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Web Wellbeing. Show Knox Province Schools KIDS. http://internetsafety.instech. Web Security. If it's not too much trouble Knox Area Schools Innovation Division Marlene Boney 2009. Data on the Web?. The Web:. is a typical piece of our understudies' lives.
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Web Safety TEACH Knox County Schools KIDS http://internetsafety.instech. Safety PLEASE! Knox County Schools Technology Department Marlene Boney 2009

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Information on the Internet? The Internet: is an ordinary piece of our students’ lives. is utilized for correspondence, training, examination and investigation. is an effective apparatus that ought to be utilized shrewdly. can likewise be vulnerable to mishandle - focusing on kids and youthful youngsters. Amended Internet Safety PowerPoint Common Wealth VA “The Internet, now and then called just "the Net," is an overall arrangement of PC systems - a system of systems in which clients at any one PC can, in the event that they have authorization, get data from some other PC (and in some cases talk specifically to clients at other computers).” from

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Does Knox County Schools have an Internet approach? Knox County Schools has an Internet strategy relating to sites. The strategy addresses what is fitting to put on a site made by staff or understudies of Knox County Schools. Can be found at:

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Why Acceptable Use Policy? provocation or dangers. obstruction or impedance to the exercises of others. unapproved get to and utilization of the assets of others. harm or debilitation of assets. unapproved business exercises. To keep understudies from getting or conveying: Revised Internet Safety PowerPoint Common Wealth VA

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What is an Internet Filter? Understudies Cannot Get to All Internet locales. Numerous destinations are separated. Sifted access to the Internet is accommodated all understudy available PCs in Knox County Public Schools and additionally all schools all through the condition of Tennessee. The sifting programming forbids access to Internet locales in light of known wrong substance or resolved to be of practically zero instructive quality. The Internet Filter is given as a wellbeing insurance to all the state’s understudies.

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Does Tennessee have a law about Internet Safety?

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Tennessee Bill on Internet Safety Bill Background – Tennessee Law Tennessee House Bill 3051 brought about Title 49, a demonstration to revise Tennessee Code with respect to Internet use openly and tuition based schools. Segment I “(E) should incorporate a part on Internet Safety for understudies that is coordinated in a school district’s instructional project and (F) supports correspondence with folks that brings issues to light about Internet Safety...” SECTION II states that this “ACT” might produce results July 1, 2008.”

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Train the instructional staff Train educators and understudies Monitor students’ Internet Use Reinforce safe surfing practices Community outreach What are the Needs? Who tackles these Roles? Changed Internet Safety PowerPoint Common Wealth VA

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Teachers Monitor students’ Internet Use. Strengthen safe surfing practices. Circuitous group effort (guardian meetings, bulletins, and so on.). Overseers Monitor system to guarantee usefulness/cooperation at all levels. Start, plan, encourage group outreach. Screen students’ Internet utilization. Fortify safe surfing practices. Instructional Technology Staff Join Internet Safety Class Click Join this Group Revised Internet Safety PowerPoint Common Wealth VA

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Internet Safety in Our Schools Internet Safety Awareness should be a part in the educational programs in the K-12 instructional system. can be utilized as expert advancement for Staff. requirements to incorporate effort for folks and group. By what means would you be able to wind up mindful? County’s Internet Safety Site Revised Internet Safety PowerPoint Common Wealth VA

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What ought to be incorporated in the school’s Curriculum? Security and Legality concerning playing recreations or downloading music/feature Evaluation of pages for substance, legitimacy and credibility – not all data is substantial or suitable Emphasis and/or consciousness of cyberbullies & predators that utilization the Internet to control understudies Focus on messages understudies may get by online “friends” ALERT: People who send these messages are not generally who or what they appear to be. Updated Internet Safety PowerPoint Common Wealth VA

