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Prelection: What Are We Talking About?. What\'s the issue? (Sean)The issues are numerous and individual, social, political, instructive, familial, good and religious.Specifically, how can this influence schools? (Candid and John)Things to consider: STDs, pregnancy, sex, sex character, sexual orientation.Sex ed in school: star and con (Judy)Our musings (aggregate braintrust).
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Sex Education Judy Carman Frank Dunn John Hjelle Sean Joyce Whipp

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Prelection: What Are We Talking About? What\'s the issue? (Sean) The issues are numerous and individual, social, political, instructive, familial, good and religious. In particular, how does this influence schools? (Plain and John) Things to consider: STDs, pregnancy, sex, sex personality, sexual introduction. Sex ed in school: master and con (Judy) Our musings (aggregate braintrust)

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What\'s the issue? (individual and familial) Reality #1 (of four): What\'s taken care of? Only disgrace and humiliation If we feel along these lines, how would you assume a 13 year old feels? Extra weights: Gender character issues ( W. Meredith Bacon ) Sexual introduction issues ( Bill Glenn )

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What\'s the issue? (Social) Reality #2: What\'s on the board? What does it mean? magazine covers ( SI and Cosmo ) What does our general public say in regards to being a man or a lady? Vendors of Cool ( mook and waist ) What happens when high schoolers see that others (companions/kin) are engaging in sexual relations?

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What\'s the issue? (Society and Culture) Reality #3: You wanna " attach " What are our understudies\' examples of sexual conduct? Half unfilled or half full? Open to instruction minute or a period for gloom? What do these practices say in regards to power and (in)equality and sexual orientation?

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Many adolescents encounter pregnancy and STDs More than 800,000 ladies more youthful than 20 get to be distinctly pregnant every year 80% of these pregnancies are unintended Nine million youngsters and youthful grown-ups secure a STD every year Two youngsters consistently get to be distinctly tainted with HIV Guttmacher Institute

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U.S. youngsters have higher rates of pregnancy, birth and fetus removal than adolescents in most other created nations

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In Nebraska? 2004 Sexually Transmitted Diseases Statistics

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What\'s the issue? (Political and Educational) Reality #4: What\'s the main issue? ($$$) Since 1996, ~$1Billion in government subsidizing What\'s the catch? (in any case, some say it isn\'t a "catch") Only supports forbearance just projects Some reviews demonstrates that AO projects may (not) put off high schooler sex, but rather additionally result in more dangerous practices. A few states are currently dismissing government stores althogether

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Most school locale strategies advance restraint Districts with a sex training arrangement

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There is a substantial hole between what educators accept ought to be canvassed in sex instruction and what they really instruct

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What\'s the issue? (Good and Religious) Realities #5 -  We won\'t cover them because of time imperatives, however they may include: Catholic convention and the necessity to instruct in similarity with the Church Morality of complete sex training How much do you incorporate into "exhaustive?" Racial, monetary, and sexual orientation incongruities Inclusion of sex ed, or a different sex ed class?

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Now to a few specifics John and Frank will talk about: HIV, STDs, Pregnancy, Gender Issues, and Homosexuality as they identify with schools and kids

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Physical Health Issues Hygiene

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Hygiene Deodorant Showering Hand Washing Brushing Teeth

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Physical Health Issues Hygiene STD\'s

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Sex Stats Over 50 percent of understudies will have intercourse before graduating. 16 percent will have at least 4 accomplices in High School.

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STD\'s HIV Disease Lymphogranuloma Venereum Molluscum Pediculosis Pubis Pubic Lice (Crabs) Salmonella Scabies Shingellosis Syphlis Trichomoniasis Yeast Infection Vaginitas TO SLIDES Amebiasis Bacterial Vaginosis Campylobacter Fetus Candidiasis Chancroid Chlamydia Condyloma Acuminata Cytomegalovirus Enteric Infections Genital Mycloplasmas Genital Warts (HPV) Giardiasis Gonorrhea Granuloma Hepatitis Herpes

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Some Statistics U.S. Place for Disease Control (2003) 40,000 New instances of HIV a year 20,000 Infections happen in those under 25 10,000 Infections happen in those under 22 12 Million instances of STD\'s are accounted for every year 3 Million happen among Teenagers

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Physical Health Issues Hygiene STD\'s Teen Pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy Ages 15-17 281,900 Pregnancies 84,770 Abortions 157,209 Births 39,920 Miscarriages Ages 14 and Under 19,640 Pregnancies 8,560 Abortions 8,519 Births 2,560 Miscarriages National Center for Health Statistics of the U.S. Branch of Health and Human Services

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Physical Health Issues Hygiene STD\'s Teen Pregnancy

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Abstinence or Sex? Presently Judy will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of various school educational module

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Pro Sexual results, information, and states of mind are most impacted by family, schools, and companions. Sex Ed in the schools advances positive, sound, and dexterous states of mind toward sexuality. Youngsters merit transparent sexual wellbeing data Con Abstinence is the main 100% successful way to deal with individual security. Guardians ought to be the main suppliers of Sex Education. More instruction is identified with more sexual conduct and wantonness. There is no type of financing for this type of instruction Sex Ed: Should We or Shouldn\'t We?

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In conclusion Some end considerations Questions?

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