Simultaneous Session: Modern Part Needs Seeking after Major Mechanical Open doors.

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(Source: California Industrial Existing Construction Energy Efficiency ... CEE individuals are meeting up through the Industrial Program Planning Committee: ...
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CEE Winter Program Meeting January 16-17, 2008 Long Beach, CA Concurrent Session: Industrial Sector Priorities Pursuing Major Industrial Opportunities

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Objectives Review vitality patterns in the modern part Summarize CEE industry program achievements and needs Discuss objectives/next strides

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Industrial S ector Is a Big Opportunity U.S. industry speaks to: 37% of U.S. normal gas request 29% of U.S. power request 30% of U.S. nursery gas emanations More vitality use than whatever other single G8 country Large open doors for Energy diminishment Emissions decreases Fuel adaptability 32 quads of vitality >200,000 destinations 14.3 million employments $5,900 billion in shipments $980 billion in fares

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Baseline Energy Consumption (CA) (Source: California Industrial Existing Construction Energy Efficiency Potential Study, May 2006)

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Industrial Sector CEE Coverage CEE Initiatives: Motors Motor Mgmt. Engine Systems Compressed Air Pump Systems Transformers Water/Wastewater Fired Heaters 31% Motor Systems 23% Steam 26% Process Cooling 2% Facilities 10% Other 4% Electro-compound 4%

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Relevance to individuals Alignment with CEE\'s main goal Technical potential Indicators of business sector change Key partner connections Other potential resources Level of exertion required Makes utilization of CEE\'s one of a kind part Fills a hole Time outline Decision-production Criteria for CEE Efforts in the Industrial Sector

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Session Context

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Premium-Efficiency Motors

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Premium-Efficient Motors Initiative Launched in 1996 Based on EPAct 1992 extent of engines: Aligned with NEMA Premium TM in 2001 For engines secured under EPACT Forty-seven members in 2006-7 Majority offer prescriptive projects for 1-200 hp engines Custom projects for bigger engines and engine frameworks

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Scope of Covered Products CEE Specification 1 – 200 Hp Low-voltage General-reason NEMA Premium Specification 1-200 Hp Low-voltage General-reason - PLUS - 250 – 500 Hp Medium-voltage Special & clear reason

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Major Accomplishments in Motors Revised CEE Premium-Efficiency Motor Initiative to incorporate a direction determination for substantial, low-voltage electric engines (250-500 hp) Released the 2007 Motor and Drive Program Summary portraying the project offerings of 47 CEE individuals Available on CEE\'s site: Ebb and flow engine research: Impacts to projects of the as of late ordered government least effectiveness models for engines Exploring medium-voltage, uncommon and unequivocal reason engines Exploring 50hz engines (most ordinarily found in Europe) given restricted standard data and industry proposed execution levels.

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2008 Priorities Prepare for usage of Energy Independence and Security Act Anticipate engine guidelines\' effect on mechanical business sector and on projects. For instance: Develop best practice repair direction for projects Review vitality execution and business sector availability of cutting edge engine innovations Develop reliable dialect to encourage client training

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2008 Priorities Monitor proposed charge credits for engines preceding the new guidelines going live. Buyers of qualified vitality proficient engines would be permitted a credit in a sum equivalent to $15 per drive of qualified vitality effective engines set in administration by the citizen amid the assessable year. Potential ramifications: Encourage end-use buyers to put resources into premium productivity Encourage substitution instead of amplify the life of wasteful engines

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Motor Management: Motor Decisions Matter SM A national battle intended to enhance the way modern engine repair/supplant choices are made by advancing the monetary and execution advantages of sound engine administration strategies to mechanical administrators Increase industry\'s familiarity with engine administration opportunities Increase interest for NEMA Premium TM engines & best practice engine repair Encourage the business sector to take part in engine arranging Collaborate broadly to improve nearby adequacy

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Motor Manufacturers ABB Inc. A.O. Smith Electrical Products Company Baldor Electric Emerson Motors GE Industrial Systems Regal-Beloit Corporation Rockwell Automation/Reliance Electric Siemens Energy & Automation TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company Toshiba International WEG Electric Motor Corporation Trade Associations CDA, Inc. EASA NEMA Efficiency Program Administrators Advanced Energy BC Hydro ComEd, a division of Exelon Corporation LIPA MidAmerican Energy Company National Grid USA NYSERDA NW Alliance NSTAR Electric & Gas PG&E SMUD SCE WI Department of Administration Xcel Energy Supporting Organizations U.S. Division of Energy MDM Sponsors