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How would we show Internet Safety? We have to direct our understudies to use sound judgment in their Internet ventures. Guide understudies to the numerous destinations that Knox County has as memberships. Pretty much as we instruct youngsters to be protected in the corridors of our schools, crossing the road or driving an auto, we must show them to utilize the Internet securely. It ought to be taught as a coordinated entire; not an one time preparing lesson. We ought to use the ‘teachable moment’ at whatever point a subject can represent a segment of Internet wellbeing. Changed Internet Safety PowerPoint Common Wealth VA

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What can instructors and folks do to advance Internet Safety? Educators and Parents Need to know the indications of cyberbullying and what to do if one of their understudies is harrassed. Need to remind understudies again and again that individuals online are not generally who they claim to be, and Internet data is not generally exact/fitting. Must show understudies what sorts of individual data they are never to share on the Internet without guardian regard: name, location, telephone number, email location, school they go to Cyberbullying is the utilization of email, texting, talk rooms, pagers, mobile phones, or different types of data innovation to intentionally disturb, undermine, or threaten somebody. Reconsidered Internet Safety PowerPoint Common Wealth VA

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What can instructors and folks do to advance Internet Safety? Instructors and Parents Need to underline that trading data with others online can be hazardous. Need to converse with understudies about the arrangements on trading/downloading documents. Need to know email threats and offer data to kids on the most proficient method to perceive issue signs. Need to call attention to that online diaries/web journals ought not uncover an excess of data; predators can utilize the data to get around confinements. Need to check age-proper levels of locales that children visit particularly person to person communication. Modified Internet Safety PowerPoint Common Wealth VA

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What can instructors and folks do to advance Internet Safety? Make Safety Rules for Kids Students need to hear the wellbeing principles frequently. Web security principles ought to be posted close to all PCs. Educators and folks ought to survey controls every now and again. Understudies ought to know outcomes of ignoring the tenets. Understudies need to recognize what ventures to take when accidently getting to unseemly destinations. Instructors and folks must be predictable in authorizing guidelines and the strategies. Reconsidered Internet Safety PowerPoint Common Wealth VA

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Essential Points for Teachers Remember checking is vital. Channels can\'t find everything. Instructors and folks must watch where understudies go on the Internet. No erratic or “free” surfing – instructors ought to give reason and aides. Instructors or folks can see ‘History’ to see what understudies have seen. Reconsidered Internet Safety PowerPoint Common Wealth VA

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Essential Points for Teachers Choose sites or quest apparatuses for understudies or utilization webguides or webquests. Continuously propose option or related destinations. netTrekker Discovery Education Grolier online Heritage Quest Online Infotrac (TEL) Learning Express Library News Bank Points of View Reference Center Teaching Books Post principles and outcomes. These destinations are memberships given by Knox County Schools. On the off chance that passwords are required ask media authorities.

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Be Familiar with Social Networking MySpace Facebook What is long range interpersonal communication? Online groups of individuals who offer hobbies and exercises Youtube-A prominent Web feature sharing webpage that gives anyone a chance to store short features for private or open review. Long range interpersonal communication Sites Top Ten Review Another Popular Site for Kids

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Good Resources Correlates to ISTE measures Contains norms based lesson arranges with action sheets for folks, understudies and educators Safety Site K-12 exercises and week by week Internet wellbeing tips-Knox County Schools

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Keeping Knox County Students Internet Safe “The Internet’s potential is boundless and still to a great extent undiscovered. Inside of the following 10 years, it will change instruction in ways we can\'t imagine.” Billy K. Cannaday, Jr. Virginia\'s administrator of open guideline Our objective in Knox County Schools is to keep our understudies Internet Safe. Every one of us must cooperate to verify understudy have a sheltered excursion on the Internet.

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Introduction of Knox County’s new Internet Safety Character KEEPING INTERNET PREDATORS AWAY

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Tip # 1: Do not give out individual data on the web. Search for K I P An at his week after week Internet Safety Tip! K I P A has think of a tip a week-52 Tips. These tips can be found at the Technology Instructional Technology site. Email K I P A:

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Thanks to the accompanying : Dion Dykes maker of KIPA Some material taken from an I

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