Sight and sound in Associations.

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Interactive media in Associations BUSS 213 Address 1 Characterizing Media, Different Media, and Authoritative Sight and sound Notification Task 2 marks accessible Wednesday of this current week Gathering 6 ought to download the new form of this document Plan Characterizing Media Illustrations of New Media
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Sight and sound in Organizations BUSS 213 Lecture 1 Defining Media, Multiple Media, and Organizational Multimedia

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Notices Assignment 2 marks accessible Wednesday of this current week Group 6 ought to download the new form of this document

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Agenda Defining Media Examples of New Media Temporal Media (Audio, Video) Immersive Media (QTVR, VRML) New Media (Time Slice, STI) Using New Media: Integration for Intranets

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Defining Media

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New Media-Relevance some new advanced media are being utilized to take care of authoritative issues for instance QTVR is being utilized by: Real Estate Agents use it to portray the insides of extravagant properties which are to be unloaded, Queensland Police are utilizing it to make a practical remaking of the wrongdoing scene

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New Media-Relevance there are numerous types of new computerized media which are right now being made numerous basically anticipate an application for which they are suited in light of the fact that Intranets are not so much restricted to the pace and transfer speed limitations of the Internet-some of these new types of media will be most readily accessible on Intranets

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Defining Media (1) Just what is a media? - the response to this basic inquiry is shockingly mind boggling in the event that we can answer this inquiry we may have the capacity to comprehend the relationship between the purported new computerized media and conventional media we might likewise have the capacity to manufacture mixed media frameworks

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Defining Media (2) Failure of Technical Classification of Media Recall Reading #3 which orders the sorts of media as per the kind of information structures that are utilized this is not a satisfactory clarification in light of the fact that it disregards how clients really ‘read’ or cooperate with these types of media

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Defining Media (3) Media Classification Failure: Time Slice an illustration of this is Time Slice Imaging (depicted last) Technical Classification considers it to be the same as Digital Video-Time Slice like Digital Video can\'t be associated with yet, Time Slice gives a totally diverse affair to clients they ‘read’ it in an unexpected way

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Defining Media (4) ‘New’ Media from ‘Old’ Media the real reason new types of media can be made is that customary advanced media can be changed from information to procedures is accomplished by including: Selection - on occasion do this Repetition - rehash this until that to the typical State for static media or Sequence for Time-requested media

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Defining Media (4) Creating ‘New’ Media on the off chance that we can comprehend and characterize media we may have the capacity to make completely new sorts of uninvolved and intelligent experience for clients! be that as it may, a superior definition will require IS : to go past specialized contemplations of information and process, and to likewise consider how clients ‘read’ media-the domain of semiotics!

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Time Slice Imaging

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Time Slice Imaging (1) to catch a period cut picture: utilize an extraordinary camera comprising of a substantial number of still cameras (~120) and orchestrated them in an expansive circular segment the optical design of every still camera is such that every picture covers its forerunner and successor interface the cameras so that they all take a picture of the same subject at the same time

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Time Slice Imaging (2) to make the time cut picture: alter together each of the still pictures either using so as to utilize direct film altering or non-straight advanced altering, and gather the pictures onto a feature tape requesting the pictures as indicated by camera position - that is in an arrangement from left-most camera to one side most camera

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Time Slice Imaging (3) then play back the motion picture! the outcome is an enthralling knowledge a solidified minute scene from an enormous number of edges it is so startling in light of the fact that we don\'t see time along these lines and we are never ready to get a perspective from various positions genuinely another media-actually indistinguishable to advanced feature however altogether different for clients!

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Time Slice Imaging (4) Examples initially specified in a little news thing Scientific American or New Scientist Other Examples: Various Advertisements Lost in Space (1998) The Matrix (1999) Lecture Video Example: BBC (1998) The Human Body-Part 2

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Timeslice Camera “This camera gives a five-meter long 90 degree round following shot in time-cut, real to life, long introduction, rapid screen or any mix. The camera performs like a reduced movement control rig. The optics are multi-covered, permitting the camera to perform to wide screen highlight film norms. Again the development is strong, empowering the camera to go to far flung areas and work under the harshest conditions (as has demonstrated the case with regular history work).”

