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(verbs, linguistic structure variety, symbolism in setting and portrayal, anticipation, and so on ... Many motion pictures and TV arrangement in view of his stories. ...
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Showing demo - A Short Story By Wang Wenli 08/09/06 WANG

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play 08/09/06 WANG

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Importance of the work Best-recalled and most-studied , One of the world\'s best short stories (1924) winning the O\'Henry Memorial Prize, the top short story prize in America Included as a great into American grade school and secondary school course books and the world\'s best short fiction collections Adapted into twelve of movies - the most recent one: Lethal Woman (1998); the best-known one: The Most Dangerous Game (1932) 08/09/06 WANG

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Objectives: type study (audit) Elements of the short story: moral/subject  plot character & portrayal  setting  perspective (perusing technique:close perusing) 08/09/06 WANG

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Objectives: dialect & composing style: verbs, punctuation, symbolism, incongruity, embodiment… tension stage up: redundancy, examination and differentiation 08/09/06 WANG

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Outline: day 1 Lead-in exercises: assignment sheets Objectives Background data Plot, portrayal, setting, topics Further inquiries for talk: (for day 3) 08/09/06 WANG

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Day 2 Check on review: dialect Detailed concentrate: part by part Activities: clear filling, summarizing, interpretation, and so on 08/09/06 WANG

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Day 3: Discussion Sum-up Extra work out/Quiz 08/09/06 WANG

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Preclass work Group Work:  Please draw a guide of the boat trap island and imprint out Rainsford " s escape course as indicated by the content.  Study para. 27 and para. 36 deliberately. Attempt to make sense of how Rainsford " s traps work. Exhibit them in class. 08/09/06 WANG

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Preclass work Individual work: 1) Produce a Venn Diagram to analyze Rainsford and Zaroff. Do you think the scalawag and the saint are fundamentally diverse? If not, what do they have in like manner? 08/09/06 WANG

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Preclass work: Venn Diagram Rainsford Zaroff 08/09/06 WANG

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Preclass work Individual work: 2) expressive examination: This chasing story is depicted as a grasping repulsiveness account stacked with activity . What expressive elements would you be able to discover in the content to bolster this portrayal? (verbs, language structure variety, symbolism in setting and portrayal, anticipation, and so on.) 08/09/06 WANG

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Preclass work Individual work: 2) complex investigation: This chasing story is depicted as a grasping frightfulness account stacked with activity . What complex elements would you be able to discover in the content to bolster this depiction? (verbs, language structure variety, symbolism in setting and portrayal, tension, and so forth.) 08/09/06 WANG

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Lead-in Activities: understudy delegate Order the Events _____ Rainsford utilizes an Ugandan trap and slaughters Ivan. _____ General Zaroff welcomes Rainsford to join his amusement. _____ One of Zaroff\'s mutts falls into the Burmese tiger pit and passes on. _____ Rainsford and Whitney discuss "Ship Trap Island." _____ Rainsford does a reversal to the manor and murders General Zaroff. _____ Rainsford spends the night in a tree. _____ Rainsford hops off a precipice _____ Rainsford falls into the water and swims to the island. _____ Rainsford makes a Malay man-catcher which harms General Zaroff on the shoulder. 08/09/06 WANG

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N W E Malay man-catcher S Ugandan trap Zaroff\'s manor Ship-trap Island Caribbean Sea Death swamp 08/09/06 WANG

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Background data I: Introduction to the writer & his work 08/09/06 WANG

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Richard Connell (1893 - 1949) Age 10: secured ball games for his dad\'s daily paper at the installment of 10 pennies for every amusement Age 16: got to be city supervisor of the paper Age 22: moved on from Harvard Age 26: wedded and turned an expert essayist 08/09/06 WANG

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Achievements One of the most productive short story journalists of the twentieth century - more than 300 short stories distributed in top magazines of the time Successful screenwriter and author Dozens of films and TV arrangement in view of his stories 08/09/06 WANG

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Evaluation of the story \'On one level it is experience and high dramatization . On another it handles questions about man\'s connection to the lower creatures. On still another it assesses existentialism.\' - Dave McCourt Characterized by elevated or exciting occasions/topics 08/09/06 WANG

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Historical foundation: 1920s Big amusement chasing in African and South American nations is mainstream with well off Europeans and Americans. In 1909, Theodore Roosevelt and his child executed 512 creatures on an African safari. Directly after WWI, "a war to end all wars", the Bolshevik upset that topples the old pecking order of classes. 08/09/06 WANG