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Major Accomplishments in Motor Management CEE quickened support conveyance of the Motor Decisions Matter battle through yearly gathering, spotlight calls, online classes, and a local meeting in Austin. 4 Spotlight Calls: Xcel Energy, PG&E, SCE, NStar & NGrid 2 Educational Webinars Increase Profitability Through Motor Management Jump Start Customer Conversations with MDM Tools CEE worked with individuals exclusively to help them influence the assets and connections that MDM has developed in the course of recent years. CEE worked with modern project staff from Southern California Edison, Austin Energy, and BC Hydro

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Major Accomplishments in Motor Management CEE helped the editors of exchange and business productions to create 16 articles portraying the advantages of premium-proficiency engines, engine administration and the MDM crusade. These distributions have a joined dissemination of 157,100 perusers (in 2007) gotten more than 600,000 hits with 23,000 one of a kind guests

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2008 Priorities Continue to Implement MDM Phase 3 Expand conveyance of Campaign message Increase level coordination and joint effort Develop "support interest" rules Identify reconciliation opportunities Position the battle to react to new norms Prepare for post Phase 3 move

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Motor Systems: Municipal Water and Wastewater Facilities

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Water/Wastewater Initiative Objective : Increase familiarity with and interest for vitality effectiveness inside the metropolitan water and wastewater division Strategy : To manufacture a format of broadly reliable instruments and messages for individuals to fuse into their projects and to convey broadly

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Current Projects and the Initiative ENERGY STAR Benchmarking Field Test Education at Operator Level Forum for projects Way to organize on national level ECM Framework Forum Coordinate national examination ventures, program research Program direction MA DEP & CEE Members Awareness Funding strategies

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Benchmarking in Programs How can productivity programs utilize this apparatus? ComEd, BPA, WI FOE, NYSERDA, TVA, NStar, NGrid Process versus results Lessons Learned Hurdles to Implementation

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Framework for Evaluating ECMS Analyze chance to create rules for effectiveness measures in W/WW Methodology: Industry writing (AwwaRF, WEF, EPRI, EPA) Program Documents/Studies (PG&E, BC Hydro, WI FOE) Solicit information on past ventures Alliant CEC Efficiency Vermont NYSERDA SCE Snohomish Xcel Energy

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Supporting MA DEP Project 14 offices in Massachusetts CEE Members Bay State Gas Berkshire Gas Cape Light Compact National Grid NStar Unitil Benchmarking WW Using rundown of ECMs from Framework Project Follow through to Funding

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Priorities for 2008 Benchmarking Integration Expand ECM Framework New Technologies Project Implementation Funding Process Supplier Role Drinking Water Benchmark

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Industrial Program Planning

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What is the open door? Current environment for more extensive and more profound vitality funds is driving individuals to re-survey modern vitality reserve funds in the process range and to recognize program opportunities. distinguishing cross-cutting, process-particular measures focusing on modern sub-divisions

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Process Energy Use by SIC and Application

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The refining, substance, paper and metal commercial enterprises together utilize 71% of aggregate inputs of vitality for warmth, force, and power era. Modern Sector Energy Use by Sub-segment

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Emerging Program Models Sector-Specific Approaches Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance is concentrating on sustenance preparing and mash and paper PG&E and SCE are concentrating on server farms, bio-tech, water treatment , horticulture, nourishment handling , wineries and oil refining NYSERDA is concentrating on area particular techniques, for example, accommodation, metropolitan water and wastewater and industry.

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Industrial Process Energy is an Emerging Opportunity for Programs CEE individuals are meeting up through the Industrial Program Planning Committee : to give a discussion to individuals to share program methodologies in the mechanical segment to take advantage of the aggregate experience of part modern effectiveness programs (Technical Assistance, Custom Projects, Demonstration Projects, SPC/Standard Offer) to distinguish and organize mechanical open doors & assets (DOE, EPA) to suggest program techniques, as proper

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Priorities for 2008 Review part program needs and needs in the mechanical segment with a specific end goal to comprehend where the best open doors are for projects broadly Continue to investigate open doors for an improved execution determination for appropriation transformers (especially low-voltage, dry-sort) Establish a structure to survey reserve funds opportunities by modern sub-division and cross-cutting innovations (framework, process, and so on.)

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Priorities for 2008 Assess accessible DOE and EPA examination and assets that could conceivably bolster part programs Map DOE and EPA modern system offerings to part pr

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