Showtime: Dressing for an Effective Prospective employee meeting.

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You will be judged by your appearance. Clothing ought to be agreeable ... noticeable Body piercings. Men and Women. Spread tattoos. Men and Women. Clean washed body. No ...
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Showtime: Dressing for a Successful Job Interview Eaglevision Ministries Dr. LaClaire Bouknight

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Basic Principles of Attire This is your chance to sparkle This is your initial introduction You will be judged by your appearance Attire ought to be agreeable

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Nonverbals: What are you Really Saying Handshake Eye contact Hand developments Posture, motions, outward appearances Tone of voice

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Men and Women No obvious Body piercings

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Men and Women Cover tattoos

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Men and Women Clean washed body No confection, gum, or cigarettes Minimal or no cologne or scent No "Doo Rags"

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Men and Women Light folder case or portfolio Clean trimmed fingernails

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Men and Women Clean, all around prepared hairdo Clean, cleaned traditionalist shoes

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Women Skirt-Suit or Pant-Suit Conservative shoes, not stilettos Brief case as opposed to substantial tote Conservative nail clean No boisterous adornments

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Women One arrangement of hoops Conservative hosiery Conservative make-up Hair out of the face Sit with legs together Avoid low profile tops

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Women Avoid mid-float exposing apparel Avoid demonstrating thongs Avoid provocative dress and extras

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Men Dark shoes Dark socks Short hair is best Beards are generally a debilitation Mustaches must be trimmed No rings aside from school or wedding ring

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Men No studs, take them out Conservative bowtie Conservative suit in dim blue or dim No red, purple, or lime green suits Conservative white or pastel shirt

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Showtime! Employments! Go Get Them!

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Agree or Disagree

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