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SHRIJI DARSHAN. MANGLA DARSHAN. This is the first Jhanki of the day and in winter it takes place before the sunrise while in summer, it is later. In summer he wears a Dhoti while in winter he wears a Coat. Arati is offered and this darshan is dedicated to the memory of Parmanandji (Poet). .
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MANGLA DARSHAN This is the principal Jhanki of the day and in winter it happens before the dawn while in summer, it is later. In summer he wears a Dhoti while in winter he wears a Coat. Arati is offered and this darshan is devoted to the memory of Parmanandji (Poet).

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SHRUNGAR DARSHAN An hour after Mangla is the following darshan where Shrinathji is sharp looking with a mala of blooms. He is then appeared in the mirror and a woodwind is set in his grasp. He should play with the youngsters amid this time. Dry organic product is offered to Shrinathji and his dress differs as indicated by season and celebration. The melodies are sung by the artist Nandadas

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GWAL DARSHAN This is the third Jhanki when Shrinathji takes his cows to the field. Amid this darshan Dhoop Deep is performed. The vocalist in this Jhanki reminds about the artist, Shri Govind swami, Kheer and Rabdi is offered to Shrinathji

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RAJBHOG DARSHAN The fundamental darshan of the day is Rajbhog. Shrinathji is fashionable and presented with most tasty and nutritious sustenance. An Aarti is performed. The Kirtankar is writer Khumbhandas.

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UTHAPAN DARSHAN At around 3 p.m. Shrinathji stirs after his twelve rest. Vina is played and Kirtankar should, be Surdasji.

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BHOG DARSHAN During this darshan, Shrinathji is offered leafy foods dinner. Shrinathji holds gatherings with different Gods & Goddesses and one ought to ask to shrinathji and demand him to satisfy the cravings. It is in this Darshan one will discover Chadidar who is the gatekeeper. The kirtankar in this Jhanki is Chaturbhujadas. Dhruv Bari is the spot where one can ask for master to satisfy his desires.

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SANDHYA AARTI DARSHAN This seventh Jhanki is at sunset when the Lord used to take his dairy animals back to home. The kirtankar should be Chitarswami. Evening Arti is performed.

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SHAYAN DARSHAN This is the last Jhanki which accentuation for Shrinathji to turn in. An arti is performed. This darshan is normally held for six months. Thakurji is offered paan. The kirtankar should be krishnadas.

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