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Sharing Good Practice Extended Services and School Workforce Development North East Regional Network Meeting 12 February 2009

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Darlington – Extended Services Part 1 Share Locality Forums: Termly occasion - 1 in each of 5 regions, went to by all organizations, operational staff in every region e.g. PCT, school headteachers, willful, LA. Why Informative sharing, advancement of shared needs, activity arrangements and assignment of ES subsidizing in collective way. Fantastic purchase in from all. Materials Locality profile CDs – will be accessible. Contact: Christine Jones: 01325 388820

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Darlington – Extended Services Part 2 Share Sign posting instrument. Why Enable schools/others to better meet FCO and stay away from duplication of administrations. Materials Published by DCSF/or Continyou \'Go to it\'. Contact: Christine Jones: Dawn Gilderoy:

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Darlington – School Workforce Development Virtual Leadership College Succession Planning. Narrowing the crevice. Relationship building school group – one school idea. Contact: Bernie Bowes Locality Forums Multi Disciplinary Forum. Hostage group of onlookers to connect with the school workforce in The One Children\'s Workforce Tool/Framework. Contact: Justine Stewart:

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Children\'s Executive Board (CEB) Local Children\'s Board (LCB) Communities of Learning (COL) Geographical Extended Services Clusters ESC Interface between schools & more extensive group Durham – Extended Services Example: realigning Extended Services to the work of Local Children\'s Boards. Point: To guarantee that Extended Services created through schools are connected to Extended Services advancement through youngsters\' focuses. Why: Places Extended Services at the heart of the work of Children\'s Trusts. Materials accessible: Structure reason: Ensures incorporated and composed way to deal with the advancement of Extended Services over the 0-19 motivation. – Universal and focused on administrations. Contact: Rose Envy:

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Durham – School Workforce Development Durham builds up claim evaluation focus to approve TA and PSA courses (Targets Met). Bundles can be connected to National Occupational Standards. This office can be utilized to help different LAs (approve) their courses in a financially savvy way. Contact: Nicola Smallman Assessment Center facilitator (0191) 370 6400

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Gateshead – Extended Services Good Practice School Improvement Clusters Why Joint Agendas – Extended Services, BEST/BIP, EAZ and so on. Pooled subsidizing. Sharing information. Smaller understanding. Yearly report connecting plans together. Contact: Margaret Carter: 0191 4204445 ext. 206

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Hartlepool – Extended Services Share - Hartlepool Excellent organization work through Extended Services/deliberate area/schools to convey center offer/ECM results. Illustration: \'Cool venture\' conveyed crosswise over territories in schools by deliberate association. Affect on ASB/people group union/key engagement/stoutness. Contact: Kay Porritt:

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Hartlepool - Workforce Worked with Curee to display new activities in instructing and observing to all schools. * Worked (with South Tyneside and Darlington) to pilot SEN TDA materials for NQTs (February-July 2009).* Created on EPD (Early Professional Development) program for educators in 2 nd - 5 th year of their career.* Engaged with key National accomplices (TDA, NCSL, QCA and so forth.) on Hartlepool Transforming Schools Program Change Plan. – to drive forward changes required under BSF/PCP.** Contact: * Angela Makepeace: ** John Leach:

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Middlesbrough – Extended Services Good Practice Development of Extended Services groups inside schools (bolstered by NCSL). Why Recognition by senior initiative of the estimation of a developed school group. Group meet consistently to consider all parts of center offer. Group build up the Extended Services Plan in a joint effort with Extended Schools Coordinator. The arrangement "fits" with school change plan and "fits" with Local specialist ES arrange. Documentation ES Audit ES Plan (archive) Contact: Julie McGee: 01642 728362

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Middlesbrough – School Workforce Development Share TA/HLTA support and advancement. CPD Emerging Practice. Why Offering an extensive variety of CPD for all TAs and HLTAs, from NVQ to NAPTA and past. Drawing in with all CPD pioneers crosswise over LA. Materials Available Via Carole Tonner, Middlesbrough LA. Creating Program accessible offer 09 March 2009. Contact: John Appleyard:

