Shrewd Intuitive Whiteboard Preparing.

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Savvy Intuitive Whiteboard Preparing Stephanie Milner Instructional Innovation Expert ETTC @ NSC June 24-25, 2007 9am to 4pm Plan 1. Prologue to course 2. Understudy Presentations 3. Housekeeping 4. Essential Shrewd Board Capacities 5. Microsoft InkAware Programs
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Savvy Interactive Whiteboard Training Stephanie Milner Instructional Technology Specialist ETTC @ NSC June 24-25, 2007 9am to 4pm

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Agenda 1. Prologue to course 2. Understudy Introductions 3. Housekeeping 4. Fundamental SMART Board Functions 5. Microsoft InkAware Programs 6. Brilliant Software and Notebook

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Goals The members will have the capacity to Use a SMART Board to control the desktop of a PC Incorporate SMART Tools in exercises to upgrade understudy comprehension Take notes and spare them on Microsoft Word and Excel InkAware archives Take notes and spare them on Microsoft PowerPoint presentations Use Notebook Software to make lessons

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Overview Discuss the fundamental elements of SMART Technologies Products and communicate with the board and AirLiner Learn the essential classroom utilizes for every SMART Technologies Product Learn the SMART\'s elements Board Tools and utilization in an example lesson Use InkAware Microsoft items with the SMART Board Explore Notebook Software Visit the site and scrutinize the teacher assets Create lesson arrangement utilizing SMART Notebook Software Present lesson plan(s) to bunch

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Housekeeping Any Participants Who Need to Pay? Bathrooms Parking Sign-in and Notebook? Plan: 5 to 10 moment break at 10:00am Lunch break 12:00-1:00pm Win a 512mb hop drive at 1:05! 5 to 10 moment break at 2:00pm Class closes at 4:00pm! Any inquiries?

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Progress Diagram Board Orientation and SMART Board Tools InkAware Notebook Begin by touching the board to control your computer’s desktop and perform any errand you would finish sitting at your console. Use Microsoft Word and Excel for classroom exercises and fuse your notes from the SMART Board into your reports. Spare notes to PowerPoint presentations too. Utilization SMART Notebook to sort out your lessons and units. Likewise store any extra documents as connections to note pad records for simple access amid guideline.

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Planting a Seed 2 3 4 1

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Using Notebook for Lessons and Units Making Notebook Work Plan the lesson Teach the lesson Decide on your page design Develop Your pages Attach different records

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