed contact with JH-CPHP HarborB.A.S.E. Official, Evaluation, Volunteer Committees Assisted in office wide preparing Proximity to SPH for Grand Rounds, and so forth

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Preparing for Surge Capacity

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Primer II Tabletop practice JH Applied Physics Lab

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Baltimore City Health Department display Targeted to meet occupation related data needs of particular representative preparing level groups of onlookers (ranking staff, clinical staff, authority boss & supervisors, administrative & bolster staff) Includes Introductory Courses in: Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Chemical Terrorism Preparedness and Response Radiological Terrorism Preparedness and Response Incident Command Risk Communication

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Baltimore City Health Department show (cont.) Level 1: Senior Staff Senior wellbeing division initiative staff Level 2: Clinical Staff Includes doctors, medical attendants, disease transmission experts Level 3: Bureau Chiefs and Managers Mid-level administrative staff Interface between Level 1 and Levels 2 & 4 Level 4: Clerical and Support Staff Includes secretarial staff, offices administration staff, creature control workers, ecological sanitarians, and so on

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Baltimore City Health Department demonstrate (cont.) Evaluation of Training Activities JH CPHP MPH Preparedness Track Student Involvement

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Wicomico County show Independent study Used JH CPHP Roadmap to Preparedness January 15 th – March 1 st Complete 8 of 13 readiness modules all alone JH-CPHP will lead four half-day trainings

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Allegany County BPQA II June 6, 2003 SARS Symposium March 12, \'04

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Montgomery County BPQA I February 6, 2003 BPQA/AAP Special Needs of Children – June 26, 2003 Public Health Ready pilot site

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Roadmap to Preparedness Creative path for wellbeing offices to get their staff prepared Based on CDC-received "Bioterrorism & Emergency Readiness Competencies for all Public Health Workers" Includes a mix of exercises that workers can do all alone, office supported exercises, and Center-supported exercises Incentive-based Addresses worker worries about reacting to a debacle First created in conjunction with Montgomery County HD for Public Health Ready, then adjusted for use in other wellbeing office settings. Utilizes "experiential learning" systems at whatever point conceivable

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Roadmap (cont.)

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Roadmap (cont.)

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Roadmap to Preparedness Wicomico County Health Department as a model for different districts: Completed the initial 9 of 13 exercises all alone Using on the web programs, self-concentrate on materials, and office drove examinations Set exceptionally forceful timetable for representatives to finish exercises 1 - 9 (around 6 weeks) Offered 4 hours managerial leave for all workers finishing these exercises inside the day and age determined Scheduled us to do the last 3 of 4 exercises Over a time of 3 days, we did 4 consecutive half-day sessions, every session included roughly 25% of their workforce. Last movement is a work out

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Roadmap to Preparedness – Next Steps Implementation of Roadmap to Preparedness display in other State and neighborhood wellbeing offices. Being developed: Cecil County Garrett County Allegany County Delaware Share show crosswise over system

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Garrett County Maryland

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Cecil County Maryland

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Inservices/Orientation Online preparing modules Leadership foundation Train-the-coach Academic courses Certificate programs Degree programs Summer organization "in the nick of time" Conferences Board of Physicians Incident Command MidAtlantic researchers Forensic Epidemiology Terrorism & Public Health Preparedness Certificate MPH readiness track HPM summer establishment Guest speakers Day long occasions every quarter A Variety of Learning Styles

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Recent Training Events SARS Symposium (March \'04) Legal Issues (Feb \'04) Mental Health & Disaster Preparedness (Oct \'03) Pesticides & Public Health (Sep \'03) Dirty Bomb Symposium (March \'03)

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JH-CPHP Website

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Online Training Modules

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Online Instructional Design Approach Design for expansive general wellbeing work force gathering of people Slide outline and format intended for least 800x

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