SFCC Missions 2007.

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Amid the Summer of 2007 the Reus family will go to Brazil. They will show and support the devotees there as they rejoin with numerous who they presented with. ...
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SFCC Missions 2007 Winning South America for Christ

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Florida Missions Council (FMC) Churches partaking in Missions support for 2006-2007 Tallahassee Shiloh Farms Jacksonville Gainesville Orlando Tampa Ft Myers South Florida

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2006 FMC Accomplishments Congregations Supported Member Missionary Church Plantings Chile S.A. Authority Training Shiloh added to FMC Total FMC spending support met www.floridamissionscouncil.org

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Supported Brazilian Churches Sao Paulo, Brazil Brasilia, Brazil Salvador, Brazil Porto Alegre, Brazil Recife, Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Belo Horizonte, Brazil

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Supported Spanish Churches Santiago, Chile Vina del Mar, Chile La Paz, Bolivia Santa Cruz, Bolivia Asuncion, Paraguay Montevideo, Uruguay Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Member Missionary 2006 Where When members Rio de Janiero March 9 Sao Paolo June 10 Brasilia August 7 Belo H October 7 Sao Paolo Nov 8 Port au Prince Nov 8 Total 49

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See, Touch, Know the Souls Member Missionary permits association 1 Thessalonians 2:8 We cherished you so much that we were enchanted to impart to you the good news of God as well as our lives also, in light of the fact that you had turned out to be so dear to us.

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Matthew 28:18-20 18 Then Jesus came to them and said, "All power in paradise and on earth has been given to me. Along these lines go and make supporters of all countries, sanctifying through water them for the sake of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and showing them to obey all that I have summoned you. Furthermore, most likely I am with you generally, to the very end of the age."

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Benefits A chance to take part in spreading the gospel around the globe!

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2 nd Generation Church Plantings Rancagua, Chile (by Santiago) Viña del Mar, Chile (by Santiago) Concepcion (by Santiago) Santa Cruz, Bolivia (joint exertion)

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Church Planting & Strengthening Uruguay Hoyt\'s arrangements in advancement Needs: individuals and cash Website for information: SaveUruguay.org

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Chile Vision Directed, In Review… . Authority Vision recharged Training and impact from FMC Lessons learned Value of incessant correspondence Importance of standard visits

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S.A. Authority Training Program Florida Discipleship Conference Martin Bentley John Reus S.A. Pioneers Travel to Florida Conferences in South America

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The Church at Shiloh Farms Joined FMC Historical hugeness Although Shiloh is fundamentally the same as icoc holy places in principle and feelings it doesn\'t have official icoc ties. FMC comes to crosswise over old limits

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2007 Plans

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Vision for 2007 Continued Support Church Plantings Member Missionary S.A. Authority Training Benefits The Cost

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More 2 nd Generation Plantings being arranged Concepcion (by Santiago) Other (by Bolivia) Brazil 6 ?

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Reus Family to Brazil During the Summer of 2007 the Reus family will go to Brazil. They will instruct and support the devotees there as they rejoin with numerous who they presented with. What a gift this will be for the devotees in Brazil!

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Member Missionary excursions for 2007 Salvador June Brasilia August Belo Horizonte October HOPE Volunteer Corps Sao Paulo July Porte Alegre or Recife November

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Grace of Giving 2 Corinthians 8:7 But generally as you exceed expectations in everything—in confidence, in discourse, in information, in complete genuineness and in your affection for us — see that you additionally exceed expectations in this finesse of giving. Giving is for our advantage; it keeps our hearts delicate

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Missions/Stewardship Connection The Stewardship Campaign is for a long time (Nov. 2005-2008) Each year the principal natural products ($350K) of stewardship is focused on satisfying missions\' needs During the Campaign there is no different Special Missions Contribution

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Following Through Matthew 5:37 Simply let your "Yes" be "Yes," and your "No," \'No\'; anything past this originates from the shrewd one. Our outside holy places depend on realizing what they will get

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Budget Total FMC support-2006 Mission Church Needs met Amount Sao Paulo - Brazil $226,016 *Sao Paulo additionally bolsters 5 littler temples Rio de Janeiro $30,000 Belo Horizonte - Brazil $24,000 La Paz, Bolivia $28,120 Santa Cruz, Bolivia $21,400 Asuncion, Paraguay $13,000 Santiago, Chile $70,576 Buenos Aires, Argentina $31,420 Montevideo, Uruguay $28,600 TOTAL FMC support $473,132

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SFCC Planned Missions Expenses 2007 Florida Missions Council SFCC support 249,749 Member Missionary 48,000 Missionary Admin 4,800 Reus family to Brazil 15,000 HOPE for each Allison\'s request 12,000 SFCC nearby costs brought about for Missions 20,451 Total $350,000

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SFCC Missions 2007 Winning South America for Christ

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