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Plot what number parts would we be able to isolate the story into? In which part is the peak came to? The conclusion/determination comprises of stand out sentence. Why? 08/09/06 WANG

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Plot How is strain developed? suspense (study para.19) sentence length and sort (look at paras. 18, 34- - 36, 38 ) 08/09/06 WANG

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Characterization Stereotype, Cossack Kindred spirits 志趣相投 Zaroff Rainsford Russian , highborn , military , crazy person, evil Professional seeker, Obsessed with chasing, Privileged class, Classist, American, (majority rule) regular citizen Still "ordinary", human 08/09/06 WANG

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Characterization: the general Why is the general so fixated on chasing? How would you comprehend his decision of men as prey? Do his calling and social class clarify his conviction and conduct? 08/09/06 WANG

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Characterization: Rainsford Do you think Rainsford is superior to the general? How is he not quite the same as conventional legends?  vacillation: closeness to Zaroff  vehicle of incongruity: seeker turned huntee 08/09/06 WANG

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Irony "The world is comprised of two classes- - the seekers and the huntees. Fortunately, you and I are seekers." "Who minds how a puma feels?" "Bah! They\'ve no understanding." 08/09/06 WANG

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Characterization: procedures Zaroff discourse Rainsford thought What does the distinction propose? 08/09/06 WANG

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Setting Where is the story set? a Caribbean island a Gothic manor a wilderness and a bog Do you locate any typical importance in this setting? 08/09/06 WANG

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Themes The seeker and the chased Social Darvinism Classism, bigotry, elitism 08/09/06 WANG

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Questions for further talk (day 3) What will happen after Rainsford kills the general? Will he turn into another Zaroff? Why does the general lose the diversion? Is it true that he is intentionally pursuing his own particular obliteration? What do you consider chasing, or, war when all is said in done, in the wake of taking in the story? In relationship with what we have realized in U3 & 4, what does this story say in regards to history and bigotry? (History is composed by the victor/the more grounded. Bigotry is separation in light of the characterization of individuals) 08/09/06 WANG

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Detailed study: Part (1-14) In what way does the general talk? What is told by the disparity between what he says and what he does? What sort of man would he say he is, judged from his discourse? (para. 13) 08/09/06 WANG

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Language Rest with, lay on (para. 6): Success in administration at last _________ sound judgment. A ultimate conclusion __________ the President. It ________ the jury to choose the detainee " s destiny. lays on rests with rests with 08/09/06 WANG

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Language Venture (para. 6): to ~ + n. 如果我能冒昧地说一下我的看法,我觉得这个计划需要进一步的审核。 If I may wander a feeling, I " d say the arrangement needs nearer examination. to ~ + to-v. 我能斗胆提几个改进的建议吗? May I dare to propose a couple of upgrades? to ~ + prep. 非典时期大家都不敢出门。 Nobody wandered out of entryways amid the time of SARS. 08/09/06 WANG

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Paraphrase Night discovered him legweary… when night came, he was excessively drained, making it impossible to walk… 二十一世纪中国抱着前所未有的乐观态度拓宽了对外开放的尺度。 The 21 st century has discovered China ___________________________________ opening more extensive to the outside world with a phenomenal idealism. 08/09/06 WANG

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Part 2 (15-28) What creatures are the two characters contrasted with independently? (paras. 18, 20, 24, 27) How does Rainsford " s attention to his circumstance change regulated? 08/09/06 WANG

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Language Verbal expressions: dive along, strike off, stretch out, toss down, goad on ___________ by a sharp feeling of disgrace, he had ___________, giving no notice to the passers-by who took a gander at him abnormally. To make tracks in an opposite direction from the ghastly scene beyond what many would consider possible, he _________ from the primary road and goofed into one of those dull back streets, toward the end of which he ___________ himself behind a refuse can lastly ___________in a rest. 08/09/06 WANG

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Strike (para.18) 发现新的办法 strike _______ another ___________ 想到这个可能,他心里突然充满了恐惧。 The __________struck dread _____ his heart. 他们都惊呆了,说不出话来。 They were _________________________. 我觉得很奇怪他居然不愿说出自己的名字。 It __________________________________________. on methodology prospect into hit idiotic with astonishment struck me as rather odd that he declined to give his name 08/09/06 WANG

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Ring (para.27) To blow a smoke ring His snicker rings through the wilderness (survey: reverberation, buzz, thunder) 屋子里充满了孩子们欢乐的笑声 The room rang with the chuckling of cheerful kids. 整个城市到处流传着坏消息 The entire city rang with awful news. 他说的

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