seventh Universal Discussion on Tourism Measurements Stockholm, Sweden, 9-11 June 2004.

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Global tourism not as much as a quarter of aggregate tourism ... Universal Inbound tourism: Visitors and Visitor Nights by principle source market by primary ...
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seventh International Forum on Tourism Statistics Stockholm, Sweden, 9-11 June 2004 Current advancements in development of Australia\'s tourism information Stan Fleetwood Tourism Division Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources Canberra Australia

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International tourism not exactly a quarter of aggregate tourism

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International tourism falling as of late

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More subsidizing for tourism research/measurements Government White Paper " A Medium to Long term Strategy for Tourism " New activities: $AUD235 million ($US165 million) Relevant activities: Restructure of tourism examination/insights framework Improvements to factual arrangement

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Restructure of tourism bodies From 1 July 2004: Tourism Australia Australian Tourist Commission See Australia Bureau of Tourism Research Tourism Forecasting Council

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Tourism Australia Provide more grounded bearing and administration for Australia\'s tourism segment Create cooperative energies Eliminate any view of duplication of exercises of consolidated bodies Eliminate any genuine or saw contention between combined bodies Strongly upheld by the business

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Improvements to measurements/research $AUD21.6 million ($US15 million) apportioned to changes in insights/research: Expansion of tourism anticipating Funding the Australian Tourism Satellite Account Expansion of the Survey of Tourist Accommodation Enhancement of household and universal inbound tourism accumulations

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Current determining structure Tourism Forecasting Council right now delivers gauges Established in 1993 Comprises industry and government agents Technical board of trustees incorporates draft estimates Forecasts typically delivered twice every year

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Expansion of conjectures Up to now, the TFC\'s figures have secured: International Inbound tourism : Visitors and Visitor Nights by primary source market by fundamental motivation behind visit; Visitor Nights in Hotels/Motels/Guest Houses; and tourism send out income. Universal Outbound tourism : Visitors by fundamental reason for travel and by principle destination nation. Household tourism : Visitor Nights by primary reason for travel; and Visitor evenings in Hotels/Motels/Guest Houses. Extension will include: State/Territory Capital City versus Rest Expenditure

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Tourism Satellite Account subsidizing ABS produces Tourism Satellite Account Full record at regular intervals, with evaluations of fundamental variables in interceding years Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources stores 66% of the cost Funding for the following four years is presently guaranteed

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Survey of Tourist Accommodation The ABS creates the Survey of Tourism Accommodation Monthly registration of 4,000 inns, motels, visitor houses and overhauled condo Every third year convoy parks, guest inns and occasion pads/units are incorporated Provides little range information The review was extremely cut in 1998 Pressure from clients to grow from that point forward

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Expansion of Survey of Tourist Accommodation From January 2005: Hotels, motels, visitor houses and adjusted lofts with 5 or more rooms will be incorporated (as of now just foundations with 15 or more rooms are incorporated) Caravan parks, guest inns and occasion pads/units will be incorporated each year

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Establishment of Tourism Statistics Regional Advisory Service Low level of learning of accessible information – especially by little organizations Little comprehension of how to utilize the information Four counsels will be situated in States/Territories, overhauling by and large two States/Territories every Will attempt: preparing, courses, mindfulness raising, help utilizing information, and so forth

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Enhancement of residential and global tourism insights Funding assigned for : Enhancement of the International Visitor Survey Expansion of the National Visitor Survey National Visitor Survey : Telephone overview of 80,000 family units for every year International Visitor Survey : Face-to-face study of 20,000 leaving universal guests

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Improvement of the measurements Meeting of Tourism Ministers in February 2004 to examine usage of the Strategy Discussions between delegates of Federal government, State/Territory governments and of industry A "perfect sheet" methodology was taken to recognize partners\' needs and how these may be addressed Priority need was for interest side information at the provincial/destination level

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A conceivable methodology: Development of a destination study pack; Expansion to the at present existing studies, the NVS and IVS; and Improvements to the NVS and IVS

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A destination study unit? National studies – eg NVS and IVS – can never give great information at little area/destination level For these districts/destinations a destination overview may be the answer But, these have a terrible record

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Destination reviews: Lessons took in The study must be controlled by an examination/measurable organization with the pertinent skill in directing studies; The study technique must be kept straightforward; The nearby tourism industry and power must be effectively steady; and The studies ought to be intended to supplement, and be reliable with, the national studies.

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Expansion of NVS and IVS Increase in NVS test from 80,000 to 120,000 would give information to 68 tourism districts (we now get information for 57) Increase in IVS test from 20,000 to 40,000 would give information to 56 tourism locales (we now get information for 28) These increments are conceivable inside financing now accessible

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Improvements to NVS and IVS Core and non-center information -Core information: information required by all partners -Non-center information: information required by one or more partners Timeliness

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Next stages: Recommendations to Australian Standing Committee on Tourism When/if endorsed, proposals to Tourism Ministers\' Council on 30 July 2004

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and … .. fingers crossed! Much obliged to you .

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