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QuickTime VR

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QuickTime VR first mostly immersive VR framework QTVR is restrictive in that it must be produced on a top of the line Macintosh, yet can be played on numerous stages simply like QuickTime not an issue for media engineers who frequently incline toward this stage due to its persistent backing of realistic expressions and outline markets

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QuickTime VR Types there are a few sorts of VR that can be constructed utilizing QuickTime VR: Object Movies Single Node Panoramic Movies Multi-Node Movies Sparse Multi-Node Scene Continuous Multi-Node Scene

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QuickTime VR Sources of Object Movies photography of genuine article/s from all perspectives utilizing film or feature model and render virtual item/s from all perspectives digitally every perspective turns into an unmistakable casing in a casing space shaped by a QuickTime motion picture

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QuickTime VR Frame Order and Frame Space the request of casings in the edge space is vital: if the article is genuine then essentially photo sees in the corrct request if the item is virtual then casings must be rendered in the corrct request Frame Access Function is utilized recognize which casings to show in light of client collaboration

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Frame Space & Access Function

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Object Movies Definition... two types of article motion pictures: a 360 º arrangement of pictures around the ‘equator’ of an item, or a progression of pictures which frame various ‘latitude’ circles around an article including the ‘north and south poles’ collected to shape a ceaseless circle of pictures

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Object Movies ...Definition size of the item is a thought when making article films: if the article for which an item motion picture is to be made is little then the item is pivoted , generally the camera apparatus is moved around the item to recreate turn of the article

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Object Movies Background Issues object motion picture foundations are by and large dark and featureless makes the move from the installing media (all encompassing VR or feature) less bumping it is likewise to a great degree hard to match up the photometric and geometric attributes of distinctive media (portrayed recent)

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Object Movies Medium... photography-produces incredible results yet has numerous troublesome steps which are out of the content\'s control inventor subject to Kodak who are the main organization that can make the fundamental PhotoCDs

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Object Movies Medium simple feature must be digitized which will require extremely extravagant equipment and programming exceptionally boisterous and will need picture pre-handling before making the Object Movie advanced feature helpful I-interface (Firewire) transfer of pictures to VR improvement machine costly yet justified, despite all the trouble!

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Object Movies Camera Requirements... in the event that utilizing photography you will require a decent quality 35mm SLR camera-could be an old manual top of the line camera or another best in class top of the line camera mount that can hold the camera in representation introduction camera head which can turn the camera in equivalent fragments of a circle

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Object Movies …Camera Requirements a wide edge lens-the more extensive it is the less the quantity of photos are required lens attributes (<15 mm is an exceptionally costly fisheye lens; >28mm is drawing nearer an ordinary lens-so overlook it) 15mm 12 pictures 18mm 12 pictures 28mm 18 pictures

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Object Movies Supports any backings ought not be noticeable in the finished article media extraordinary backings for the things being shot can be lavish need unique dances to get a 360 º arrangement including the ‘poles’ can utilize an old record turntable if the items are little

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Single-Node Panoramic Scene permits a client to see a space or inside from a solitary perspective does not permit the client to investigate the inside different sorts of QTVR items (eg. Inadequate and Continuous Multi-Node Scenes) are made by sewing various single hub all encompassing scenes together

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Sparse Multi-Node Scene Users can bounce between an arrangement of key hubs situated at purposes of enthusiasm for a space or inside gives an affair which permits some constrained navigational flexibility valuable when there are just a couple key purposes of interest and no compelling reason to demonstrate a consistent space

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Continuous Multi-Node Scene (1) client has considerably more opportunity to visit distinctive areas in space key hubs which lie at way convergences before intriguing questions and presentations persistent space is made by situating hubs between the key hubs required when everything is fascinating

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Continuous Multi-hub Scene (2) Example: MicroLabs, UOW c. 1995 Can be seen or downloaded from the BUSS909 Intranet

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QTVR Production Steps

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QTVR Production Difficulties Photochemical Processes a shockingly expansive scope of issues amid VR generation can happen as an utilization\'s consequence of photographic source materials, photochemical preparing and photograph CD mas

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