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Newcastle What we need to share Developing Regional positive thinking and strength (with different LAs) PSA (2 nd year) and connections with CAF creating – prone to be mainstreamed. Why Changing constraining convictions is a decent place to begin. Schools see positive advantage and effect. Materials Conference flyer (and different materials) at meeting. Affect show (PSA) and connected to PM yields and SM score card and how PSA "fits" into child rearing procedure. Contact: Helen Walker:

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North Tyneside – Extended Services Part 1 What Health driven part of charging system. BMI testing dynamic. Focused on work with respect to lessening in adolescent pregnancy. Natural connection to NHSS Chlamydia testing Reduction in liquor utilization by YP connections to "childsafe" activity. Why Demonstrating association working – creating of C/trust plans. Pooling of spending plans. Materials Guidance on testing. Itemized cost Action Plan.

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North Tyneside – Extended Services Part 2. What Impact improvement utilizing comes about based responsibility model of FSES voyage. Why It\'s an exciting ride! All formats accessible

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Northumberland – Extended Services & School Workforce Development Share Full 15 organization multi-office way to deal with the scattering and improvement of the TDA rationale model to assess affect – propelled by means of huge gathering 6 February (180 individuals). Assistance and support for stage particular CPD pioneers. (1/2 day arrange gatherings and advancement preparing openings e.g. SIPf, guiding) WAMG – 1/2 day advancement session – review against Deliverables. A3 synopsis item Out of this session came particular activities to be done over next 6 months, e.g. \'We can help you\' flyer. (Presently going to happen each April once Deliverables accessible) Why It is present continuous work that we are amped up for. e.g. Associations effectively starting to chip away at detail of Evaluating Impact show. Contact: Carol Leckie: 01670 533582 Claire King: 01670 533532 Alan Jonston: 01670 534048

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Redcar & Cleveland – Extended Services & School Workforce Development Extended Services To guarantee every essential inside the LA has an assignment. The venture hits each ECM result. Likewise contemplate bolster around planting/cooking/adhering to a good diet/endeavor and family learning. Materials accessible in the blink of an eye from: Contact: Keith Scott Workforce Development Identified CPD leads in each school inside the LA. The headteachers nourish into the LA to help the LA orchestrate more powerful CPD over the workforce.

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South Tyneside – Extended Services What would we like to share? Our Every Child Matters (ECM) Awards. Why would we like to share? Since we have built up an incredible method for kids and youngsters matured under 10 to work towards a privately licensed honor for each of the 5 results. At the point when youngsters have accomplished every honor there is a festival occasion and declarations granted. We are preparing guardians to work with youngsters to pick up the honors. Materials & Resources We have handbooks, endorsements and cases of work done. (The plan is copyright to South Tyneside however is £20 to buy the £1 per kid for every handbook.) Contact: Helen Quick:

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South Tyneside – Extended Services What would we like to share? Our support work with schools committees. Why would we like to share? Since this is the manner by which we have continuous exchange with C&YP and how we guarantee they have a say in administrations and the CYP Plan. Materials & Resources We have a cooperation group of staff in Extended Services (TWPE exchanged from Children\'s Fund). Staff work with kids and YP on school boards and unite amasses over the ward. Staff have created workshops for unique schools. We have reports to share indicating work done – the reports incorporate a "formula" for every workshop, recreations exercises that are attempted and tried. Contact: Helen Quick:

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South Tyneside – School Workforce Development Introduced PM prepare for bolster staff utilizing TDA Regional Model. Presented commentator preparing. Acquainted headteacher holidays with permit delegate headteacher to \'misbehave\' making a more reasonable pool of headteacher applicants. Working with Children\'s Trust to utilize Children\'s Development Workforce Tool. Held exceptionally effective half day meeting. Held one day meeting for every single Senior Officer included/have part in SEN to grow more incorporated way to deal with consideration. Pilot specialist (with Hartlepool and Darlington) to take a shot at TDA NQT SEN activity guiding new assets February-May 2009. Contact: Malcolm Grady:

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Stockton-on-Tees The understudy voice plan is running over the precinct with roughly 30 elementary schools. This program includes youngsters travellin

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